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Source of Money (funding) of Yagya ?

Many would have this question - What is the source of funding and who contributes to keep running the Yagya of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris ? How is such a large international organisation running so smoothly? and hence this is an accurate truth, with an introduction to the organisation - Who and how we together contribute to run our own Godly family. One who will read and try to understand will definitely take a true information which is intended to send.

|| Omshanti ||

Power to co-operate: It is the ability to give attention, time, experience and wisdom in the service of others & to work alongside them.

We often refer BKWSU as an organisation but actually it's a Family.

I’ll try to clear the air w.r.t every aspect.

Membership Fee Is Not The Source Of Money

Did you pay any membership fee to be a part of your family? No?

When you visit Brahmakumaris center, take up foundation course, learn Gyan and Yog and the moment you receive the introduction of Shivbaba, the incorporeal God Shiva who is the Eternal Parent of every soul on earth, you start to feel the connection. When a connection is built up, you feel yourself to be a part of this large family.

I don’t think a family member has to fill forms or pay membership fee.

Now coming on the main part of question.

It's obvious to wonder where does money comes from to run such a large organisation?

Brahmakumaris have beautiful and magnificent campus at headquarters and Retreat centers in India as well as abroad. Some people who are haters or out seekers believe a lot of money must be involved.

  • Outside Donations Are Not The Source Of Money.

Where in a family there’re lacs of members, does anyone would need outside funding?

Infact this is the only organisation were every course, programme, training are absolutely free of cost. This knowledge is given directly by incorporeal God Shiva (sweetly called as Shivbaba) to all his children, so the very First instruction of Shivbaba was not to charge a penny from anyone. This is because every soul has a right on this Knowledge, there may be any child of God who couldn’t even afford to pay Rs. 1.

But still the system goes on. How? The souls who become part of this family and who have experienced an excellent transformation in their lives & those who want to extend this change to other souls then they want to co-operate in this task in every way.

Either they serve through offering labour i.e body or mind or money. Money, Skills, Time, Energy or just mind i.e the thought power that’s all.

It’s basically everybody is getting together and co-operating in this task of world transformation. But any financial funding either in form of government aid or just donation from any party or anything like that doesn’t happens in any way. Infact this is a very wrong message circulating out by some haters who cannot digest the teachings of God , that Brahma Kumaris means a lot of money. Actually NOT !!

It’s just happening due to power of co-operation, which I defined at the start this answer.

You can see every Retreat Centre or Centre is built with the contribution and help of every individual associated with the family. For e.g when Gurugram’s retreat centre was to be build what Dadi ji, the chief head, did is she sent message to all the centre operating around the world to collect Rs. 1 from every member. As always no compulsion is put on. It’s like whoever want to contribute are welcome. So it happens to be Rs. 31 for a month. An average person can afford such minor amount. Again let me remind-no compulsion. Now multiple this figure by some lacs or thousands member.

One has not contributed a wholesome amount but many have added their piece. It’s very beautiful the way we see getting it done.

If you’re a doctor you can offer your skill at the hospitals run by brahma kumaris or an engineer or architect can help in construction of campus.. If you know a little bit of costing then overall cost eventually reduces which also counts in service. It’s like there is a big family and everyone perform different role to run the family.

Proper audited accounts and records are maintained

If you want a deeper probe into the money affairs of Brahma Kumaris, I must tell you that every centre whether small or big, sub-centre or head centre are instructed to keep a track and written records of inflow and outflow of money. Special training regarding accounts and taxation are given to sisters/brother who are in-charge of the centres.


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