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10 May Essence of Murli in English

Brahma Kumaris essence of murli today in English for 10 May 2018 - BapDada - Madhuban -

Sweet children, forget whatever you see with your eyes. Forget all bodily beings and practise remembering the bodiless Father.

Question: Why are the mouths of you children sweetened with knowledge and not with devotion?

Answer: 1. On the path of devotion, people say that God is omnipresent. By Him being called omnipresent, there is no longer the idea of the Father and the inheritance and this is why your mouths cannot be sweetened there. You children now say with love “Baba” and so the inheritance is remembered. This is why your mouths are sweetened with knowledge.

2. On the path of devotion, you have been playing with toys without any recognition and so how could your mouths be sweetened?

Song: Salutations to Shiva. (you are our mother and the Father)

Essence for dharna:

1. Give one another happiness according to Godly directions. Never cause anyone sorrow. 2. Become a bestower of happiness, the same as the Father.

2. Remove your attachment from those bodies and become a destroyer of attachment. Become a worthy child and make effort to remember the Father constantly.

Blessing: May you wear an imperishable tilak of sovereignty and experience the confluence-aged sovereignty by handing over everything to the Father.

Nowadays, sovereignty is received either by donating money or through votes, but the Father Himself has given you each of you children the tilak of the kingdom. To be a carefree emperor is such a good stage. Since you have handed over everything to the Father, who would be concerned about everything? The Father. However, let it not be that you also keep a little authority or the dictates of your own mind hidden away somewhere in yourself. If you are following shrimat, you have handed over everything to the Father. Such children who hand over everything to the Father with their true hearts remain double light and have the imperishable tilak of sovereignty.

Slogan: Let each version be a great elevated version. When no word goes to waste you would then be called a master satguru.


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