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Difference Between Love and Attachment

A question was asked by 'unknown' on our website's chat service box on 8 Oct 2018:

'How to be detached? How can one not be attached to their children or parents? What is meaning of detachment?'

Our Response:

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University)

To: Everyone who are reading

Now your question is: Attachment and Love

There is one thing - attachment to someone. Second is love. They are not same.

When there is attachment, there is feeling of receiving something from others, getting their love, acceptance, support and time. One will feel as a dependent on them for happiness.

Second is love. Love means to give and JUST TO GIVE. Not to accept any returns. Nor a feeling of pain when someone else is in pain. Who is a good doctor?

1. Doctor who feels pains and injury of their patient and become a patient himself.

2. Doctor who heals the pain while remaining stable.

Attachment can be with many and even with non-living things. But love can only be with living BEING. That itself clarifies the difference. Love is when two beings find a feeling of being more complete when they both are together. But when separated, they will not feel pain, because they are connected from inside, in their deep feeling and thoughts. This is love and purely a love in which there is no vice or weakness.

Hope your doubt is clarified.


1. Love > A natural feeling of belongingness, to sacrifice for the other, to always support and empower. Love means TO GIVE without expecting any return.

2. Attachment -> A human made feeling of possessiveness for someone (person) or something (a thing), where there is always an uncontrolled fear or happiness, or both. Attachment is when there is expecting of love from others.

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