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Creation of the World, Evolution of Life - Part 2

(Read Part 1)God reminds souls that He is their spiritual father and that they can fill themselves with His powers and virtues simply by being aware that they are souls and remembering Him. Such remembrance of God is called Rajyoga. Since this is an easy method of meditation and does not involve any physical rigours, chanting or other rituals it is also called easy yoga. Being easy, it can be practiced constantly. Regular practice of this form of meditation eventually makes one naturally soul conscious — aware that one is a soul, a sentient point of light separate from the body but living within the body and using it as a medium to think, feel, see, hear, smell, speak and act. This mental link with the Supreme Soul also fills the soul with God’s powers and virtues. When the soul is enriched and strengthened in this way, it is no longer influenced by vices and consequently gets liberated from sorrow.

The thoughts, words and actions of such purified souls spread peace and happiness all around. When a critical number of humans start transmitting positive energy all over the world in this way, all negativity begins to get eliminated and the elements of nature also get purified. In this process the world undergoes a major transformation whereby the Iron Age ends and the planet returns to its pristine state for the Golden Age to dawn once again. God and all human souls return to the soul world at this time, just as the director and actors in a play go home at the end of a performance, to come down again and play their respective roles when the drama begins anew as the wheel of time begins to turn a new circle. This cyclical process goes on eternally, with rejuvenation taking place at the end of each turn of the wheel of time through the intervention of God.

This cyclical process goes on eternally, with rejuvenation taking place at the end of each turn of the wheel of time through the intervention of God. The soul of Brahma, by virtue of being the first soul to achieve complete self-transformation and playing a key role in bringing about this rejuvenation, goes on to play the most prominent role in the Golden Age – that of Shri Krishna. However, since the Supreme Soul is always incorporeal and Brahma was His visible medium, people have attributed the task of creation of the new world to Brahma. They have also mistakenly credited Shri Krishna with giving humans spiritual knowledge in the form of the Bhagavad Gita as is depicted in the Mahabharata.

The battle shown in the Mahabharata is a spiritual one that each soul has to fight within itself to overcome vices and negative tendencies. God helps us in this battle by reminding us of our original goodness and empowering us to return to that state. Those who recognize the truth revealed by God and make the effort to transform themselves attain the powers and virtues that entitle them to play a leading role in the world drama right from the start of the Golden Age. It is an entitlement God offers to all His children. Claiming it is up to us. Om Shanti.


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