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9 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 09/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/03/84

Only karmateet souls in the stage of retirement are instruments for service at an intense speed.

Madhuban is the land of blessings, the powerful land, the land of elevated company, the land of easy transformation and the land that enables you to experience all attainments. Having come to such a land, do all of you experience yourselves to be full, that is, filled with everything? There is no lack of attainment of anything, is there? Have you imbibed for all time all the treasures that you have received? Do you think that when you return from here to your service places, you will become great donors and instruments to donate to everyone these powers and all attainments? Have you experienced yourselves to be destroyers of obstacles and embodiments of solutions for all time? Let alone your own problems, you also have to become the embodiments of solutions for those of other souls.According to the time, you Brahmin souls have now gone beyond being influenced by problems.To be influenced by problems is a childhood stage. The childhood stage of Brahmin souls has now ended.In your youthful stage, with the method of becoming conquerors of Maya, you became mahavirs, you became ‘rulers of the globe’ in terms of your service, you became bestowers of blessings and great donors for many souls.You had many types of experience and became maharathis.You have now arrived at the point in time when you have to attain your karmateet stage of retirement.Only by having the karmateet stage of retirement will you be able to liberate all the souls of the world from the bondage of karma for half the cycle and send them to liberation.Only souls who are liberated can enable souls to receive their inheritance of liberation in a second from the Father.The majority of souls will come to you children who are karmateet, in the stage of retirement, great donors and bestowers of blessings and beg for liberation.For instance, people now go in front of your non-living images in the temples and pray for happiness and peace.Some go to pilgrimage places and pray for something.Some ask for something whilst sitting at home. Whatever is everyone’s capacity, that is how far they reach, but their attainment of fruit is according to their power.Some do this from their hearts whilst sitting at a distance, whereas others go in front of the idols at the pilgrimage places or in the temples and do this for show.They do it out of selfish motives.According to these accounts, as are their actions and their feelings, so will be the fruit they receive from them. Now, according to time, they will pray in front of you living idols who are great donors and bestowers of blessings.Some will go to the service places like temples.Some will reach the great pilgrimage place Madhuban and some will have visions whilst sitting at home and experience revelation through their divine intellects.Even though they don't come here personally, they will pray with their love and determined thoughts.They will invoke you living angels into their minds and ask for a drop of the inheritance of liberation.In a short time, you will quickly have to carry out the task of enabling all souls to receive their inheritance. Just as the instruments for destruction have been refined and will thus be instruments to bring about completion at a fast speed, in the same way, you souls, who are bestowers of blessings and great donors, with your karmateet angelic forms and your completely powerful forms, will respond to the prayers of all souls and enable them to receive their inheritance of liberation. In order to carry out this task at a fast speed, are you ready as master almighty authorities, treasure-stores of all powers, treasure-stores of knowledge and embodiments of remembrance? The machinery of destruction and the machinery of blessings will work fast together at the same time.You have to be ever ready over a long period of time from now. If those with an intense speed do not practise remaining karmateet and embodiments of solutions all the time, then, at the time when there is the need for intense speed, instead of being those who give, you will have to be those who simply observe. Only those who have been intense effort-makers over a long period of time will be able to become instruments for intense service. This is the lovely stage of retirement which is being free from all bondages, being detached and doing intense service with the Father. So, it is now the time to become those who give, not the time to be still those who take for themselves or for problems. The time when you were always caught up in your own problems has now passed. Problems are also a creation of your own weaknesses. Any problem that comes from someone else or from certain circumstances is in fact the result of your own weakness. When there is some weakness, problems attack through some person or through circumstances. If there is no weakness, problems cannot attack. Problems that have come will make you experience being an embodiment of solutions instead of someone who experiences problems. That is the Mickey Mouse that has been created out of your own weakness. At the moment all of you are laughing, but what do you do when it comes? You yourself become a Mickey Mouse. Play with it; don't be afraid of it. However, those are also games of childhood. Don't create anything and don't waste your time. Go beyond that stage and become those who are in the stage of retirement. Do you understand?What is time telling you? What is the Father telling you? Do you enjoy playing with toys even now? What has the creation of people of the iron age become like? You hear this in the murli, do you not? They have become like scorpions and lizards. Therefore, this creation of weak problems also bites you like scorpions and lizards do and makes you powerless. Therefore, when all of you return from Madhuban having become full, have the determined thought of having finished all your own problems. However, you must not become a problem for anyone else either. You will always remain an embodiment of solutions for yourself and others. Do you understand?You come here having incurred so much expense and with so much effort and so you will easily and constantly continue to receive the fruit of this effort with your determined thoughts. Just as you have had a determined thought for the main aspect of purity, that no matter what you have to tolerate or even if you have to die, you will remain firm in this promise. You consider it to be a sin if there is the slightest fluctuation in your dreams or thoughts. Similarly, to become an embodiment of a problem or to become influenced by a problem also goes into the account of sin. The definition and understanding of sin is: Where there is sin, there will be no remembrance of the Father; there will not be His company. Sin (pap) and Father (Bap) are like day and night. So, when you have problems, do you remember the Father at that time? You move away from Him, do you not? Then, when you get upset, you remember the Father, but you remember Him as a devotee, not as one who has a right. Give me power! Give me support! Take me across! You don't remember Him as one who has all rights or in the form of your Companion or as an equal. So, do you understand what you now have to do? You now have to celebrate a completion ceremony. You will celebrate the completion ceremony of all problems, will you not? Or, will you just dance? You perform very good dramas. Now hold this function because a lot of time is needed for service. People there are calling out for you but you are fluctuating here. This is not good, is it? They are calling out to you bestowers of blessings and great donors and you are crying with an off-mood. Therefore, how would you give them the fruit? Your hot tears will reach them too and they will continue to be afraid. Now, remember that you are the special, worthy-of-worship deities with Father Brahma. Achcha.To those who have been intense effort-makers over a long period of time, to the children who are ever ready for intense service, to the children who are world transformers and so transformers of problems and embodiments of solutions, to the elevated souls who remain constantly merciful and loving and co-operative with devotee souls and Brahmin souls, to those who always remain beyond problems, to those who remain in the karmateet stage of retirement, to the children who are complete, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting the New York group:Do all of you experience yourselves to be the Father’s special souls? Do you always have the happiness that just as the Father is always elevated, so you children too are also elevated like the Father? By having this awareness, all your actions will automatically become elevated. As are your thoughts, so will be your actions. So you are special souls who, with your constant awareness, remain stable in an elevated stage. Constantly continue to celebrate the happiness of this elevated birth. You will not have such an elevated birth, in which you become a child of God, throughout the whole cycle. In 5000 years, it is only at this time that you have this alokik birth. You will go into the family of souls even in the golden age, but it is at this time that you are the children of the Supreme Soul. Therefore, always remember this speciality. Always remember that you are a Brahmin from an elevated family with an elevated religion and elevated actions. Continue to move forward in this awareness at every step. Let the speed of your efforts be constantly intense. The flying stage will constantly make you a conqueror of Maya and free from bondages. Since you have made the Father belong to you, what else remains? There is just the One that remains. Everything is merged in just the One. By staying in remembrance of the One and remaining stable in a constant stage, you will continue to experience peace, power and happiness. Where there is the One, you will have the first number. So, all of you are number one, are you not? Is it easy to remember One or many? The Father makes you practise just this and nothing else. Is it easy to pick up ten things or just one? So, it is very easy for your intellect to imbibe the remembrance of One. The aim of all of you is very good. Since the aim is good, you will continue to develop good qualifications. Achcha.Avyakt Elevated Versions – Control the Power of ThoughtAccording to the time and the situation, with your power of coolness, adjust the speed of your thoughts and words and make them cool and patient. If the speed of your thoughts is too fast, you waste a lot of time and cannot control them. Therefore, imbibe the power of coolness and save yourself from wastefulness and accidents. You will then be liberated from the fast speed of waste and of asking “Why? What? It should not be like this”, etc. Sometimes, some children play big games. Waste thoughts come with so much force that they are unable to control themselves. Afterwards, they say “What can I do? It just happened!” They cannot stop themselves. They do whatever they want. However, you must gain power to control that waste. Just as you receive the fruit of multi-millions for one powerful thought, in the same way the fruit of one wasteful thought is sadness, disheartenment and the loss of your happiness. You experience just as much return of one. Hold your own daily court and ask all your workers, your senses, how they are doing. Whatever subtle powers you have, whether they are ministers or senior ministers, make them function according to your orders. If, from now, your royal court functions accurately you will have no need to go to the court of Dharamraj. Dharamraj will also welcome you. However, if you have no controlling power now, you will have to go to the land of Dharamraj to pay your fine at the end. The fine will be the punishment. Become refined and you will not be fined.The present is a mirror of the future. Through the present stage of your mirror, you can very clearly see your own future. In order to have all rights to your future kingdom, check and see to what extent you have ruling power over yourself. You need to have full rights over your subtle powers, your mind, your intellect and your sanskars. These powers are your special workers. These three special powers, your royal workers, are your main co-operative workers. When these three workers work on a signal that you, the soul, the king, the one with a right to the kingdom, give them, then your kingdom will constantly function correctly. A king doesn’t do a task himself but gets it done by others. The one who does it is a servant of the king. If the king’s servants do not serve him properly, then the kingdom starts to shake. You, the soul, gets things done; it is the special trimurti powers that do the work. First of all, you have to have ruling power over them. Your physical senses will then naturally move along accordingly on the right path. Just as it is said of the golden-aged kingdom that there is one kingdom and one religion, in the same way, in your own kingdom, there now has to be one king. That is, let everything function according to your directions. Your mind should not function according to its own directions; your intellect’s power of discernment should not fluctuate; your sanskars should not make you, the soul, dance. It can then be said that you have one religion, one kingdom. Imbibe such controlling power.In order to pass with honours and claim all rights to the kingdom, you need to have total control over the subtle power of your mind. Your mind must do everything according to your orders. Whatever you think should be on your orders. If you say, “Stop!” it should stop. If you say, “Think about service!” it should become engaged in service. If you say, “Think about Paramdham!”, you should reach Paramdham. Now, increase such controlling power. Do not waste time battling over trivial matters. Imbibe controlling power and you will come close to your karmateet stage. When all thoughts become peaceful and you just have the one thought of experiencing meeting the one Father-just the Father and you - it is called powerful yoga. For this, you need the power to merge and the power to pack up. When you say, “Stop!” your thoughts must stop. You have to be able to apply a strong brake, not a weak one. You should have a powerful brake and powerful control. If it takes longer than a second, your power to merge is weak. At the end, there will be the one test in your final paper: Put a full stop in a second! You will be given a number on the basis of this. If it takes longer than a second, you fail. There has to be just the one Father and yourself. There must not be any third person in between you. It mustn’t be: “I should do this. I should see this. Why does this happen? What happened?” If any such thoughts come, you fail. If you create a queue of, “Why?” or “What?”, it will then take a long time to stop that queue. Once you create your creation, you have to sustain it. You cannot be released from having to sustain it. You will have to give time and energy to it. Therefore, exercise birth control over any wasteful creation. Those who can handle their own subtle powers are also able to handle others. Once you have controlling power and ruling power over yourself, you will have the accurate power to handle everyone. Whether it is serving souls without knowledge or interacting with Brahmin souls with love and contentment, you will be successful in both.

Blessing: May you be filled with the newness and speciality of combining your thoughts and words and thereby perform magic.

The combination of thoughts and words works like magic. By doing this, all the trivial matters of a gathering will finish in such a way that you will think it is magic. When your mind is busy having pure feelings and pure blessings for everyone, any upheaval in the mind will finish and you will never be disappointed in your efforts. You will never be afraid in a gathering. By doing the combined service of your thoughts and words, you will see the impact of such service at a fast speed. Now, become full of this newness and speciality in service and the 900,000 subjects will easily become ready.

Slogan: Your intellect will make accurate decisions when you become completely viceless.


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