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8 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 08/12/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, only the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul is the true confluence, the Kumbha. It is through this meeting that you become pure and people then celebrate with their melas as a memorial of this.


In which aspect do you children need to have a lot of wisdom?


You need a lot of wisdom to understand and explain the very sensitive aspects of knowledge. You have to prove the path of knowledge and the path of devotion tactfully. Explain just like a mouse blows before it bites. Therefore, create methods for doing service. Hold exhibitions at the Kumbha mela and bring benefit to many souls. Show them the way to become pure from impure.

Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort.

Om Shanti . The Father sits here and explains to you children: The iron-aged, impure and corrupt world is called the world of sin, whereas the golden-aged, pure and elevated world is called the world of charity. Only the Supreme Soul comes and makes you into pure and charitable souls and creates the world of charity. It is because people themselves are not pure that they themselves call out to the Purifier Father. If they believe the Purifier to be the Ganges or the Triveni (Confluence of three rivers), why do they call out: “O Purifier, come”? The Ganges and the Triveni exist anyway and yet people continue to call out even while those rivers exist. The intellect still goes towards the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, has to come here. He is not just called a soul, but the pure, Living Being. There are no pure living beings here. The Purifier Father comes when the golden-aged, pure world has to be established and the iron-aged world destroyed. He would definitely come at the confluence age. The confluence is also called the Kumbha. There is the confluence of the Triveni and they have given it the name ‘Kumbha’. They say: Three rivers meet. In fact, there are two rivers. They say that the third river is incognito. So, would you become pure from impure in that Kumbha mela? The Purifier definitely has to come. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. It is the task of only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and not a human being, to make the impure world pure and change the iron age into the golden age. All of that is blind faith. Blind ones need a stick. You have now become sticks, numberwise, according to the effort you make. There are different types of stick. Some sticks cost 100 rupees and others cost just 2 rupees. Here, too, all are numberwise. Some are very serviceable. When you are ill, you have to call a surgeon. This is the impure world and you are becoming pure. It is said: Souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. Then, when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes among all souls, that is called the Kumbha of the confluence. People make a lot of donations at the Kumbha mela. That is an income for sages, holy men and the Government. Here, you have to donate everything, including your bodies, minds and wealth to the Purifier Father. He then makes you into the future masters of heaven. Those people take the name of the Triveni and make donations to sages and holy men. In fact, the confluence is where all the rivers come and merge with the ocean. There is no ocean there. Just the rivers come together. Only the meeting of you rivers and the Ocean is called the true mela, but this is also fixed in the drama. In that mela, the Government earns a lot of money from the trains, cars, land etc. So this mela is for earning an income. You children can judge these things because you follow God’s directions. Therefore, you should find the right meaning of ‘Kumbha mela’. Baba gives you an essay to write. Sensible children should take this up. The number one sensible one is Mama and then second is Sanjay, who had to make leaflets for distribution. This River Triveni is not the Purifier. Only the Bestower of Salvation for All, Shiv Baba, is the Purifier. The Triveni cannot be called the Bestower of Salvation. Those rivers exist all the time; there is no question of them coming. People sing: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure! Therefore, you should make leaflets: Brothers and sisters, is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Purifier, or is it those rivers? They exist all the time. You call out to the Supreme Soul for Him to come here. In fact, only the one Supreme Soul is the Purifier. Souls and the Supreme Soul remained separated for a long time. That Satguru comes and grants you salvation and takes you back home. In fact, you should bathe in the knowledge of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, carries out establishment of the pure world. You don’t know Him. When Bharat was elevated, soul-conscious deities used to reside there. That used to be called Shivalaya. You children should now go to the Kumbha mela and hold exhibitions and explain to people there. You have to explain: The one Father is the Purifier and He says: Only when you are to be made pure from impure do I come. So, you have to make a promise. Raksha Bandhan is connected with God, not with sages or holy men. A promise is made to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, not to the River Triveni: O Baba, through Your shrimat I promise to become pure. The Father says: I will make you into the masters of the pure world. These are Baba's signals. Very clever, serviceable ones are needed for this. Many other pictures also have to be made. You need to get a good marquee for this. Many of your enemies will emerge. Sometimes, they do not take long to cause a fire. If someone wants a fight, he begins to insult you. You have to become egoless and remain in silence. Brahma Kumaris have become famous. You definitely have to distribute leaflets etc. People give special importance to the Kumbha mela. In fact, that refers to the importance of the present time. This too is a game in the drama. Anyone can be benefited there too, but it does require effort. It requires effort to change thorns into flowers. You need courage to hold an exhibition at the Kumbha mela. You need contacts so that there are no obstacles. You have to prove who the Purifier is. People remember heaven, the pure world. When someone dies, people say: So-and-so has become a resident of heaven. There is plenty of rich food there, so why do they then call them back from there and feed them here? At the Shrinath Temple, you can see how they cook so many varieties. In fact, Shrinathpuri and Jagannathpuri are the same thing. However, in Shrinath Dware you can see how they prepare many nourishing varieties of food whereas at Jagannath, they only offer bhog of plain cooked rice. They don't even use butter etc. This difference portrays how you have such nourishing foods when you are pure and how you have plain rice when you are impure. The significance of this is very good. The Father sits here and explains this. At Shrinath Dware they offer so much bhog and then brahmin priests sit there and sell that bhog to the worshippers as the basis of their income. They receive everything for nothing and then they earn from that. So, those things are of such blind faith; that is the path of devotion. The path of knowledge is the path of salvation. Salvation cannot be received by bathing in the Ganges. You have to explain very tactfully, just as a mouse blows before it bites. You need to have great wisdom to understand and explain. These are such sensitive matters. People say: “O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, You alone know Your ways and means.” They don't understand the meaning of that. Only You can grant us the salvation we receive through Your shrimat. No one else can grant us salvation. Only the One is the Bestower of Salvation for all. You definitely have to use the words ‘for all’. A great deal is explained, but there are very few who understand. Many subjects continue to be created. People make a lot of donations and perform charity in the name of God. So they receive the fruit of that for one birth. Here, you receive for 21 births. By donating in the name of God, they receive strength. They don't know God and so there is no strength left. There are many gurus etc. for Hindus. If you look at the Christians, they have only one. They have so much regard for that one. It is said: Religion is might. You have now understood religion and so you receive so much strength. Baba says: Give everyone this mantra that disciplines the mind. The Father says to you children: Remember the place you came from and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Only by remembering the Father can you become pure; your sins will be absolved. You have to remember the Father and the inheritance, for, by doing so, the whole cycle enters your intellects. While living at home with your families you have to make effort to remove your intellects from all bodily relations and connect them to the Father so that, at the end, you only remember Him. If you remember anyone else, there will have to be punishment and your status will be reduced. In fact, it is the confluence of the cycles, when souls meet the Supreme Soul, that is called the Kumbha. God alone comes and teaches you Raja Yoga. He is beyond rebirth, but children don't understand this. They don't follow shrimat and so how would their boats go across. For one’s boat to go across means to attain a royal status. It is only by following shrimat that you receive a kingdom. If you don't follow shrimat, you will eventually be finished. Only the brides whose lamps are ignited will go with the Bridegroom. Those whose lamps are extinguished will not go with Him. Only the especially beloved children will go back with Him. All the rest will follow behind, numberwise. However, everyone will become pure. Not all souls have the same strength. Each soul's part is his own. No two can receive the same status. At the end, everyone's part will be very clear. The tree is so large. There are so many human beings. Only the main ones, the big branches and sub branches will be visible. The main thing is the foundation. All the rest come later. They have less strength. Not everyone can go to heaven. Bharat itself was heaven. It isn't that the land of Japan will become heaven instead of Bharat. That is not possible. Achcha.To BapDada’s, that is, to the Mother and Father’s, sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, who are the stars of knowledge, love, remembrance and good morning. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.Night Class: 24/04/68It has been explained to you children that other founders of a religion cannot benefit everyone. When they come down, they bring everyone else down behind them. There is praise of only the One who liberates you and then guides you. He only comes in Bharat. Bharat is the highest land of all. You have to praise Bharat a lot. Only the Father comes and grants salvation to all and only then is there peace. There used to be peace in the world at the beginning of the world. There was one religion in heaven. Now, there are innumerable religions. The Father alone comes and establishes peace. He does it as He did in the previous cycle. You children have received knowledge and so your churning continues. No one else continues to churn. Only you understand this. Because of body consciousness, they only worship bodies. Souls definitely take rebirth here. You now understand that there is only the One who is pure. The Father alone gives you incognito knowledge through which there is salvation for all. However, there isn't anyone like Hanuman or Ganesh etc. All of them are called worshippers.Achcha. The spiritual Father and Dada give love, remembrance and good night to the spiritual children.The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to be saved from punishment, remove your intellect’s yoga from all bodily relations and connect it to the one Father. At the end, no one, apart from the Father, should be remembered.

2. Become egoless, remain in silence and make the effort of changing thorns into flowers.Become a stick for the blind by following shrimat. Become pure and make others pure.

Blessing: May you become an embodiment of easy success by doing powerful service through the mind along with serving with words.

Just as you have become experienced in being constantly busy in serving with words, similarly, at every moment, along with serving with words, let there also automatically be service taking place through your thoughts. “Serving through the mind” means that you and others automatically feel the pure vibrations of having good wishes and pure feelings at every moment for every soul. Let there constantly be blessings emerging from your mind for all souls at every moment. By serving through the mind, the energy of your words will be saved and this powerful service through your mind will easily make you an embodiment of success.

Slogan: Those who glorify the Father’s name through their every deed are true Godly helpers.


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