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7 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 07/10/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 22/01/84

The way to become a well-known server.

Today, BapDada is seeing the Deepmala (rosary of lights) of the stable ignited lamps. He is seeing how each of you ignited lamps is unshakeable, free from obstacles and giving light to the world with your own light. This light of the lamps is the light that will awaken souls. You have awakened in order to awaken others and remove the wall of ignorance that is in front of all souls of the world. Because of the darkness, those who have been stumbling around in many different ways are looking with a lot of love at you lamps who have awakened, in the hope that you will fulfil their desires and their need for light. You have to give the light of knowledge to souls who are wandering around in darkness so that the lamps in every home become ignited. (The lights went out.) Even now, do you like this darkness? You love light, do you not? So, similarly, forge a connection with the Father. Give them the knowledge of how to forge a connection.All of you double foreigners have been refreshed, that is, you have become powerful lighthouse s, might-house s , knowledge-full, powerful and successful and are going back to your own service places in order to come back again. To go means to play the part of being an embodiment of success and to come back having multiplied one many times over. You are going in order to bring all the other souls of your family to the Father's home. Just as soldiers with physical strength and the power of science go onto a battlefield to engage in a limited battle, equipped with all weapons, to claim medal s of victory, in the same way, all of you spiritual warriors are going onto the field of service in order to hoist the flag of victory. The more victorious you become, the more medals of victory of love, co-operation, closeness and perfection you will receive from the Father. Therefore, now check how many medals you have received so far. Whatever specialities or titles that have been given there are, how many of those medals have you adopted? You have made a list of special titles, have you not? Keep that list in front of you and check yourself as to whether you have received all of those medals. As yet, the list you have made is very short. Let there be at least 108. Then, seeing so many medals of yours, keep yourself intoxicated with being decorated with so many medals. To go means to carry out a special task and to continue to receive the newest medals. You receive a medal according to the task you carry out. So, this year, all the children who are instruments for service have to have the aim of carrying out a special new task which up to now has still been hidden in the drama, but is fixed. Now, reveal that task. In the world outside, when you carry out a special task, you become very well-known. As well as being known for your speciality everywhere, you also become known as a special soul. In the same way, let each of you think that you have to carry out a special task - that you have to receive a medal of victory. Become well known within the Brahmin family as being in the list of special servers. Stay in spiritual intoxication, not in the intoxication of your name. With the spiritual intoxication of service, become well known with the certificate of being a humble instrument.Today is a congratulations ceremony for the double-foreigners’ group who have become victorious and are going to their place of victory. When anyone goes to a place of victory, they go in great splendour, with bands playing in happiness, and they are congratulated with the tilak of victory. It is not farewell (vidaai), but congratulations (badhaai), because BapDada and the family know that victory is guaranteed for such servers. This is why you are celebrating the congratulations ceremony. Victory is already guaranteed, is it not? Simply become an instrument and repeat that because by doing it, you will do it as an instrument and receive the reward of it. The action is just in name because its visible fruit is guaranteed. You are going with the zeal and enthusiasm of this faith, to make others claim their right and bring them here. You have the infinite treasure of rights and, as great donors, are going to donate them and perform charity. We shall now see whether the Pandavas go ahead or the Shaktis go ahead. Whoever carries out a special new task will receive a medal. Either you can make souls emerge for such special service, or you can enable the service place to grow more. Or, you can demonstrate spreading your name everywhere by carrying out a special task; and then again you might prepare such a big group and bring it in front of BapDada. Those who do any of these types of special service will receive a medal of victory. Those who carry out such special tasks also receive full co-operation. Others will offer you a ticket. When all of you went out on service in the beginning, you used to travel first-class to serve. Now, however, you buy your own tickets and you travel second or third class. Now do service of such a Company (organisation) and everything will become possible. Servers receive all facilities. Do you understand? All of you have become content and are going back victorious, are you not? You are not taking back any type of weakness with you, are you? You have sacrificed weaknesses and are going back having become powerful souls, are you not? There aren't any weaknesses remaining, are there? If anything is left, then make special time to end it and then go from here. Achcha.To such constantly unshakeable ignited lamps who always end darkness with the light of knowledge, to those who always play special parts with some speciality of service, to those who attain all the medals which are received from the Father, to those who constantly have faith that victory is guaranteed, to such souls who have the imperishable tilak of victory, to those who are always full of all attainments, to the content souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting Jagdishbhai:The jewels who have been sustained with sakar sustenance from BapDada are valued. In the world too, there is nothing like the fruit that becomes ripe on the tree. Today, everyone looks at such experienced souls with so much love. You attained a blessing in your first meeting. Sustenance means you have grown with blessings. This is why by giving sustenance to many souls with your experience of sustenance you will always continue to inspire them to move forward. You will continue to float in the waves of different relationships and different experiences with the Ocean. At the beginning of service, at the time of economy, you became an instrument. Because of being an instrument at the time of economy, the fruit of service is always elevated. You became co-operative at the right time and this is why you received blessings. Achcha.BapDada speaking for the conference :When all of you carry out a task together with united in your zeal and enthusiasm, you easily receive success in that. Because the task is being carried out with everyone's enthusiasm, it will definitely be successful. To unite everyone is also a sign of greatness. When everyone is united, other souls are also able to come closer to celebrate a meeting. To unite the thoughts of hearts means to enable many souls to celebrate a meeting. You are doing everything with this aim and will continue to do so. Achcha. Are all the foreigners all right? Are you content? All of you have now grown up. You are now those who look after everything. Previously, you were still young and so you used to play games of mischief, whereas you have now become those who look after others. It isn't that you need someone to look after you. Now, you are not those who take effort, but those who make effort on others. You are not those who complain, but are complete. You don't have any complaints now, nor will you have any complaints later. It is like this, is it not? Always give news of happiness. For those who didn't come, make them into conquerors of Maya. They won't then have to write many letters. Simply, I am OK. You may write good things, but in short. Achcha.Speaking to the teachers :BapDada has special love for the teachers because you are equal. The Father is the Teacher and you are master teachers. In any case, those who are equal are loved very much. You are moving forward in service with very good zeal and enthusiasm. All of you are rulers of the globe. You toured around and came into contact with many souls and are carrying out the task of bringing many souls close. BapDada is pleased. You do feel that BapDada is pleased with you, do you not? Or, do you feel that you still have to please a little more? He is pleased, but you have to please Him a little more. You are working very hard. You work hard with love and this is why it doesn't feel like hard work. BapDada always says that serviceable children are the crown on the head. You are the crowns on the head. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of the children, BapDada gives further co-operation to increase the zeal and enthusiasm. One step of the children and multi-million steps of the Father. Where there is courage, there is automatically the attainment of enthusiasm. When you have courage, you receive the Father's help. This is why you are carefree emperors. Continue to serve and you will continue to receive success. Achcha.The reason for peacelessness is a lack of attainment and the reason for a lack of attainment is impurity. (Avyakt BapDada meeting the guests after the conference ).Today, the Father, the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Peace, has come to meet His children who love peace and who are embodiments of love. Seeing the one desire of all the souls of the world for peace and true love, BapDada has come to you children to show you the easy way to fulfil that desire. Seeing all the different methods that the children have been using over a long period of time in order to fulfil that desire, the Merciful Father has mercy for you children: You are the children of the Bestower and are asking for a moment's peace or peace for a short time. The children who have a right have become beggars and are wandering around for peace and love. Whilst wandering around, some children have become disheartened. The question arises: Can there be imperishable peace in the world? Can all souls have true, selfless love?In order to answer the children’s question, the Father Himself has had to come. BapDada has come to give you children the good news: Yesterday, you, My children, were the masters of the world of peace and happiness. All souls were bound by the thread of true love. Peace and love were the speciality of your lives. You think that there should be the world of love, the world of happiness and the world of liberation-in-life that you now desire. Yesterday, you were the masters of that world. Today, you are creating that world and tomorrow you will be in that world. It is a matter of only tomorrow. Tomorrow, this land of yours will be the land of heaven. Have you forgotten that it was your kingdom, a kingdom full of happiness, where there was no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness, where nothing was lacking? Some lack of attainment is the reason for peacelessness and the reason for a lack of attainment is impurity. So, what would there be where there is no impurity and nothing is lacking? Whatever desires you have and whatever plans you create, they will be made practical there. That destiny of the drama is firm and unshakeable; no one can change it. The predestined destiny is already created. The new creation has already been created by the Father. Who are all of you? You are the foundation stone of the new creation. It is because you consider yourselves to be the foundation stone that you have come here. Brahmin souls means images of support for the new world. BapDada is pleased to see the children who are images of support. BapDada also sings the song: Wah, My beloved long-lost and now-found sweetest children! You also sing songs, do you not? You say: You alone are mine and the Father says: You alone are Mine. You used to sing these songs a lot in your childhood, did you not? (Two or three sisters sang that song and BapDada responded in return.)No matter what the sound coming from the mouth is like BapDada hears the sound of the heart. The Father created the song and the children sang it. Achcha. (BapDada was meeting the conference guests in the Meditation Hall and some brothers and sisters were listening to the murli in the History Hall below and in Om Shanti Bhavan) Some children are sitting down below too. BapDada is seeing the faces of love and hearing their sweet complaints. All of you children play your parts of world service from the depths of your hearts with a lot of love. BapDada is congratulating all of you for your love and is swinging you in swings of love. May you have a long life! May you continue to make progress, continue to fly and remain constantly successful! The co-operation of everyone's love has made the task of the world successful. If BapDada were to see the love-filled efforts that each child has made and then speak about them day and night, even that would then be too little. Just as the Father's praise is limitless, so too, the praise of the serviceable children of the Father is also limitless. Love for One, enthusiasm for one thing and the one determined thought of definitely having to give all souls of the world the message of peace. There is success in the practical form of this love and there always will be. Those who are far away are also close. You are not sitting down below, but in BapDada's eyes. Some are going back by train and others by bus, but the Father remembers everyone. The thoughts of their minds reach BapDada. Achcha.You are not guests who have come to the Father's home, but you are those who are going to become great souls. BapDada doesn't see all of you as IPs or VIPs, but as long-lost and now-found children. VIPs will come and see and hear everything for a little while and go away, but children are always seated on the heart throne. No matter where you go, you will be in the heart. Congratulations for reaching your home, the Father's home. BapDada considers all of you children to be the decoration of Madhuban, His home. Children are the decoration of a home. Who are all of you? You are the decoration, are you not? Achcha.To those who always have such determined thoughts, to the stars of success, to those who are always seated on the heart throne, to those who always remain absorbed in remembrance and service, the images of support for the new creation, to those who give the world new light and new life for all time, to those who give everyone an experience of true love, to the loving and co-operative children who are constant companions, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you have a divine life and give the experience of divinity through your every act.

BapDada has made each of you children one with a divine life, that is, divine images who have divine thoughts, speak divine words and perform divine acts. Divinity is the elevated decoration of the confluence-aged Brahmins. With his own acts a soul with a divine life will be able to make any soul experience divinity, to go beyond being ordinary. A Brahmin with a divine life cannot perform ordinary acts through the body or have ordinary thoughts in the mind. Such a soul cannot use his wealth in an ordinary way for any task.

Slogan: Constantly sing the song in your heart, “I have attained what I wanted to attain”, and your face will remain happy.


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