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6 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 06/07/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, remember that all three, your Father, Teacher and Satguru, are combined and your mercury of happiness will rise and you will continue to follow His shrimat.

Question: What is the first qualification of Brahmins? In which quality do Brahmins have to become experts?

Answer: The first qualification of Brahmins is to study and teach others. Become expert in colouring others with knowledge. Even if people insult or defame you, just keep trying to give them knowledge and you will see that they are definitely affected by it. Donate to those who are worthy of it. Be very cautious that the imperishable wealth doesn't go to waste. Give money to others with great caution.

Song: The rain of knowledge is on those who are with the Beloved.

Om Shanti. Godly students heard this song. Only you children are Godly students. It isn't that there are Godly students in all schools; no. Human beings teach there. Sannyasis relate the scriptures. In fact, knowledge is not called rain. Rain is water. However, this praise has been remembered because the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also called the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father says: I am also called the Ocean of Knowledge, the knowledge-full One. Knowledge is not called rain, water or nectar. Just as there is the Mansarovar Lake, so there is also a lake at Amritsar (Amrit - nectar, sar - lake) which those people consider to be nectar. The Father sits here and explains this. A study cannot be called nectar or rain. They believe that that is nectar with which their sorrow will be removed. In fact, all your sorrow is removed for 21 births through this knowledge. The rain of knowledge is on those who are with the Beloved. Here, this Father, Teacher and Satguru - all three - are combined. If you children remember even this one aspect, your mercury of happiness can rise. However, Maya repeatedly makes you forget. You children here follow shrimat. You become elevated by following shrimat. The highest-on-high Father is God. Only with the study of the highest-on-high Father can you become the highest on high. Those who are personally sitting in front of the Beloved are students. You sit here, you study and you then go back home. Day by day, there will be many more students. If all of them were to live together in the one home, such a big building would be needed. If even the whole of Abu were to be made into one building, it would not be big enough. There are so many centres. Now, there are still only a few, but there will be a thousand times more centres. There can be one thousand, two thousand or five to seven thousand centres. Then you Ganges of knowledge will bring the rain of knowledge to every home. There will be so many children. You can see that they are opening centres everywhere. Some call it a Gita Pathshala and others call it the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. In fact, you mustn't be afraid of calling yourselves Brahma Kumaris. Some children are afraid that people will cause an upheaval when they see the name of the BKs. This is why they call it a Gita Pathshala. The name ‘Gita Pathshala’ is common. They change the name ‘BKs’ and give it another name so that there are no obstacles created. In fact, it is the same thing. As soon as they enter and see your pictures, they would understand that you are the same BKs. Therefore, there is really no need to change the name. This name proves very well that you are, in fact, Brahma Kumaris, children of Brahma. This is good. You can tell everyone: In fact, you too are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You know Prajapita Brahma. He is the creator of the human world. The incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is not the Creator of souls. He is the eternal Father of souls. Prajapita Brahma is also eternal. The Father of souls enters this one. He comes and adopts Brahma in order to create people. The Brahmin clan has to be created through Brahma. Then it will be even easier to explain this. However, people are afraid. They tell them: Do not go to the BKs. You may go to a Gita Pathshala. People don't understand the meaning of "Ganges of knowledge in every home”. On the path of devotion, Narad is considered to be the main one. He was a devotee who played a musical instrument. Narad wasn’t as he has been portrayed in the pictures. In fact, all of you were monkeys. Your features were those of human beings and your characters were those of monkeys. In fact, all are Narad; all are devotees. You are able to understand that you can’t marry Lakshmi until you become a human being with divine virtues. All male and female devotees are Narad. It is said: Look at your face! You are like a monkey! You have the five vices in you. Therefore, you won't be able to marry Lakshmi. All of that refers to this time. Baba has explained that all are Dushashans or Duryodhans (devils). They strip Draupadis and this is why the mothers call out to be saved from being stripped. Kumaris call out: Girdhari (the one who uplifts), maintain my honour! They have given him (Krishna) many names. The intellects’ yoga of human beings goes to Krishna. However, sins cannot be absolved by remembering Krishna, a bodily being. They just want to have a vision of him. Achcha, even if you do have a vision, you still can’t receive the knowledge to change from a human being into a deity. Only when you become Brahmins and understand the knowledge can you become deities. Once you become Brahmins you renounce devotion. When someone first of all spends a week here, we can change that person and make him worthy of sitting in a temple. However, it does take time. It is true that you are with the Father. You come to Baba but then, when you go back home, you feel so much sorrow in your hearts. However, it is not possible for everyone to live here together. Some come running from one place, others come running from another place. This system is of this time. So many people gather together with sages and holy men. No one forbids anyone from going there. Here, because there is the aspect of remaining pure, they stop others from coming. Among the sannyasis, only males leave their homes and families and go away. Here, there are kumaris and mothers too. Parents and doctors tell kumaris that they will fall ill if they don't marry. It should be explained to them that so many become sannyasis. Very young ones remain celibate from birth. Those who remain celibate never fall ill. Why would anyone fall ill here? So many people live without getting married. No one can file a case against the sannyasis. Their wives never ask them for housekeeping money. They simply run away. Where would the wife get money from? Therefore, the neighbours look after her. Poor ones run away more. When they experience sorrow, they have disinterest. Although you were unhappy, there was no question of that type of disinterest. You are first of all shown heaven on the palm of the hand. How would you be able to go to Paradise without becoming pure? You have to become courageous. This is why there is the name ‘The Shiv Shakti Army’. You receive power by having yoga with Shiv Baba. After imbibing knowledge, you have to surrender yourself. If you don't imbibe knowledge, if you don't conquer attachment, Maya harasses you. If there is the desire to get married, then the Brahma Kumaris name would be defamed. You first have to become a conqueror of attachment. So many of you stayed in the bhatthi and yet that many didn't become conquerors of attachment; they continued to remember others. They then left here, saw their friends and relatives and were attracted to them. Attachment trapped them. That was also destined in the drama. Even now, the Father says: First of all, become conquerors of attachment. Belong to the one most beloved Father. No matter what happens, I will remain in the Father's service. It is said: Those who ascend taste the sweetness of heaven, whereas those who fall are totally crushed. It shouldn't be that once you have left them you are then troubled by attachment to them. Many sannyasis leave everything and then go back home. When sannyasis go back home to their families, the neighbours don't have that much regard for them. They believe that they have come back because of lust. Here, too, it is understood that they didn't become complete destroyers of attachment and that the vices thereby trapped them. There aren't any problems about food and drink with Baba. From the very beginning, Baba has been looking after everyone so much. Both poor and wealthy are equal. Even Mama and Baba used to wash the dishes and sweep the floor in order to teach everyone. All of that was done to break body consciousness. Sannyasis too make their followers do the same. They make important people chop wood etc. so that their body consciousness is removed. Here, you receive plenty of wealth. You receive sovereignty for 21 births in a second. Sannyasis don't receive any attainment at all. However, because they are pure, impure ones bow down to them. This is Raja Yoga and you become the masters of the world. You mustn't indulge in vice. Meera too wished to remain pure. She belonged to the path of devotion. She used to have visions of Krishna. Her heart was attached to Krishna, so how could she indulge in vice? However, that was only for one birth. Perhaps in her next birth too, Meera would have gone on to the path of devotion. It can be said that she went on to the path of devotion because your final thoughts lead you to your destination. Her heart was attached to Krishna and so she would have become a devotee. However, she didn't receive anything on the path of devotion. On the path of knowledge, you receive the inheritance for 21 births. Devotion of Shiva is performed first and then of the deities. Now, people even worship a mouse, a cat etc. They put Krishna aside and begin to worship Hanuman or Ganesh etc. The degrees continue to decrease in the golden and silver ages, and the degrees also decrease on the path of devotion. No one is now of any use. When everyone's condition becomes like this, the Father comes and explains to you. You stay on high for half the cycle and then, after half the cycle, you begin to descend. People wonder what they should do with knowledge because they have to fall anyway. However, human beings are of no use without Godly knowledge. What were you and I before? Nothing at all! Knowledge is definitely needed. You study for the livelihood of your body. Nowadays, even kumaris have to study to earn their livelihood. This wasn't the system in earlier days. Kumaris would look after the homes and the sons would study to be able to have a job. The unlimited Father is now teaching you children. If everyone were to come and sit here, who would give knowledge to your friends and relatives? You have to go to them. Study and teach others. Some don't study at all. So you should understand that they don't belong to your Brahmin clan. You should definitely make effort to colour them. There is no question of being afraid of this. By your making effort, someone or other will definitely be coloured. Even if someone insults or defames you, just continue to make effort and see how someone or other will definitely be affected. When a scorpion is moving along and sees something soft, it stings it; it tests it first. Here, too, you children have to become experts. You mustn't give the imperishable wealth to those who would waste it. See if someone is worthy of a donation before giving it. If you donate to someone and that person commits a sin with it, the sin of that is then also accumulated by you because you donated to that person. You have to be very cautious here. Money has to be given to someone with great caution, after getting permission. Whatever people are building here will soon be demolished. These buildings have been built for the children to live in. You know that all of them will be demolished. When earthquakes take place, all the temples etc. will be demolished. None of that will happen in our kingdom. There won't even be America or Russia there. You know that only the land of Bharat will remain. All the rest of the world is in extreme darkness. This school of Baba’s is so large. The teachers here are also numberwise; not everyone is the same. You can see that the greatest teacher of all is Shiv Baba. Then, there is this River Brahmaputra. It is said: You are the Mother and the Father. Therefore, this one is the mother. Then there is also the name of Saraswati. The name ‘Brahmaputra’ is fine because of its similarity to the name of Brahma. They show the River Brahmaputra meeting the ocean. This meeting here is of souls with the Supreme Soul. This is remembered on the path of devotion. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Before you can belong to the most beloved Father, you have to become a complete destroyer of attachment. When your stage becomes strong, become engaged in service.

2. Let your heart have disinterest in this world. Be courageous in becoming pure. Be cautious and give donations to those who are worthy.

Blessing: May you finish any illness of “flu” of wasteful feelings with pure feelings and be sustained with blessings and thereby become an embodiment of success.

All of you children have received BapDada’s elevated directions: Children, always maintain pure feelings. “I am most elevated, that is, I am a soul who is one out of multimillions. I am a deity soul, a great soul and a soul who is a special actor”. Maintain these feelings and you will not catch the “flu” of wasteful feelings. Where there are pure feelings, there cannot be impure feelings. By doing this, you will be saved from the illness of that “flu”, that is, you will be saved from having to work hard and you will always experience yourself to be sustained by blessings and achieving success in service.

Slogan: To become a most elevated being who follows the highest code of conduct at the confluence age is the elevated aim of this Brahmin life.


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