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28 Aug 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma kumaris murli today in English -28/08/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you have now become like diamonds from shells. To attain God’s lap means to become like a diamond. Shrimat makes you become like diamonds.

Question: What is the reason why some receive a royal status in the golden age whereas others receive the status of a servant or a subject?

Answer: Those who study the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge very well and imbibe it, those who donate the jewels of knowledge to others and make them similar to themselves at the confluence age receive a royal status in the golden age. Those who are careless or create chaos by coming into body consciousness claim the status of a subject. Those who do not pay attention to this study become servants.

Om Shanti Those who are becoming like diamonds from shells, who are My long-lost and now-found effort-making children, know that they can be attacked by storms of Maya. You children make effort to become like diamonds from shells. However, by not following shrimat, you are attacked again by the storms of Maya and your lights are blown out. There is also a song about this. You children have now come to know that you used to be worthy-of-worship deities. The soul hears this from the most beloved, unlimited Father. It is the praise of Him being God, the Highest on High, that is sung. Everyone in the world remembers Him because there is definitely nothing but sorrow in this world. Don’t think that all human beings are senseless. They understand that ancient Bharat was very elevated and that there were no other lands or religions at that time. This is why Bharat is called the ancient land. They understand this much, but how and when that happened or how and when Bharat will become like a diamond again, they do not know. You children are now sitting personally in front of Baba and those who live abroad or at other centres also listen. The unlimited Father, who makes you like a diamond, says: This is your last Godly birth in which God sits here and teaches you to become like diamonds. Therefore, you should have so much regard for such a Father. Regard is given to the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru. The Father says: I am the One who gives you children happiness. I come at this time and give you children instructions to make you happy. The shrimat that God gave was later written by human beings in the Gita. However, it was not written accurately. He is now making you the highest on high, like diamonds. Although all souls of the whole world are children of the Father, it is only you who go into the golden age. There is also Brahma, the Father of Humanity. At this time, you are called the grandchildren of Shiv Baba and you are also called the great, great-grandchildren. Expansion continues to take place. In fact, I, the Father, am the Creator of everyone. If you ask people who created you, they would reply: Allah or Khuda (God). They do understand this much, but how He creates them or how the population increases, they don’t know any of that. It is you who understand that the creation is very small in the golden age. There must surely be the Creator who creates the new world. He enables you to attain a deity status in the new world, and so He must definitely have the old world destroyed. No one knows this. People write many books and scriptures. They think that those are scriptures of philosophy. Knowledge is called philosophy. However, no one knows that only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Ocean of Knowledge. You attain knowledge from that One and become like diamonds. To attain God’s lap means to have a birth like a diamond. The Father who makes everyone become like diamonds is making us like diamonds. His greatness is remembered. There is no question of greatness in the golden age. This thought doesn’t even arise there. You now understand that, at this time, you are neither shudras nor deities, but that you are Brahmins. You are called spinners of the discus of self-realisation. You become spinners of the discus of self-realisation here and you then go and rule in the kingdom of the clan of Vishnu. It is here that you have to become spinners of the discus of self-realisation and like a lotus flower. Here, there is effort whereas there, you have the reward. No one in the world knows about these things. The Father says: Maya has made you into those with degraded intellects. You were deities, like diamonds. At first, you didn’t know this. There are many opinions in the world; some say one thing and others say something else. Some say that when human beings die, they are reborn. Others say that whatever your thoughts are, that is what you become. There are people with many different opinions. You are the ones who follow shrimat. By following shrimat, your ideas become elevated. Only you understand these aspects; not everyone can understand them. Although someone may be a millionaire or billionaire, he finds it difficult to accept this knowledge. Hardly any come because the wealthy have a lot of complications. It is fixed in the drama that only the poor come into God’s lap. This chariot belongs to that One. Bap and Dada are both together. Only you know this. Incorporeal God does not have a body of His own, and so He surely has to take a body on loan, because only then can God speak. There cannot be the versions of God Krishna. People would instantly recognise him. This One is incorporeal which is why no one knows Him. Nowadays, many human beings change their clothes and dress up as Krishna in order to earn money. They have all become followers of Maya. You have now become the followers of God. Some become 100% followers of God and seek asylum with Him, whereas everyone else is trapped in the asylum of Maya, Ravan. Baba has explained that the people of Bharat in particular are all in the cottage of sorrow. The whole world is Lanka. People have only written limited things in the scriptures. The unlimited Father speaks unlimited things. You understand that you are now in the lap of God and that you will become deities, masters of the new world. Maya does not exist there. Those who belong to the sun dynasty and the moon dynasty are very wealthy. Then, when you go into the merchant clan, you build temples of gold and diamonds. The first ones to build such temples of gold and diamonds used to live in such palaces. This is why it is remembered that Bharat was like a diamond. Now it is like a shell. This is an impure world. Bharat was the pure land of truth. Bharat is now an impure land; we couldn’t call Bharat pure now. We are now becoming pure. That world was completely viceless. Krishna’s praise is very high. People swing an image of him in a swing, but they do not know his biography. You understand that it is now the iron age. Bharat was the golden age. It is only the people of Bharat who can take 84 births. People accept these things when you explain to them properly. The people of Bharat become like diamonds by going into God’s lap. As are the king and queen, so the subjects. The subjects, too, are said to be like diamonds. Now kings, queens and subjects are like shells. The Father who makes you become like diamonds has now come, and so you should make full effort. You have to have full yoga with the Father who makes you into diamonds. You understand that you are being made into the masters of Paradise by Shiv Baba. Everything depends on how you study. Everyone should have the thought of studying. Even while doing work at home, consider yourselves to be students of God, the Father. Your study is very easy. It is necessary to come and listen even for a moment. Such very good points continue to emerge so that someone can be struck by an arrow at any time. Therefore, no matter what happens, you definitely have to listen to the murli. If you cannot listen to the murli, you should study this knowledge in whatever way you can; arrangements can be made. First, you should spend a week understanding these things very well. After that, you have to study in order to understand the new points. Baba continues to teach you. Many points continue to emerge. You should also write on the board outside: Brothers and sisters, come in for Yoga. We can enable you to become like diamonds through this easy knowledge and easy Raja Yoga. You have all the posters. It is very easy to explain them, just as little children are shown toys and taught, “This is an elephant, this is what an elephant does and this is a camel etc.” Human beings don’t know the Supreme Soul or what He does. If they don’t know what tasks He performs, He then has no importance left. Therefore, you have to use the pictures to explain to them: This is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. He is the One who makes everyone become like a diamond. We receive our inheritance from Him through Brahma. Shiv Baba teaches Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and makes them into deities. It is because you have been taught, that you can explain to others. Previously, you did not know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes and teaches. The explanation of how Bharat was like a diamond and how it has now become like a shell is very easy. Therefore, why do you chase after shells? All of that wealth etc. is going to turn to dust. You should now earn a true income for the land of truth. If you don’t earn a full income, you will become ordinary subjects. You will become servants of the subjects. You belong to the Father and you then divorce Him! Therefore, Baba explains: Children, you can ask for a murli and read it at home. You will continue to receive murlis. Wherever you are, you definitely have to study the murli. Study and teach others. You can do service even while living abroad. You have to give the Father’s introduction. It is only at the end that your influence will spread. They will understand that ancient Bharat used to be heaven. A great deal of wealth was looted from here. In the golden age, you become the living masters of the world, that is, you rule the kingdom. Then, on the path of devotion, you keep non-living images in a little corner of a room and make a memorial. Equipment for worship is also needed. You have now come to know everything about how you were worthy of worship and how you have now become worshippers. How long does it take us to become worthy of worship from worshippers? How were the temples created? We are the ones who got those temples built. We created non-living images of ourselves and started worshipping ourselves. These are such wonderful things! The Father explains: Children, now don’t be careless! It is by becoming soul conscious that you will become like diamonds. Don’t become body conscious. By becoming body conscious, you create a great deal of chaos and you not only destroy yourselves, but you also destroy others. By studying with just the one Ocean of Knowledge, some claim the peacock throne, whereas others become maids and servants. Just look, Lakshmi and Narayan were the emperors of heaven. They are praised and worshipped a great deal. Temples are built to them. You understand that you are now once again becoming Lakshmi and Narayan of the sun dynasty. Then, from the sun dynasty, you will go into the moon dynasty. To claim a kingdom means to attain such a high status. You have to make such effort and inspire others. If you do not know how to inspire others, it means you have not learnt to make effort yourself. You cannot become a king or queen if you cannot make others similar to yourself. You have to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Very few have this intoxication. By remaining soul conscious, your degree of happiness will rise. Just look how much concern Mama and Baba have. The Father feels compassion when a daughter is being beaten; he thinks about how she can be saved. There is a great deal of chaos created when asylum is given. Bharat receives a lottery from the Almighty Authority Shiv Baba, in order to become like a diamond. You are now listening personally and you enjoy it. Baba continues to inject a dose into you. You children should follow shrimat at every step. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Definitely have regard for the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, who gives you happiness. To follow His instructions means to have regard for Him.

2. While doing your housework consider yourself to be a student of God, the Father. Pay full attention to this study. Never miss a murli. Earn a true income for the land of truth.

Blessing: May you become an embodiment of success and receive everyone’s blessings by keeping a balance between remembrance and service.

The children who serve while staying in remembrance do not need to work as hard and yet they receive greater success because, by keeping a balance of the two, you receive blessings. The souls whom you serve while staying in remembrance give blessings of “Wah, Wah!” from their minds: Wah elevated soul! Wah soul who has changed my life. Those who constantly receive such blessings have natural happiness without having to work hard for it and easily they experience success while moving forward.

Slogan: Those who have coolness in their lives are able to conquer the burning hearts of others.


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