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27 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 27/07/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, it is essential to imbibe the virtue of maturity in this knowledge. You must never have any arrogance. Have regard for the mothers.

Question: What is Baba’s hope for all the children? When will you be able to fulfil that hope?

Answer: Baba’s hope is that the children will make such effort that they change from ordinary humans into Narayan. It is through this that the Father will be revealed. Create such a revelation that the Father is praised and the children are also praised. Baba says: Children, if you become Narayan from an ordinary human, temples will be built to both you and Me. Follow the mother and father in order to become worthy of worship like them. Promise yourself that you will follow them completely.

Song: Since the day we met You.

Om ShantiYou children feel that you are definitely listening to new things for the new world. This is our new love. No one else has personal love for the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Therefore, this is a new aspect. You know that Baba is the Purifier. The old world is called impure and the new one is called the pure world. So your love will now be for the new world. You understand that your love is for the new world of heaven. That is called the Shiva Temple, whereas this is called the brothel. There are definitely vicious human beings here. In the golden age they are viceless, and so it is called the Shiva Temple. It is Shiv Baba who establishes such a viceless world. You understand that in this old world there are definitely pictures of the deities who lived in the new world. The residents of Bharat have forgotten all of this and they call it Hindustan. They say: Our Hindustan is lovely. Yes, it definitely was lovely, but the name in fact is not Hindustan; it is called the land of Bharat. So you children understand that these things definitely seem new. We have never heard such things. This knowledge is unique to the whole world. The people of Bharat have many varieties of temple. Christians only had one church and they later created many different churches. In the golden age, there are no temples because that is the kingdom of living deities. The deities ruled in the new world, in the Shiva Temple. You now understand that you are about to go to the new world. Don't even think these buildings that Baba has had built are new. In fact, they are old in this old world. Our love is now for the new world. Souls have love for the Supreme Soul, the One who is sitting here in person. People think that Brahma Kumars and Kumaris have love for Brahma, but you know that your love is for only one Shiv Baba and none other. Although your name is Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, your love is not for Brahma. This Brahma is a bodily being; he takes birth and rebirth. You should not form any relationship with bodily beings. Those gurus adopt names for themselves such as Satchitananda (the truth, the living being and the embodiment of bliss). However, it is only the Supreme Soul who can be called the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. Souls were the truth, living beings, embodiments of bliss, embodiments of peace and embodiments of knowledge. You are now becoming this again at the confluence age. Just as the Father’s praise is: The Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Peace, so you too are embodiments of truth, living beings and embodiments of bliss. By remembering the Seed and the tree, the entire knowledge enters your intellects. There are exactly five ages. It is now the confluence age. The world does not know of this confluence age. They might know about it, but they don’t know the details such as who ruled in the golden age or how they claimed that kingdom. You are now claiming your kingdom. You definitely have to come into the cycle and take rebirth. No one can remain in the golden age for ever. It is now that you receive recognition of heaven and hell. It is now the iron age and then the golden age will definitely come. Therefore, it must definitely have been at the confluence age that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, came. His praise is distinct. It is not that the praise of one can be the same as that of another. Each one has his own sanskars and activities; they cannot be the same as those of another. Each soul has his or her own part. It has been explained to you children that you souls take 84 births. You are listening to new things. The world thinks that Krishna is the God of the Gita. Now, the Father says that Krishna is not the God of the Gita. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga and make you into kings of kings, that is, I make you into Lakshmi from an ordinary woman and Narayan from an ordinary man. Baba also asks: Do you want to become Narayan of the sun dynasty or Rama of the moon dynasty? Children say: Baba, our aim and objective is to become the sun dynasty. All are numberwise. Some barristers are very good, whereas others are ordinary. Some surgeons earn hundreds of thousands of rupees, whereas others earn very little. It all depends on how they studied. Among you, too, there are many who will earn a great deal and claim the throne. This is a huge, unlimited, Godly college. There are limitations in other colleges - only so many will pass. This college is unlimited. Therefore, you are listening to new things. You now understand that it is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who gives you innocent ones power. You understand how much power you receive from the Supreme Soul. We are warriors standing on the battlefield. This is a new aspect. A war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas is mentioned in the Gita, but there is no question of a war. Every aspect is new. Krishna is not God, but he is the Alpha of the new world. All aspects are new, starting with Alpha. Lakshmi and Narayan are Alphas of the new world and their children come after them. Lakshmi and Narayan are Alphas of the golden-aged human world. Here, Brahma, Alpha, is the creator of the human world. First of all, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is Alpha. Later Brahma is made Alpha. Then, Lakshmi and Narayan are made Alpha. Here, you belong to the Brahmin clan. Brahma has been remembered as the head of the Brahmin clan. Although there are those other brahmins, they have never heard the name Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. This name is not even mentioned in the Gita. Therefore, these aspects are new. Because of calling Bharat ‘Hindustan’, they speak of the Hindu religion. They have no knowledge of their ancient religion. It is as though the deity religion never existed. Because they don’t know their own religion, they say that all religions are the same. People of all religions can come and stay here; they are free to do so. All religions are given regard, and so people of any religion can come and stay. Just look outside, how they continue to reject those of other religions. They continue to deport Indians from Ceylon and Burma. Bharat is in fact, the land of the ancient deity religion, but they (the Government) say that anyone can come and live here. Not all can live together. Everywhere, there is so much conflict among religions. It is said that Bharat will give asylum to all religions; that is why Bharat is praised. You are now listening to new things. There is no one of the deity religion in Bharat at present. We are now making effort for the new world. Shiv Baba creates heaven. In fact, all are children of Brahma, but it is the Brahmins who have especially been remembered. When were they created? Surely, they must have been created at the confluence age. The different castes have also been shown clearly. We become the topknot Brahmins, then deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. Although this knowledge is very deep and entertaining, it hardly sits in anyone’s intellect. You children should imbibe this knowledge very well and never become upset with the teacher. Don’t sulk and stop studying. Otherwise, you will end up in the very depths of hell. The Father has come to relate this knowledge and so you should listen to it. On the path of devotion, so much discipline is maintained when listening to the Gita. They listen with great discipline. They also go to the temple with that discipline. They follow firm disciplines every day. Your disciplines are extremely strict. Stay in remembrance for half a moment or one moment and then increase it. By remembering Baba, the locks on your intellects will open. Shiv Baba does not churn the ocean of knowledge; He does not need to churn knowledge. It is you who need to churn knowledge in order to explain it to others. Therefore, you should never sulk, but have regard for each other. Some children don’t know how to maintain regard for the maharathis. The teachers are still the main ones. They make 10 to 12 similar to themselves, and so they have to be given that regard. It is as though you are Shiv Baba’s agents. Not all agents can be the same; they are all numberwise, yet they are all agents. Some have very good dharna. They remain on service day and night. Shiv Baba too has come here on service. Baba says: I perform a double task. I also serve the devotees. You know who performs the task of granting visions to the whole world? Although these things are predestined in the drama, they receive visions at that time. They think that God, the Father, granted them a vision through divine insight. People everywhere receive visions. Those visions are also fixed in the drama. You need an unlimited intellect for this. These aspects are new. The cycle of the world should spin in your intellects. Some spin the discus of self-realization very fast and some slowly. You are spinners of the discus of self-realization. The intellects continue to work, numberwise, for service. Some are not able to spin the discus of self-realization. Although the wind blows the same way for everyone, the discus of some spins fast, whereas that of others spins slowly. The discus of some does not spin at all. What status will you receive if you don’t spin the discus of self-realization? Therefore, these are new things. The Father continues to explain: If you want to claim your inheritance, claim it now. Otherwise, you will regret it later and also weep. You have to reveal the Teacher. This is a very big college. If you study well you will receive a good status. You should promise that you will follow the mother and father completely. It is not that the son of a barrister will become a barrister; no. Some will become doctors, some engineers. Some will even become like Satan and others can become robbers. The Father says: In order to reveal Me, change from an ordinary humans into Narayan. My praise will be sung and your praise will also be sung. You will become deities. A temple will be built to Me and yours will also be built. The main temple should be to one Shiv Baba. Then, along with Him, there are the Brahmins and the children. There is variety in the Dilwala Temple. That is the greatest memorial. You are sitting here in the living form. They show idols of a Shakti riding a lion, and a maharathi riding an elephant. It is said that an elephant was swallowed by an alligator. If there isn’t remembrance of the Father, Maya, the alligator, will swallow you. Maya, the alligator, even swallows good maharathis. Great maturity is needed here. There should be no arrogance of doing something. As much as possible, keep the mothers ahead in everything. Have regard for the mothers. All the keys should be with the mothers. All the news should come from the mothers. Yes, it is possible that some kumars are cleverer than the kumaris and the mothers, but they have to write to Baba for advice. “The king may issue the orders but it is the queen who rules the kingdom.” First, it is the queen then the king. Firstly, the mother guru is needed. There is no system here for men to become gurus. The law here says that you have to keep the mothers in front. Although some men become instruments to bring mothers into gyan, the majority is mothers. You should not have any arrogance that you know everything or that you are clever. It is the mothers who have to be made clever. The centres have to be run by the mothers. At the end, it is through the mothers that the arrows will hit the sannyasis. Therefore, everything has to run according to the law. Those who defame the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, cannot claim a high status. Baba cautions everyone. You have to become very sweet. If you hear something that you don’t like, then listen with one ear and let it out of the other. Anger causes a great deal of damage. Some write and ask: Why is anger not said to be worse than lust? But no! Lust causes you sorrow from its beginning, through the middle to the end. Only one Purifier has been remembered. Sannyasis cannot purify anyone. Therefore, you are listening to new aspects that God, the Highest on High, sits here and teaches. He is called Shri, Shri. Then, in the human world, it is said: Shri Lakshmi, Shri Narayan, Shri Rama and Shri Sita. Achcha, who made them elevated? It was Shri, Shri Shiv Baba. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Live in harmony with one another. Give regard to one another. Never sulk and thereby stop studying.

2. Anger causes a lot of damage. Therefore, if you hear something you don't like, listen with one ear and let it out of the other. Don’t become angry; become very sweet.

Blessing: May you be liberated in life and remain free from the bondage of being attracted to the sweetness of extroversion.

Extroversion means to encourage one another towards waste through the intentions and nature of people, the vibrations of some gross consciousness, thoughts, words, relationships and connections. To remain constantly in one or another type of wasteful thinking is to be distant from internal happiness, peace and power. The sweetness of extroversion attracts you a great deal from outside and you must therefore, first of all cut it off. It is this sweetness that becomes a subtle bondage and distances you from the destination of success. When you become free from those bondages, you would then be said to be liberated in life.

Slogan: Tapaswis are those who are liberated from any bondage of the influence of those who perform good or bad actions; they are detached observers and merciful.


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