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26 June 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 26/06/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, make effort to become bodiless. “Bodiless” means not to have any bodily religion or relationship. Let the soul continue to remember the Father alone.

Question: When will you children have 100% power? What effort must you make for that?

Answer: When you children reach the final moments of running in the race of remembrance, you will have 100% power. The arrow will instantly strike the target when you explain this knowledge to anyone at that time. For this, make effort to become soul conscious. Look in the mirror of your heart to check that all the old accounts have been burnt with remembrance.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Om ShantiYou children know that Alpha (the Father) has now come. There is the praise: We receive liberation-in-life, that is, the sovereignty of heaven, from the Father in a second, because the Father is the Creator of heaven. Liberation-in-life in a second is received from only the Father. Human beings cannot receive it from human beings. As soon as a child is born, he becomes an heir. When someone first comes, you ask that person to fill in a form: Who is the Father of souls? It is said: An embodied soul, a charitable soul. It is not said: Embodied Supreme Soul, Sinful Supreme Soul, Charitable Supreme Soul; no. It is said: a great soul, a charitable soul. It is remembered that souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. Therefore, God surely has to come to liberate you from sorrow. So, when people come, first ask them to fill in a form: Who is the Father of you, the soul? Who is the father of the body? There are two separate things: I and mine. I am a soul and this is my body. Where is the place of residence of me, the soul? Who is the Father of you, the soul? It would not be asked: Who is the Father of the Supreme Soul? First of all, you have to know Alpha. He is the Truth, the Ocean of Knowledge. He is the Father of all. No human beings or judges etc. know that they are souls. It is the soul that speaks with the organs of the body: I am a judge, I am a surgeon. Only the one Father makes you soul conscious. You now know that you are souls. All the rest are relatives of your bodies. It is in terms of relationships of bodies that someone is a mother, someone is a father etc. In terms of souls, we are brothers. This has to be explained first. The inheritance of liberation-in-life in a second is remembered. Who is the One who gives liberation-in-life? In the golden age there is liberation-in-life and in the iron age there is a life of bondage. This too has to be explained. The system here of filling in a form is very good. You children know that the memorial of the Father of us souls is here. That incorporeal One is the Father of us souls. We are corporeal. There is the memorial of the incorporeal One. Therefore, He must also surely have come. He is the One who makes impure ones pure, old ones new. The world changes from new to old. There is just the one world. Therefore, the Creator of the world must definitely be One; there cannot be two of them. God is the Creator. He makes this old world new. The new world that was Bharat was heaven. God is One. The world is one. There was the golden age and it is now the iron age. There was ancient Bharat. Therefore, the One who made the world new would have made Bharat new. When people come here for the first time, explain this secret to them: You are a soul. Souls continue to take rebirth. The Father comes and makes you soul conscious. I am a judge, I am a barrister, or, I belong to the Christian religion. All of those are bodily religions. Souls are bodiless and so they don't have any relationships or religions. A soul by himself becomes karmateet. Then, once again, souls have the relationships of mothers and fathers etc. They change their costumes. They change their parts and have new parents. Souls continue to take rebirth. In fact, souls are incorporeal and reside in the incorporeal world. Then, when a soul adopts a body, he says: This is my name and form. The Father sits here and says to you children: Consider yourselves to be souls. You have to return home. You have played parts for 84 births. You became a barrister; you became a king. You are now becoming the masters of the world. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can say this to souls. These things are not in the intellect of anyone else. They say that each soul is the Supreme Soul. The Father comes and explains to you the secrets of the world cycle. You now know that you truly have been around the cycle of 84 births. This is now your final birth and you have to return home. People make effort to go to the land of liberation. I, the soul, am a resident of the land of liberation but, because of having body consciousness, you don't know this. We souls reside in the incorporeal world. We have come from there to play our parts. All remember God in order to go to God. Therefore, first of all, explain that the soul and the body are two different things. A soul has a mind and intellect in it; he is living. Soul are imperishable. Bodies are perishable. The Father of all souls is that incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Knowledge-full One. He alone is called the God of the Gita. All devotees have love for God, the Ocean of Love. He pulls the devotees so much. There can only be one God. There are so many devotees. All are impure. They all remember the Purifier, and so there must be the one incorporeal One. All the rest are His creation. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are also a creation. The human world, too, is a creation. The highest-on-high Father is the Resident of the supreme abode. Just as a soul is a star, so the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is a star. It has been explained to you children that there is only one world and that it has to repeat. All the religions have to go around the cycle. All actors are playing their parts. No one's part can be changed. Each part has to be played. First of all, it is essential to explain who the Father of souls is. They say: Oh God, the Father! Who said this? The soul speaks through the body. The Father of souls is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This is the main thing. You mustn't debate with anyone too much. There is liberation-in-life in a second. The Father explains to you children: Children, become soul conscious! At this time, this world is impure. Because of not knowing God, the Father, they have become orphans. In the golden age they experience the reward. There is no need to remember the Father there. People of the world don't know that the people of Bharat receive this reward from the Father. Bharat becomes heaven. It is Maya (Ravan) that makes it into hell. Bharat has to become old from new. For instance, if a building is going to be 100 years old, it would be said to be old after 50 years. In the same way, the world becomes old from new. Then who will make it new again? How will it repeat? The world was pure. Someone must have made it pure. Only the one Father is the Purifier. He alone would make it pure. Who makes it impure? Who makes it pure? No one can understand this. You now belong to the Father. The Father means the Father. You don't only half believe or three quarters believe in the Father. However, Maya brings you into body consciousness. All the effort required is in becoming bodiless and belonging to the Father. In fact, Maya is a great enemy. You claim the kingdom with the power of yoga. Only by having remembrance do you receive your inheritance from the Father. The power is that of remembrance alone. The Father says: Forget your body and all bodily relations and remember Me because you have to come back to Me. The golden age is liberation-in-life and the iron age is bondage-in-life. There is the bondage of Ravan, the five vices. It doesn't exist there. The Father comes and liberates you. You know that there was supreme peace and prosperity in Bharat. It isn't there now. Therefore, the Supreme Father must surely have established it. He would have come. He comes at the confluence age and makes Bharat liberated-in-life. All the rest of the religions are by-plots. This Bharat is old. When there was the kingdom of deities in new Bharat, there was one religion. That is called heaven. Therefore, when you give the Father's introduction first, they won't argue. The Father only tells the truth. Shrimat is from Him. Next are the instructions of Brahma. Brahma definitely receives instructions from the Father. Brahma is now in the night. He was in the day. “The day of Brahma and the night of Brahma” means the day and night of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The night of Prajapita Brahma would also definitely be the night of the children. The Father explains: I come and first of all create Brahmins through the mouth of Brahma. The Brahmin clan is needed. This sacrificial fire has been created. It would not be said to be the sacrificial fire of Krishna. This is the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra, this is the rosary of Rudra. Father Shiva created the sacrificial fire at this time. The Father sits here and teaches this. Children, I change you from an ordinary man into Narayan, into kings of kings. This is Raja Yoga. Krishna would not be called God. God teaches Raja Yoga through which you become like Shri Krishna. The main thing is that you children first have to become soul conscious. Otherwise, you won't be able to strike anyone with an arrow. Only by becoming soul conscious and remembering the Father will you receive power. When you become really strong the arrow will be shot at Bhishampitamai. It has to happen gradually. You now continue to receive power. You have to become 100% by the end. You have to run the race. You are now studying. You will become very strong. You should explain that you are living souls and that God, the Father, is One. Ask those people why they say that the soul is the Supreme Soul. God, the Purifier, is only One. You are the ones who take rebirth. God doesn't have a body of His own. He is Rudra, Shiva. Human beings cannot be called God. A name is given to the body of a soul. Souls are all the same. Sometimes a soul has the body of a barrister. It isn't that a soul becomes a dog or a cat etc. The Father says: Beloved children, human beings only become human beings. Animals are a different variety(species). At this time it is as though human beings are worse than animals. Maya has ruined everyone's life according to the drama. The Father now comes and makes everyone's life worthwhile. The people of Bharat call God the Mother and Father. People abroad say: Oh God, the Father! Achcha, if He is the Father, the Mother is also needed with Him. They speak of Eve, but who is she? Who has been called Eve? Mama would not be called Eve. Mama is Jagadamba. This one (Brahma) is called Eve because He creates through this one's mouth and this is why the saying: You are the Mother and Father can be proved. Only the One is called the Mother and Father. There also has to be the mother of Jagadamba. She is also a human. All of these things can be imbibed when you make constant effort to become soul conscious. If there isn't remembrance, you cannot imbibe these things. Maya is very powerful. If you don't stay in remembrance, she will continue to punch you. Maya even punches those who have been here for 10 to 12 years. She turns their faces away. They forget and then say that it wasn't in their fortune. There is the song: I have come having created my fortune. Which fortune did you create when you came? That of marrying Lakshmi. BapDada says: Look in the mirror of your heart: Am I worthy? Have I become as sweet as the Father? The Father says: Become soul conscious! The more you remember Me, the Father, the more you will accumulate. If you don't remember, you won't accumulate. It is only with remembrance that the old account will continue to be burnt away. The fire of yoga means remembrance. I, the soul, am remembering God. The Father also says: Have the faith that you are souls and remember Me. It is a mistake to say that souls are the Supreme Soul. God never takes rebirth. You constantly take rebirth. My birth is divine and unique. I enter an ordinary body. Otherwise, where would Brahmins come from? A mature Prajapita Brahma is needed. A young child is not needed. Krishna is a young child. They always show Radhe and Krishna as young. How could so many people call a young child ‘Prajapita’? How could you call Krishna the Mother and Father? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has now come as the Guide. He will take all souls back with Him. The Father explains very clearly. First of all ask them to fill in a form. The main thing is: Who is the God of the Gita? Who created this sacrificial fire? This is called the sacrificial fire of Rudra or the sacrificial fire of knowledge. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Father of all. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become soul conscious, renounce bodily religions and make it firm that we souls are brothers.Become as sweet as the Father.

2. Become soul conscious and give the Father's introduction.You receive the inheritance of liberation-in-life from the Father in a second. You must never debate with anyone.

Blessing: May you finish obstacles with zeal and enthusiasm and become a close jewel who is equal to the Father.

The zeal and enthusiasm that children have of being close jewels equal to the Father and to give the proof of being a worthy child is the basis of the flying stage. This enthusiasm finishes many types of obstacles that come and helps you to become complete and perfect. The pure and determined thought of zeal and enthusiasm becomes a particularly powerful weapon to make you victorious. Therefore, always have zeal and enthusiasm and the means for this flying stage in your heart.

Slogan: Just as a tapaswi soul always sits on a special seat, in the same way, you also have to remain seated on the seat of a constant and stable stage.

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