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23 June 2018 BK Murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 23/06/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, promise that you will definitely pass with honours, that your intellects will never have doubts about the Mother and Father and that you will always be obedient and follow shrimat.

Question: What aspect do you children have to be very careful about while boxing Maya?

Answer: While boxing, be very careful that you don't develop doubts about the Mother and Father. If there is impure arrogance or impure attachment or greed, your status will be destroyed. You should have pure greed to claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father and have full attachment to the one Father. You have to die alive. “I belong to the one Father and I will claim my inheritance from the Father alone, no matter what happens” Promise yourself this. Become real children and there will be unlimited attainment. When you have doubts you lose your status.

Song: The heart desires to call out to You!

Om ShantiThe meaning of ‘Om’ is very easy: I am a soul. I am silence. Souls are definitely immortal. Who is explaining this? The unlimited Father. There are many children. Among them too, only a handful out of multimillions, and only a few of that handful understand. You children know that the unlimited Father is making you worthy so that He can give you the inheritance of unlimited happiness. When we were deities, we were worthy of worship and the worthy masters of the world. Bharat was the Golden Sparrow. Bharat at that time was righteous, lawful and 100% solvent. The Father explains this. Truly, we were so worthy, we were the masters of the world. The Father is now giving us the right to be able to rule over the whole world. Maya has made you so bankrupt that you are not even worth a shell. You only perform unrighteous acts. Only the one Father teaches you righteous things and He is also called the Truth. You used to sing to Him: You are the Mother and Father. You are sitting personally in front of Him and are making effort to claim your unlimited inheritance from Him. You know that you belong to Him. The Father also says: You belong to Me. At this time, no one knows Me, the Father. Sometimes, you say: He is beyond name and form. Sometimes, you put Me into every name and form and say: God is in all the pebbles and stones. There are innumerable religions and innumerable opinions. Therefore, Baba says: Renounce all of those bodily religions. Souls say: I am a Christian, I am a Muslim. You have to forget those bodily religions. The Father now says: Beloved children, when you say "Mama, Baba" no one can ever forget Mama and Baba. Here, the wonder is that children forget such a Mother and Father from whom you receive the inheritance for 21 births. You remembered your physical parents for birth after birth. This is now your final birth. You have the faith that the same Father truly comes every cycle and makes you into deities. So, then, why do you forget such a Father? Children say: According to the drama, we also forgot You in the previous cycle. Some belong to the Father and then leave Him. Those who were amazed by knowledge, who belonged to God, listened to knowledge and related it to others were then affected by Maya and ran away. Maya doesn't separate you from your physical parents. Some children do divorce their father. The Father from beyond makes you worthy of heaven and gives you such a huge inheritance. Those are limited parents, whereas that One is the unlimited Mother and Father who gives you the sovereignty of heaven. Even when you have faith, why do you divorce such a Father? Good children stay here for five to ten years, play good parts and are then defeated. This is a battlefield. You must never stop remembering the Father. When remembrance is reduced, there is great damage. Maya has conquered many children; she swallowed them raw. It was as though an alligator swallowed them. You are becoming maharathis, so Maya makes you fall and completely swallows you. Very good first-class children who used to go into trance, on whose directions the mother and father played their parts, are no longer here today. What happened? They developed doubts about some things. Baba explains: Those whose intellects have faith become victorious whereas those whose intellects have doubts are led to destruction. Such ones then reach such a low stage. You come here to claim from the Father your full inheritance of becoming princes and princesses. What would your status be if you became those who were amazed by knowledge and then ran away? You would become part of the subjects with a low status. There will also have to be a lot of punishment. There are the Chief Judges etc. in that Government. Here, all are One. The Father says: I come to make you pure from impure. If you do not become completely pure, you will become the impure of the impure. If you disregard the Almighty Authority Father, there will be very severe punishment from Dharamraj. These matters have to be understood. You say, "You are the Mother and Father." Therefore, you have to follow His directions. While following the directions of Shri Shri, you have to stay in complete yoga. You were elevated. You will take 21 elevated births in the sun dynasty and the moon dynasty and become emperors and empresses. You need the directions of Shri Shri in order to become elevated. Only the One is called Shri Shri. Deities are only called Shri. At this time, there is the devilish community, that is, those who follow the dictates of devils, the five vices. You children now receive the directions of Shri Shri through which you become Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. You receive this title. You receive your fortune of the kingdom. In the golden and silver ages there are the crowns of purity and of jewels. The sun and moon dynasties are shown with crowns. Only the emperors and empresses are shown with crowns. The subjects are not shown with crowns. Then, when they become impure in the copper age, they are not shown with the crowns of light. Impure kings and queens worship the pure kings and queens. At this time, neither crown exists; they have become crown-less. This is government of the people by the people, which is called the People's Government. You are Pandavas. You too have no crowns. You have become so wise. You know the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world, that is, the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You know that you are once again becoming double crowned. You receive both health and wealth. The unlimited Father is teaching you and so you are students of the Pandava Government. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. They have simply changed the name in the Gita. This mistake has been caused because of the confluence. You are now receiving the inheritance from the unlimited Father. You receive happiness in the golden and silver ages and then, from the copper age onwards, memorials will begin to be built in your name. The memorials of those who die here are created here in the land of death, just as when Nehru died, his memorial was created here. Your memorials will not remain in the land of immortality. Your memorials will be later, in the copper age. Therefore, all of them that you see began to be built in the copper age. No one knows who Jagadamba, Adi Devi etc. are. They should know this. People should know about the beginning, middle and end of the drama, should they not? Even Lakshmi and Narayan are not aware of it. The Father is knowledge-full. We are His children and we have become master knowledge-full, numberwise, according to our efforts. The Father is the Ocean of Purity and we are also becoming that. Souls that have become impure become pure again. However, no one can become pure by bathing in the Ganges. Only the one Father is called the Purifier. You are sitting personally in front of Him. Once you have faith, that’s it! Children never forget their father. Even when he dies, they invoke his soul. He comes and speaks. This part is according to the drama, and so that soul comes and converses. Whatever happened in the past is fixed in the drama. You should understand the drama in the right way. Don't say: “If it is in my fortune, I will make effort.” It isn't that if you just sit somewhere, water would enter your mouth by itself. No; effort is first required for everything. No one can sit down just like that. If they were simply to sit idly, they would die. Sannyasis have renunciation of karma but, for as long as they have physical organs, they cannot renounce performing actions. How would they get up or sit down? It is the soul that makes the body function. Sanskars are in the soul. At night the soul becomes bodiless. The soul says: I have become tired from performing actions. Therefore, I take a rest at night and become bodiless. It is a soul that eats and drinks and a soul that says through those organs: I am a barrister, I am so-and-so. Souls call out to the Father. Souls remember: O God, the Father, have mercy! He is knowledge-full and blissful. He has full knowledge. Here, you have incomplete knowledge. No one knows what Brahmand is, what the subtle region is, how the drama repeats, where souls go, how they take rebirth and how many births they take. You children continue to know this according to the effort you make. You have to inspire others to sit on this pyre of knowledge and show them the path to Paradise. No one else knows it. The Father explains: Children, don't let go of the Father's hand. By remembering the Father, your sins will be absolved. The Father doesn't remember any children. He knows that all are His children. All of them remember Me. They are going to stay with Me in the land of nirvana. Therefore, you mustn't forget the Father, even by mistake. You mustn't have doubts. The Father is now ordering you: Constantly remember Me alone and also remember your inheritance. Even if there is any conflict, don't forget the Father. Your boat will sink when you forget the Father. You have many enemies because you yourselves say that the flames of destruction emerged from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. You tell everyone clearly that only after this war will the gates to liberation and liberation-in-life open. Many souls go to the land of liberation and then go into liberation-in-life. Those of the deity religion will go first. All the others establish their own religions. The Father says: I first of all establish the small Brahmin religion, and then, together with that, I change Brahmins into deities. How could shudras claim the Grandfather's inheritance unless they became Brahmins? They surely have to go into the clans. It can be understood when someone appears to belong to the deity clan. The saplings of those who belong to this clan are being planted. The Father explains: You must never forget such a sweet BapDada to whom you say: You are the Mother and Father. Through Your teachings we will receive happiness for 21 unlimited births. You have to make effort and claim the highest status of all. Worthy children promise: Baba, I will definitely pass with honours and show you. I will definitely claim my fortune of the sun-dynasty kingdom. The Father says: You have to be very careful. Maya is no less. Each one of you has to make so much effort that you claim a sun-dynasty status in heaven. If you make effort now, your efforts will continue in the same way every cycle. Baba says: Sweetest children, be careful! Never let your intellects have doubts. In worldly relationships, children can never have doubts about their parents; it is impossible. Here, too, your intellects should have remembrance of Baba. This Baba is the One who gives you unlimited happiness. In spite of that, Maya defeats you children in boxing. The Father says: Never have impure arrogance or impure greed. In fact, you are very greedy. However, this is the pure greed to claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. You also have pure attachment. Have total attachment to the one Father. You have to die alive. That’s all! “I belong to the one Father. I will claim my inheritance from the Father alone, no matter what happens”- you have to promise yourself this. You have unlimited attainment. There is no attainment anywhere else. You should have no doubt about this. You might have doubts about other things, but you do belong to the Father, do you not? You must never have doubts about the Father. Those who are completely pure are said to be real ones. Impure ones are step ones. As you make progress, you will continue to understand what status others would claim if they were to leave their bodies at that time. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Move along while understanding the drama very clearly. Make effort and create your reward. Don't just sit down saying, “It’s the drama.”

2. Never disregard the Father. Follow His shrimat at every step. Never have doubts about the Father.

Blessing: May you remain double light and remain tireless while fulfilling your mundane responsibilities as a trustee.

There is double benefit in looking after your mundane responsibilities while looking after your service responsibilities. Since there is double responsibility, there is double attainment. However, in order to remain double light while having double responsibility, look after your responsibilities as a trustee and you will not feel tired. Those who consider it to be their household and their family experience a burden. Since it is not yours, how can there be a burden?

Slogan: Remain constantly in front of the sun of knowledge and the shadow of fortune will remain with you.


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