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23 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 23/11/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, be cautious and pay full attention to the study. Don't think that you have a direct connection with Shiv Baba. Even to say this is body consciousness.


Why can Bharat be called an imperishable pilgrimage place?


Because Bharat is the birthplace of the Father, it is an imperishable land. In the golden and silver ages, the living deities rule in the imperishable land. At that time, Bharat is called Shivalaya. Then, on the path of devotion, they make non-living images and worship them. They even make many Shivalayas (Shiva Temples) and so it is a pilgrimage place at that time too and this is why Bharat can be called an imperishable pilgrimage place.

Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary, the destination of dawn is not far off.

Om Shanti . O travellers of the night, who is cautioning you not to become weary? Shiv Baba says this. Some children are such that they think that Shiv Baba is their everything because they have a connection with Him alone. However, He also only speaks through the mouth of Brahma, does He not? Some think that Shiv Baba is inspiring them directly, but it is wrong to think that. Shiv Baba would surely give teachings through Brahma. He explains to you: Children, don't become weary! Although you have a connection with Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba says: Manmanabhav! Brahma also says: Manmanabhav! Even the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris say: Manmanabhav! However, a mouth is needed in order for a caution to be given. Some children think that their connection is with that One. However, He would give directions through Brahma, would He not? If you continue to receive directions etc. from Him directly, what would be the need for Him to come here? There are some children who have such thoughts as: Since Shiv Baba can speak through the mouth of Brahma, He can also speak through my mouth. However, you cannot have a connection with Him without Brahma. Some sulk with Brahma and the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and then begin to say such things. We have to have yoga with Shiv Baba alone. In order to give us children teachings and to caution us, the Father has to say something. The Father says: You don't come to class on time. Who said this? Both Shiv Baba and Brahma Dada said it. The body of both is one. So, they say: Be cautious and pay full attention to the study. The highest-on-high Father is teaching you. First of all, you should praise Shiv Baba. His praise is very important. His praise is infinite. The words of His praise are very good but children sometimes forget them. You should churn the ocean of knowledge and write the full praise of Shiv Baba. Who would be called the new man? In fact, the heavenly new man is Krishna. However, the topknot of the Brahmins of this time is remembered. Children are created and so they are given teachings. If Lakshmi and Narayan are called the new men, there is no need to give them teachings. So, who is the new man? These matters have to be understood and explained. That Father is the Almighty Authority, the World Almighty. You forget to write the words ‘World Almighty’ in the Father's praise. Bharat is also praised as being an imperishable pilgrimage place. How is this, since pilgrimages take place on the path of devotion? How can Bharat be called an imperishable pilgrimage place? How is it an imperishable pilgrimage place? Can we call it a pilgrimage place in the golden age? If we say that it is an imperishable pilgrimage place, how is it that? This has to be clearly explained: Yes, it is a pilgrimage place in the golden and silver ages and also in the copper and iron ages. Since you call it imperishable, you have to prove its existence in all four ages. Pilgrimages etc. begin to take place in the copper age. Then, we can write that Bharat is an imperishable pilgrimage place. Even in the golden and silver ages, it is a pilgrimage place where the living deities reside. Here, there are non-living pilgrimages whereas when it is Shivalaya it is a true, living pilgrimage place. Only the Father sits and explains all of these things here. Bharat is an imperishable land. All the rest are destroyed. No human beings know these things. The Purifier Father comes here. Those whom He makes into pure deities then go and reside in that Shivalaya. Here, people have to go to Badrinath and Amarnath etc. There, Bharat itself is the pilgrimage place. It isn't that Shiv Baba exists there. Shiv Baba is here now. All His praise is of this time. This is Shiv Baba's birthplace, so it is also the birthplace of Brahma. It cannot be called the birthplace of Shankar. There is no need for him to come here. He has become the instrument for destruction. Vishnu comes when he rules and sustains the kingdom through his dual-form. They have shown a couple as the dual-form of Vishnu. This (Vishnu) is his image. He exists in the golden age. So, we have to sing praise of the one Father. He is also our Saviour. Those people call the founders of religions their Saviours. They call Christ and Buddha etc. their Saviours. They believe that they come to establish peace. However, they don't bring any peace. They don't liberate anyone from sorrow. They have to establish their own religions. Those of their own religions begin to follow them down. The word ‘Saviour’ is very good. This word should definitely also be used. When these pictures are shown abroad, they will be printed in all languages. Those people sing so much praise of the Pope etc. They sing so much praise of a president etc. when he dies. The bigger the person is, the more praise there is of him. However, at this time, all have become the same. They say that God is omnipresent. By saying that they themselves are the Father, all souls insult the Father. Worldly children wouldn’t say that they are their father. Yes, when they create their own creation, they become fathers; that is possible. Here, the Father of all of us souls is the One. We cannot become His Father. He cannot be called the Child. Yes, it is a game of knowledge when we say that we make Shiv Baba our Child, the Heir. Scarcely a few people who can understand these things will understand them. They make Child Shiva their Heir and surrender themselves to Him. Children surrender themselves to Shiv Baba; this exchange takes place. There is so much importance given to an inheritance. The Father says: Whatever you have, including your body, make Me the Heir of it all. However, it is difficult for your body consciousness to break. Only when you have the faith that you are a soul and you remember the Father can your body consciousness break. It requires a lot of effort for you to become soul conscious. We souls are imperishable. We began to consider ourselves to be bodies. It now requires effort for us to begin to consider ourselves to be souls once again. The biggest of all illnesses is body consciousness. The sins of those who don't consider themselves to be souls and who do not remember the Father are not cut away. The Father explains: If you study well, you will become a lord. You should follow shrimat. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to climb into the heart of Shri Shri. Only when you climb into His heart can you then sit on the throne. You have to become very merciful. People are very unhappy. They are very wealthy to look at. Look how much regard the Pope receives! The Father says: I am so egoless. Those people would not tell you not to spend so much money on their welcome. Wherever Baba goes, he writes to them in advance: You mustn't have any type of splendour. Not everyone must come to the station, because I am incognito. There is even no need to do that. No one knows who that One is. They know everyone else. They don't know Shiv Baba at all. So it is good to remain incognito. The more egoless you remain, the better it is. Your knowledge is to remain silent. You have to sit and sing the praise of the Father. From that, people would understand that the Father is the Purifier and the Almighty Authority. Only from the Father do you receive the inheritance. No one, except the children, can say this. You would say that you are receiving the inheritance of the new world from Shiv Baba. There are the pictures. We are also becoming like those deities. Shiv Baba is giving us the inheritance through Brahma and this is why we praise Shiv Baba. Our aim and objective is so clear! He is the One who gives. He teaches us through Brahma. You have to explain using the pictures. So many images of Shiva have been created. The Father comes and makes you pure from impure and takes everyone into liberation and liberation-in-life. This is very clear in the pictures. Therefore, Baba emphasizes that you should give them to everyone so that they can take them and study them. When they take things from here, they use them to decorate their places there. This is something very good. Curtain material is very useful. These pictures continue to have corrections made to them. The word Saviour is also necessary. No one else is the Saviour or the Purifier. Although pure souls come down, they don’t make anyone pure. The souls of their religion have to come down and play their parts. These are points which only the sensible children will imbibe. When you don't follow shrimat fully, you are unable to study and then you fail . One’s manners too are noted at school. What is this one's behaviour like? All vices come due to body consciousness. Then, no dharna is able to take place. The Father only loves obedient children. You have to make a lot of effort. Whenever you explain to anyone, first of all, tell them the Father's praise and how you receive the inheritance from the Father. You have to write the Father's full praise. You cannot change the pictures, but you have to write the full teachings. The Father's praise is separate. Krishna received his inheritance from the Father and so his praise is separate. Because of not knowing the Father, they don't understand that Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage place. You have to tell them and prove that Bharat is an imperishable pilgrimage place. When you children sit and explain these things, people will be amazed when they hear them. Bharat was like a diamond, so who made it like a shell? A lot of explanation and churning of the ocean of knowledge is required. Baba instantly tells you: This correction should be made in this. Children don't show it to Baba, but Baba wants those corrections made. There was an engineer who couldn't understand why a machine was spoilt and then his assistant engineer sat and showed him that, by something being done, the machine would be all right. Then the machine truly did begin to work and that engineer became very pleased. He said that that person should be given a prize. So, his salary was increased. The Father also says: You do this accurately and I will praise you, just as when Jagdish (Sanjay) sometimes brings out good points, Baba is pleased. Children should be interested in doing service. Those exhibitions and melas all continue to take place. Wherever there is anyone's exhibition, he would also put up this exhibition. Here, the forehead of the intellect should open up completely. You should give everyone happiness. Those who study at school are numberwise. If they don't study, their manners remain bad. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found, children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. You mustn't sulk with anyone and thereby stop studying. Renounce body consciousness and have mercy for yourself. Become egoless, the same as the Father.

2. Imbibe good manners. Give everyone happiness. Remain obedient.

Blessing: May you experience the Father’s help and blessings by being obedient and thereby become an embodiment of success.

The Father’s order is “Remember Me alone”. The one Father is your world and so let there not be anything in your heart except the one Father. One direction, one strength and one support… Where there is One, there is success in every task. It is easy for that one to overcome any situation. The children who follow the Father’s instructions receive the Father’s blessings and this is why anything difficult becomes easy for them.

Slogan: Maintain the awareness of your new Brahmin life and no old sanskar will emerge.


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