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21 Jan 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 21/01/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, become spiritual teachers, the same as the Father. Teach others what you have learnt from the Father. If you have imbibed knowledge, you can also explain it to anyone.

BapDada Avyakt Murli


In which aspect does Baba have unshakeable faith and in which you children also have to become unshakeable?


Baba has unshakeable faith in the drama. Baba says: Whatever has passed was in the drama. You will do whatever you did in the previous cycle. The drama will not allow you to change anything. However, as yet, the children’s stage has not become like that. This is why they say: If it were like this, I would do that. If I had known about it, I would not have done that. Baba says: Do not remember the past. Make effort not to make the same mistake again in the future.

Om Shanti . The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you children. The Father Himself says: No one knows when I come because I am incognito. No one can tell when a soul enters a womb. There cannot be a time or date for that. The time and date are given for the moment it comes out of the womb. Similarly, you cannot tell the time or date when Baba entered. You can’t tell when He entered the chariot. When Baba used to look at someone, they would become intoxicated and be lost in that stage. They would think that there was someone who had entered or that there was some power that had come. Where did the power come from? I didn’t do any special chanting or tapasya. That is called incognito; there is no time or date. You cannot say when the subtle region was established. The main thing is: Manmanabhav. The Father says: O souls, you called out to Me, your Father, to come and make you impure beings pure and to make the world pure. The Father explains: According to the drama plan, there definitely has to be a change when I come. Whatever has happened from the golden age onwards will repeat. The golden and silver ages will definitely repeat at every second that passes. The era also continues to pass by. They say that the golden age passed, but they didn’t see it. The Father has explained that you passed through that age. You are the ones who became separated from Me first. So, you should think about how you have taken 84 births and how you will have to take them again, identically, that is, how you will have to play your parts of happiness and sorrow. In the golden age, there is happiness. When a building grows old, the roof sometimes falls in, sometimes something happens somewhere else in the building. So, there is then the concern to repair it. When it has become very old, it is understood that that building is no longer fit to live in. You would not say this about the new world. You are now becoming worthy of going to the new world. Everything is at first new and it then becomes old. You children now think about this. No one else can even understand these things. They continue to relate the Gita and the Ramayana etc. and remain busy in that. You and I were also busy in that business. The Father has now made you so sensible. Baba says: Children, this old world is now to end. You now have to go to the new world. It isn’t that everyone will go there. It is not the law either that everyone can sit in the land of liberation because, otherwise, annihilation would take place. You know that this is the most auspicious, beneficial confluence age of the old world and the new world. Change now has to take place and you will then go to the land of peace. There is no question of even having any feeling of happiness there. It is remembered that there were obstacles in the sacrificial fire, and so there will continue to be obstacles. There will also be obstacles after a cycle. You have now become strong. This task of establishment and destruction is not a small thing. In what do you have obstacles? The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. It is because of this that there are assaults. There is the example of Draupadi. All the conflict is because of celibacy. You definitely had to become tamopradhan from satopradhan. You had to come down the ladder and the world definitely had to become old. Only you understand and churn all of these things. You have to study and also teach others. You have to become teachers. It is definitely because you have knowledge in your intellects that you study and then become teachers. Then the Government passes those who study with the Teacher and become clever. The Father has made you into teachers. What could the one Teacher do? All of you are spiritual teachers. So you should have this knowledge in your intellects. The knowledge of becoming a deity from a human being is very accurate. The more you remember the Father now, the more light you will continue to receive. People will continue to have visions. Only by having remembrance will you souls become pure and it will then be possible for others to have a vision. The Father, the Helper, is also here. The Father always helps the children. It is numberwise in a study. Each one of you can understand how much knowledge your intellect has imbibed. If you have imbibed knowledge, then demonstrate it by explaining to someone. This is wealth and if you don’t give others this wealth, no one would believe that you had any wealth. If you donate wealth, you will be called a great donor. Maharathis and mahavirs are the same; not all can be the same. So many people come to you. Would you sit and beat your head with each one? Those people hear many things through the newspapers and so they get heated. Then, when they come to you and hear knowledge from you, they realize what they have done by following the dictates of others and that this knowledge is very good. It takes time to put each one right. Here, too, it has taken so much effort. Nevertheless, there are some who are maharathis (elephant riders), some who are horse riders (cavalry) and others who are foot solders. These are their parts in the drama. You understand that, eventually, you will win. You will become whatever you became in the previous cycle. You children have to make effort. The Father advises you: Try to explain. First of all, go to Shiv Baba’s temple and do service there. You can ask: Who is this? Why do you pour water on that idol? You know this very well. There is a saying that a cook went to borrow some burning charcoal and stayed there and became the master. This example refers to you. You go there to awaken them. They send you invitations, and so when you receive such an invitation, you should be happy. Big titles are given in Kashi etc. There are so many temples on the path of devotion. That is also a type of business. When they find a good woman, they make her learn the Gita by heart and put her forward and then they take the income she receives. Otherwise, they would have nothing. Many people learn occult powers. You should go to such places. You children should never try to interpret the meaning of the scriptures. You have to go and give the Father’s introduction. The Bestower of Liberation and Liberation-in-Life is only One. You have to praise Him. He says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me alone. However, ‘Manmanabhav’ doesn’t mean that you have to go and bathe in the Ganges. ‘Mamekam’ means: Remember Me alone. I promise you that I will liberate you from all your sins. Sin began at the time Ravan came. So you have to make a lot of effort to claim a high status. People beat their heads so much day and night to earn a position. This too is a study. There is no question of having any books here. You have the cycle of 84 births in your intellects. This is not a difficult thing. You are not told the details of every birth. Your 84 births have ended and you souls now have to return home. Souls that have become impure definitely have to be made pure again. Continue to tell everyone to remember the one Father constantly. Children say: Baba, I am unable to stay in yoga. Ah! but I am personally telling you to remember Me, and so why do you speak of yoga? It is because you speak of yoga that you forget Me. Who would not be able to remember their father? How do you remember your physical parents? That One is also your Mother and Father. This one is also studying. Saraswati too is studying. Only the one Father is teaching everyone. To the extent that you study, accordingly you can then explain to others. The Father says: Children, you cannot attain Me by reading the scriptures or by chanting or doing tapasya. What benefit is there in that? You still continue to come down the ladder. You don’t have any enemies. Nevertheless, you still definitely have to explain how sin and charity are accumulated. It was after the kingdom of Ravan began that you started to commit sin. There are even such children who are unable to explain what the new world is and what the old world is. The Father now says: Remember the unlimited Father. He alone is the Purifier. You don’t need to go anywhere. On the path of devotion, you would always go out of your home to worship elsewhere. The husband would tell his wife: You have a picture of Krishna at home too, so why are you going out there? What is the difference there? The husband was said to be her god and yet she wouldn’t even listen to him! On the path of devotion, they build temples very far away and high up so that people have that faith in them. You explain how people stumble around so much going to the temples. That is just a system they have created. They go to Shiva Kashi on pilgrimage, but there is no attainment through that. You now receive shrimat from the Father. You don’t have to go anywhere. In fact, God, the Husband of all husbands, is only the One. The One whom your husband, maternal and paternal uncles remember is God, the Husband of All, and God, the Father of All. He says to you: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. The light of each of you is now being ignited, and so people are able to see light in you. So, the names of you children should also be glorified. The Father glorifies the names of the children. Daughter Sudesh is very clever at explaining. She has made a lot of effort and has thereby gone ahead of the older ones. She can make more effort in this too and go ahead of others. Everything depends on effort. One shouldn’t have heart failure. Even if you come at the end, you can still attain liberation-in-life in a second. Day by day, many such ones will continue to emerge. You have a part of victory fixed for you in the drama. There will also be obstacles. There aren’t obstacles like this in any other spiritual gatherings. Here, there is upheaval because of the vices. It is remembered: Why should we renounce nectar and drink poison? The one deity religion is being established through knowledge. The kingdom of Ravan cannot exist in the golden age. The explanation is so clear. They have shown the kingdom of Ravan next to the kingdom of Rama. You also show the time period. This is the confluence age. The world is now changing. It is the one Father who inspires establishment, sustenance and destruction. This is very easy, but when they don’t imbibe it completely they remember everything else, and they forget knowledge and yoga. You are the children of God, the Highest on High. Day by day, you are becoming solvent. You receive wealth. The expenses are also paid for. Baba says: The pot will continue to become full. You will incur expense as you did in the previous cycle. The drama will not allow you to spend any more or less. Baba has unshakeable faith in the drama. Whatever has passed was in the drama. You shouldn’t say, “If it had been like this, I wouldn’t have done that.” That stage has not yet been developed. One thing or another continues to emerge through your lips. You then feel it. Baba says: Do not think about the past. Make effort in future not to make such mistakes again. This is why Baba says: Write your chart. There is a lot of benefit in that. Baba saw a person who was writing his whole life story because he thought his children would learn from it. Here, there is benefit in following shrimat. There cannot be falsehood here. There is the example of Narad. There is a lot of benefit in keeping a chart. Baba gives you orders and so you children should follow those orders. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.Special effort to become equal to Father Brahma.Just as Father Brahma remained love-full in his every action, word, connection and relationship and was loving in his awareness and stage, in the same way, follow the Father. The lovelier you become, the more you will be able to remain merged in love and easily be able to make others equal to yourself and equal to the Father.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Imbibe knowledge and explain it to others. Donate the wealth of knowledge and become a great donor. Do not debate the scriptures with anyone, but give the Father’s true introduction.

2. You mustn’t think about things of the past. Make such effort that you do not make any mistakes again. Keep an honest chart.

Blessing: May you be fearless and become victorious and attract everyone by imbibing the authority of truth.

You children are elevated, powerful souls with the power of truth. You have received true knowledge, the true Father, true attainment, true remembrance, true virtues and true powers. When you have the intoxication of such great authority, this authority of truth will continue to attract every soul. Even in the land of falsehood, those who have the power of truth are victorious. The attainment of truth is happiness and fearlessness. Those who speak the truth are fearless; they can never have any fear.

Slogan: The means to transform the atmosphere are positive thoughts and a powerful attitude.


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