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19 Aug 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma kumaris murli today in English 19/08/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 29/12/83

The confluence age is the age of easy attainment.

Today, the Merciful Father, the Conqueror of the Hearts, has come to meet His children who have big and happy hearts. Just as BapDada constantly has a big and unlimited heart, and is therefore the Conqueror of everyone’s Hearts, the Comforter of everyone’s Hearts, in the same way, children who have unlimited hearts, generous hearts, and bestowers’ hearts, constantly please the world with their happy hearts. You are such souls who have the fortune of happiness. You elevated souls are supports for the world. When all of you awaken and become constantly ignited lamps, the world also awakens. When you fall asleep the world also falls asleep. When it is the stage of ascent of all of you, all souls benefit. Everyone attains liberation and liberation-in-life according to their capacity and the time. When you rule the world, all souls are in the state of liberation. During your rule, there is no name or trace of sorrow in any of the three worlds. You enable all souls to receive from the Father a drop of peace and happiness, so that from that drop the desire they have had for a long time for liberation is fulfilled. So, you yourselves are embodiments of attainments who enable all souls and the world to receive attainments according to their capacity, are you not? This is because you have become direct children of the eternal Father who is the Bestower of All Attainments, the Bestower of the Fortune of All Powers, the Bestower of Blessings who gives you all rights in a second and the Bestower of Elevated Fortune. Do you souls who have this right, experience this elevated spiritual intoxication and constant happiness whilst constantly remembering your rights? You are the ones with unlimited hearts, so your hearts are not attracted towards any limited attainment, are they? Have you become embodiments of constant and easy attainment? Or, is it that you attain a little fruit after making a lot of effort? At present, it is the season to eat instant fruit. Just have one powerful thought or perform one powerful deed and through that one seed, you attain multimillion-fold fruit. So, are you attaining the fruit of the season, that is, easy fruit? Do you experience the fruit or is that, before the fruit emerges, Maya, the bird, spoils it? So, do you pay this much attention, or is it that, even after making so much effort, after having yoga, studying everything and serving according to your capacity, you don't attain as much as you should? You need to pay constant attention because you receive multi- million fold return of one. So, that is the attainment of countless fruit, is it not? Nevertheless, that attention isn’t there all the time. It isn’t there to the extent that it needs to be. What is the reason for this? The seed of the thought and deed is not powerful, the ground of the atmosphere is not powerful - or the ground and the seed are all right and the fruit does emerge, but with the limited thought of, "I did this", you eat fruit that’s unripe. Or, the many different problems of Maya, the atmosphere, the influence of bad company, the dictates of the self and others and the birds of waste thoughts spoil the fruit - and this is why you remain deprived of the treasures of the experience of the fruit, that is, the attainments. The words of such deprived souls are, "I don't know why". You are not those who make such wasteful effort, are you? You are easy yogis, are you not? Why do you labour in the season of easy attainment? You have received an inheritance, a blessing; it is the season and you also have the Bestower with a big heart. The Bestower of Fortune has a generous heart and so why do you labour? The children who are constantly seated on the heart-throne don't need to labour. You have the thought and you achieve success. You put on the switch of the right method and you attain success. You are such embodiments of success, are you not? Or, do you make effort and become tired? The reason for having to labour is carelessness and laziness. You don't stay in the fortress of being an embodiment of awareness. Or, you do stay in the fortress, but you open a door or a window of the lack of one power or another. This is why you give a chance to Maya. Check which power you lack, that is, which way is open. If there is no determination in your thoughts, then understand that the door is a little open. This is why you say that you are moving along well, that you are observing all the disciplines, that you are following shrimat, but not with number one happiness and determination. You don’t observe the disciplines with a feeling of compulsion or fear and think that you have to observe the disciplines, or because of being concerned about what the Brahmin family would say or think, do you? The sign of determination is success. Where there is determination, it is not possible for there not to be success. You would attain what you never even imagined, that is, your attainment would be greater than you had even imagined. So, at present, this is the age of receiving all attainments easily. Therefore, become those who have constant rights to being easy yogis and bestowers of blessings. Do you understand? If you have to labour even after becoming a master almighty authority, then what did you gain by having become a master? You found the Father who makes you free from labouring and who also makes difficult things easy. So, why do you still labour? You carry a burden and this is why you have to make effort. Let go of the burden, become light and you will continue to fly like an angel. Achcha.To those who constantly have happy hearts, to those who are embodiments of the attainment of easy fruit, to the blessed heir-souls who constantly achieve success from the Bestower of Blessing, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.BapDada meeting groups: Punjab zoneAre you all the spinners of the discus of self-realisation? Does your discus of self-realisation spin all the time? Where there is the discus of self-realisation, you are free from all obstacles because the discus of self-realisation is for ending obstacles from Maya. Where there is the discus of self-realisation, there is no Maya. You have become the Father's children and have had self-realisation. To become a child of the Father means to be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Such spinners of the discus of self-realisation are world benefactors because you are destroyers of obstacles. Ganesh is called the destroyer of obstacles. Ganesh is worshipped so much. They worship him with so much love; they decorate him with so much love and they spend so much doing all of that. You are destroyers of obstacles in this way. This thought ends the obstacles, because the thought enables you to create the form. If you keep saying that you have an obstacle, you have an obstacle, then you become the form of an obstacle. By having weak thoughts, you create a weak world because if you have even one weak thought, then, after that one thought, many other weak thoughts are created. One thought of “Why?” or “What?” brings many other questions of “Why?” and What?” When you have a powerful thought: “I am a mahavir”, “I am an elevated soul”, the world will also be elevated. Therefore, as is the thought, so is the world. All of this is a game of thoughts. If you create thoughts of happiness, you experience the atmosphere to be one of happiness at that time. If you create a thought of sorrow, then even in an atmosphere of happiness, you would feel it to be an atmosphere of sorrow; you won't experience happiness. Therefore, it is in your own hands to create an atmosphere and to create a world. Have determined thoughts and the obstacles will vanish like magic. If you think, "I don't know if this will happen or not", the mantra doesn't work. For instance, when you go to a doctor, he would first of all ask you if you have faith in him. No matter how good the medicine may be, if you don't have that faith, the medicine will have no effect. That is something perishable, whereas here, it is a matter of something imperishable. So, always remember that you are the souls who are constant destroyers of obstacles and worthy-of-worship souls. In which form are you worshipped even now? Because this last birth of yours is vicious, there are no memorials kept of this present form, but your memorial does exist in one form or another. So move along constantly considering yourself to be a master almighty authority, a destroyer of obstacles, Ganesh, the son of Shiva. You create your own thoughts of not knowing about something, and so, because of those weak thoughts you get trapped. Therefore, become those who constantly dance in happiness and who remove everyone's obstacles. Become those who make the difficulties of others easy. For this, simply have determined thoughts and remain double light: Nothing belongs to me; everything belongs to the Father. When you keep the burden with you, you experience all sorts of obstacles. If nothing is yours, you remain free from obstacles. When you say, "It is mine", there is a web of obstacles. So, become destroyers of obstacles who destroy the web. This is also the Father's task. Whatever is the Father's task is the task of the children. When you happily carry out a task, you don't experience any obstacles in doing it. Therefore, happily keep yourself busy in your task. When you keep busy, Maya doesn’t come to you. Achcha.2. Do you always have the awareness that you are sparkling stars of success? Even today, everyone looks at the stars in the sky with so much love because they give light. They are sparkling and this is why they are loved so much. So, you too are sparkling stars of success. Everyone loves success; some pray that their task will be successful. Everyone asks for success whereas you have become stars of success. Even your non-living images are still now giving blessings of success. Therefore, you are so great and elevated! Maintain this intoxication and faith. You are not those who chase after success, but master almighty authorities, that is, embodiments of success. Success will automatically chase after you.3. Do you consider yourselves to be souls who are constantly with the Father and who constantly receive His co-operation? Do you constantly experience His company? When you have the constant company of the Father, you easily have all attainments. If you don't have the Father's company, then you don't have all attainments because the Father is the Bestower of all attainments. When the Bestower is with you, then all the attainments would also be with you. Constantly to have the Father's company means to have a right to all attainments. To be souls who are embodiments of all attainments means to be souls who are completely full and always unshakeable. If you are not full, you will continue to fluctuate. To be full means to be unshakeable. Since the Father is giving His company, those who are to take it should take it. The Bestower is giving it, so you should take it all, not just a little. Devotees are happy with just a little, but to be knowledgeable means to take it all. Achcha.German Group:Do you constantly consider yourselves to be jewels who are close to the Father? The further away you are in terms of the country you are living in, the closer you are with your heart. Do you experience this? Those who constantly stay in remembrance experience themselves to be close through that remembrance. You are easy yogis, are you not? Since you say "Baba", the word Baba makes you an easy yogi. The word “Baba” is a magic word. Something magical enables you to attain things without having to labour. All of you can receive whatever you want, whether it is happiness, peace or power. Just say "Baba" and you will receive everything. Do you experience this? BapDada is pleased to see the children who were separated and have come and met Him once again. Who has greater happiness? You or the Father? BapDada constantly remembers the speciality of every child. You are so lucky! Do you feel that Baba is remembering you? All of you are special souls with your own speciality. You all have the speciality that even whilst living in a faraway land and having gone into another religion, you have still recognised the Father. So, with this special sanskar you have become special souls. Achcha.

Blessing: May you keep a balance of serving yourself and serving everyone on the field of service and become a conqueror of Maya.

As well as serving everyone, it is essential to serve yourself. This balance between self-service and the service of others will always enable you to make progress. Therefore, while running around on the field of service, keep a balance of both of these and you will become a conqueror of Maya. There are wonders by keeping a balance. Otherwise, because of being extroverted in service, instead of seeing wonders, you get caught up in the commotion of your own nature and the nature of others. In your running around for service, Maya makes your intellect run around.

Slogan: Water the seeds of all your specialities with the water of all powers and make them fruitful.


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