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BK murli today in English 17 June 2018

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 17/06/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 12/12/83

The attainment of all powers through concentration.

Today, all of you are stable in the one pure thought of celebrating a meeting, are you not? All to have the one thought at the same time - this power of one concentrated thought is extremely elevated. This power of concentration of the one thought of the gathering enables you to achieve whatever you want. Where there is the power of concentration, all powers are also there. Therefore, concentration is the key to easy success. The power of concentration of even one elevated soul can work wonders. So, just imagine what the power of concentration of many elevated souls in a collective form can achieve! Where there is concentration, there will also naturally be greatness and clarity. Concentration is essential for the invention of anything new, whether it is an invention of the physical world or a spiritual invention. Concentration means to stabilise in one thought; it means to be absorbed in the love of One. Concentration easily frees you from wandering around in many directions. For as long as your power of concentration is stabilised, for that long you will easily have forgotten your body and the physical world, because your whole world for that time is that in which you are totally engrossed. Have you experienced such power of concentration? With the power of concentration you can enable a message to reach any soul; you can invoke any soul; you can catch the sound of any soul; you can give your co-operation to any soul while sitting far away. You do know about this concentration, do you not? Let there be no thought apart from that of the one Father. Let there be the experience of all attainments of the whole world in the one Father. Let there be just the One. To become concentrated by making effort is a different stage. However, to become stabilised in concentration is a very powerful stage. Even one thought in such an elevated stage gives you many experiences of being equal to the Father. Now experiment with this spiritual power and see for yourself. For this, you definitely need the tool of solitude. When you practise this, then, in the final moments when there is upheaval in all directions, when you become lost in the depths of One, you will then experience solitude in the midst of upheaval.However, this practice is needed over a long time, for only then will you experience yourself to be in solitude even though there may be many types of upheaval all around you. At the present time, it is extremely essential to become an image of experience with such incognito powers. Even now, all of you consider yourselves to be very busy, but you are still free at present. As you make further progress, you will get even busier. Therefore, at present you can practise and make spiritual endeavour for yourself in many different ways. While walking and moving around, whatever time you can make for yourself, always use that in a worthwhile way to practise this for yourself. Day by day, due to the atmosphere, there will be more emergency cases. At present, you give them medicine quite comfortably. Later, however, because of the emergency cases, you will have to deal with more cases in a short time and with less power. Since you issue the challenge that there is only one hospital for the world where you can become free from disease for all time, where will all the diseased people from everywhere go? There will be a line of emergency cases. What will you do at that time? You will give them the blessing of being immortal, will you not? With the oxygen of self-practice, you will have to give them the breath of courage. Many hopeless cases, that is, those who have become disheartened by everything, will come. To give courage to such hopeless souls is to give them breath. You will have to give oxygen immediately. Will you be able to make such souls powerful on the basis of the practice you have had for yourself? So, don't say that you don't have time. It is now that you have time, but later, you won't have any time. You even tell people that you won't find time, but you will have to make time. You tell them this, do you not? Therefore, for self-practice too, don't say that you will practise if you have time. You will have to make time. One special method has continued from the beginning of establishment. What is that? To fill a lake, drop by drop. This is the method to adopt for time too. By practising this for whatever time you have, you will become an ocean, an embodiment of all types of practice. Even if you just have a second, keep accumulating them for your practice. Just imagine how much you will accumulate even second by second! If you collect all of that together, it could even make half an hour. Become those who practise while walking and moving around. Just as a chatrak bird is thirsty for every drop, in the same way, if you chatraks who practise for yourselves use every second to practise this, you will become embodiments of that practice.Don't become careless in practising for yourself because, at the end, there will be a need for special powers. You are going to receive numbers on the basis of those practical papers. Therefore, in order to claim a number in the first division, let your practice for yourself be fast. In that too, especially continue to practise with the power of concentration. There may be upheaval somewhere but you must stay concentrated. To be concentrated in a place or situation of silence is an ordinary thing, but you must become lost in the depths of One in the midst of upheaval in all directions, that is, you must become those who remain in solitude. To be in solitude and stabilise yourself in concentration is the great effort of maharathis. This is a very easy method for the new children. Just remember one thing and tell everyone one thing. So, it is not difficult to remember one thing and tell everyone just one thing, is it? If there are many things, you forget them, but if there is just one thing, you won't forget. Continue to praise just the One. Continue to sing songs of One and continue to give the introduction of the One. This is easy, is it not? Or, is even this difficult? Where there is one (ek), your stage automatically becomes constant (ekras). What else do you need? You only want a constant stage. So simply remember the word "One". Simply sing songs of One and remember One. It is so easy! Baba is showing you new children an easy short-cut way, so that you can reach there quickly. This is what you want, is it not? You have come later and you want to go ahead and so this is the short-cut way. If you continue to follow this path you will get there ahead. The mothers want everything to be easy because you have become very tired from your many births and so you want everything easy. You have wandered around so much. For 63 births, you have wandered around so much. Therefore, the souls who have been wandering around want an easy path. By adopting an easy path you will definitely reach your destination. Do you understand? Achcha.New ones are sitting here and maharathis are also sitting here; both are in front of Baba. Gujarat is the closest of all. Together with being close, it is those from Gujarat who are co-operative. In terms of co-operation, Gujarat claims a number ahead of Rajasthan. Abu is in Rajasthan. In fact, Rajasthan is closer, is it not? If the kings of Rajasthan wake up, they can perform wonders. They are still incognito, but they will be revealed later. Do you know how Gujarat was born? Gujarat was first given co-operation. The seed was sown with the water of co-operation. So the fruit will also be that of co-operation, will it not? Gujarat has directly received the water of the co-operation of thought from BapDada. So, the fruit that emerges from that is that of co-operation. Do you understand? Those from Gujarat are so fortunate! BapDada opened a centre in Gujarat. Gujarat did not open it. This is why, even against your conscious wish, the fruit of co-operation will continue to emerge. You will not have to make effort. You will not need to make effort in any task. The land is that of the fruit of co-operation. Achcha.To all the chatraks who practise for themselves, to the souls who stay in solitude and have powerful concentration, to those who, with the power of their own practice, make all disheartened souls constantly happy hearted, to those who use all the powers in a practical way, to such elevated souls who practise on themselves, to the elevated souls who have a right to self-sovereignty, to all such mahavirs and all the new children, everyone, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Someone comes and someone goes. This is the mela of coming and going. BapDada is pleased to see all the children. Whether you are new or old, whether you know the language or not, whether you understand the murli or not, you still belong to the Father. You still come here with love. What is the Father hungry for? Love. He is not hungry for common sense. The Father sees the love - the love of the heart. To the extent that you are innocent, you have true love - not love out of cleverness. This is why the innocent children are loved the most. Just as He has the title of being knowledge-full, So He also has the title of being the Innocent Lord. There is the memorial of both. New children have very good loving feelings. Achcha.Avyakt BapDada’s personal meeting with groups:Do you constantly consider yourselves to be double-light angels? An angel means one who is double light. The more lightness you have, the more you will experience yourself to be an angel. Angels will always sparkle, and because of the sparkle, angels automatically attract others to themselves. Angels are those who have no relationship with bodies or the physical world. They are in bodies for the sake of service and not on the basis of their relationships. Angels don't live on the basis of their bodily relationships, but in terms of the relationship of service. They don't live in a household thinking about relationships, but they live there considering it to be service. It is the same home and the same family but there is the relationship of service. You do not live there under the influence of any bondage of karma. There are no questions of "What?" or "Why?" in relationships of service. No matter what souls are like, the relationship of service is lovely. Where there is the body, there are vices. Vices come due to the relationship of the body; if there is no relationship of the body, there are no vices. If you look at any soul with the relationship of service, there will be no creation of vices. Live as such angels, not as relatives. When there is the feeling to serve, there are always pure feelings; there are no other feelings. This is called being extremely detached and loving, like a lotus. Become an angel, the highest of all human beings, and you will become a deity.Do all of you move along whilst considering yourselves to be the carefree emperors who experience the world of happiness and are beyond all types of sorrow? Previously, you were experienced in the world of sorrow whereas you have now come away from the world of sorrow and experience the world of happiness. By receiving one mantra of happiness now, your sorrow has ended. You are souls who are embodiments of happiness and who belong to the Bestower of Happiness. You are the children of the Father, the Ocean of Happiness. This is the mantra you have been given. Since your mind is focused on the Father, how can there be sorrow? When you focus your mind on anything other than the Father, it experiences sorrow. If you are “Manmanabhav”, there can be no sorrow. So, is your mind directed towards the Father or somewhere else? You feel sorrow when your mind is on the wrong path. Since the path is straight, why do you go onto the wrong path? If someone goes onto a forbidden path, even the Government will impose a fine. Since the path has been closed why do you go there? Since you say: The body is Yours, the mind is Yours and the wealth is Yours, it doesn't belong to me, then how can there be sorrow? If it truly is “Yours”, there is no sorrow. If it is “mine”, there is sorrow. By saying, "Yours, Yours", it truly becomes “Yours”.Are you constantly with one Strength and one Support? To have faith in the One means to attain power. Do you experience this? Those whose intellects have faith are victorious. In other words, this is also called: one Strength and one Support. It is not possible that those whose intellects have faith would not be victorious. If you have even the slightest doubt in yourself as to whether something will be achieved or not, then there is no victory. Only when there is full faith in yourself, the Father and the drama, is it impossible for you not to have victory. If there isn't victory, there is definitely faith lacking in one point or another. If you have faith in the Father, you also have faith in yourself. You are the masters, are you not? Since you are master almighty authorities, you see everything of the drama with faith in your intellects. Children whose intellects have such faith will always have the enthusiasm of their victory being guaranteed. Only such victorious children become beads of the rosary of victory. Victory is their inheritance. You attain this inheritance as your birthright.Meeting mothers:BapDada always salutes the mothers because it is always you mothers who have stepped forward in service. BapDada sings praise of the mothers. You have become such elevated mothers that even BapDada is pleased to see you. Simply remain constantly happy by keeping this fortune in your awareness. Let songs of happiness be constantly be playing in your mind. What other work do mothers have to do? Since you have become Brahmins, you just have to sing and dance; that is all you have to do. Dance in your mind and sing songs in your mind. If each one of you world mothers ignites one lamp, how many lamps would be ignited? The mothers of the world are igniting the lamps of the world and as the lamps are ignited, so the rosary of lamps will be created. Achcha.

Question: What is an easy way to do service, or an easy method or make effort to attract everyone?Answer: A cheerful face. Those who are constantly cheerful automatically attract everyone and easily become instruments for service. Cheerfulness is a sign of happiness. When people see a happy face, they automatically ask what you have attained or what you have found. So, remain constantly happy about what you were and what you have become. Service will continue to take place through this.

Question: What is the meaning of a tilak? By having which tilak will you remain constantly intoxicated and happy?Answer: The meaning of a tilak is to be an embodiment of remembrance. So, always have the awareness that you are seated on a throne. We are those long-lost and now-found souls who claimed a right to God’s throne. By having this tilak you will be constantly happy and intoxicated. It is said: Throne and fortune. You have received the fortune of being seated on the throne. So, constantly have the intoxication and happiness that you are the souls who constantly have the elevated throne and the fortune.

Blessing: May you be true moths and surrender yourselves to the Flame and finish all the circling around with remembrance and service.

The children who always keep busy in remembrance and service easily become free from all the types of circling around. If there is still any type of circling around, you will then continue to circle around. It may be the circling of relationships or something of your own nature and sanskars. All of this wasteful circling around will finish when you do not have anyone except the one Flame in your intellect. Those who surrender themselves to the Flame become equal to the Flame. Those who surrender themselves in this way are true moths.

Slogan: Souls like iron become like gold when they come into the company of those who are true gems.


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