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13 May 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English for 13 May 2018 - Avyakt BapDada - madhuban -

Sweet invaluable elevated versions of Avyakt BapDada for the meeting of senior brothers and sisters.

Today, the Father, the Ocean of All Powers, is seeing His Shakti Army. The symbol of the trident, that is, the trimurti stage, is very clearly visible on the forehead of each one. The trident is shown as a symbol of power. So each one of you is carrying the trident and is part of the Shakti Army, are you not? Bap, Dada and you – does this trimurti constantly remain in a clear form or does it sometimes merge and sometimes emerge? Do you also remember that, as well as Bap and Dada, you too are an elevated and powerful soul? With the awareness of this trimurti, Shiva is visible with the Shaktis. In many temples, as a memorial of the combined form of BapDada, along with the symbol of Shiva; they also show a human form in that image. It is the combined memorial of Bap and Dada. Along with that, they also portray the Shaktis. So, by having the stage of an embodiment of the trimurti awareness, you will easily become an image that grants visions. At present, you have become images of servers, lecturers and master teachers. You now have to become images that grant visions in a practical way. You have become easy yogis, but you now have to become elevated yogis. You have become tapaswi souls, but you have still to become great tapaswi souls. Nowadays, whether you call it service, tapasya, study, effort; or the boundary of purity, do you know what level it is at? Do you know? Are you moving along with the waves of everything being “easy” in terms of being an easy yogi? As of the final period, human souls at present do not need words, but elevated vibrations and an elevated atmosphere through which they can easily receive visions. An experience is also equal to a vision. There are many who speak, but those to whom you speak are no less in speaking about their own things. However, what they lack is the granting of visions; they are unable to do that. This is the speciality, newness and success that you elevated souls have. Reveal this speciality on the stage. On the basis of this speciality, everyone will say that they actually saw and attained, that they didn’t just hear something, but that they experienced a glimpse of the Father practically. Let there not be the experience that such-and-such a sister or such-and-such a brother was speaking, but let there be the experience that a unique power was speaking through them. In the beginning, when Brahma had a vision of a special power, what did he say? “Who was that? What was it?” In the same way, let those who listen to you experience and wonder, “Who were they?” Let them not just hear points, but let the point of light be visible in the centre of the forehead. This newness will open everyone’s eye of recognition. Their eyes of recognition have not opened as yet. At the moment, they put you in the same line as others. They say you say the same things that others speak of, that they too do the same thing that you do. However, there is now a need to give them the experience that this is the same One whom they had been invoking and for whom they had been waiting. The method for this is simply to change one word. Change the waves of being an easy yogi. Don’t use the word “easy” in the household, but use it to become an embodiment of total success. There is now a need for making waves of being elevated yogis, being images of great tapasya, images that grant visions and of spirituality. Now race. How many did you give the message to? Even those who have just taken the seven days’ course are able to do this; they too are able to give this message. However, now race in seeing to how many you gave an experience. Let there now be the waves everywhere of you giving experiences and making others into embodiments of experience. Do you understand? Now, the year 1984 is coming, and the Shakti of 84 bells is well known. There is praise of all the goddesses. The bells will be rung in ’84 and this is why there is this praise of the bells. Now spread the wave of granting visions, just as there was in the beginning. Spread this sound. When you become equal to the Father, they will automatically receive visions. At present, they experience this to some extent, but now spread this wave everywhere. You also spread the waves of the melas, do you not? You have had many melas (meetings) and also celebrated many ceremonies. Now celebrate the ceremony of having a meeting. You have come here to make new plans for the New Year. The first plan is to make yourself plain of all weaknesses, for only then will you be able to grant visions. If this plan were to become practical in this meeting, service would then bow down at your feet. You now have to fulfil this desire of BapDada’s. His desire has not yet been fulfilled. Meetings take place and BapDada has everyone’s chart. However, in order to maintain regard for you, BapDada doesn’t say anything to you about that. Achcha. Today, Baba has come to meet you and not to show you your charts. (To Dadiji): Where is your friend (Didi)? In a womb? She is in a womb in name, but, even now, she is on a service tour. Just as in the corporeal form, after the World Mother, she was Brahma Baba’s companion, in the same way, even now, she is with avyakt Brahma. She is playing the part of a companion in service. There is a bondage of the physical senses in name, but in particular there is the bond of service. The World Mother especially looked after the business activities of the establishment of the yagya at the beginning and, after the World Mother, it was the responsibility of this soul (Didi). There were other companions too, but she especially had a part on the stage and with corporeal Brahma Baba. Even now, Father Brahma and Didi continue to have heart-to-heart conversations and play various parts in service. Together with Brahma, many specially beloved souls also have a part in establishing the new world with great force. Just as Didi’s sanskars in the corporeal form were to put plans of service into practice and to give zeal and enthusiasm, in the same way, even now, she is playing the part with that same sanskar of encouraging the group of instruments who are carrying out establishment of the new world. Do you remember Didi’s special words? What were her special words to put zeal and enthusiasm into others? She always said: Do something new. What is happening now? She used to ask repeatedly: What newness have you brought? In the same way, she used to converse with avyakt Brahma using the same words. She is putting zeal and enthusiasm into the advance party too. What have you done so far? What is happening now? She is putting that same sanskar into a practical form. She never used to allow anyone to sit idly. Even now, she is getting the arrows ready to bring the advance party onto the stage. She had the sanskars of a controller. She is now the controller of the advance party. Her sanskars of service are even now in an emerged form. Do you understand where Didi is now? She is now touring the world. Baba will tell you when she has taken her seat. Even now she is making many very big plans to give you co-operation. It will not now take long. Achcha. To such constantly elevated yogis, to those who are constantly images of great tapasya, to those who become the same as the Father practically and grant visions of the Father, to those who spread everywhere the wave of the attainment “I saw and I attained”, to such great images of tapasya, to all the loving children from this land and abroad who remain absorbed in service, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. BapDada speaking to the meeting group: The meetings have already taken place. Meetings take place in order to bring the world closer to the Father, not just to give a message. They are coloured with the colour of bringing others close. The closer they come to the Father, the more they are coloured by the company. When they have to listen to something, they have to listen to some things and forget other things, but those who come close - because of being close to the Father - remain coloured with spiritual colour. So what service has to be done now? That of bringing others close. You have already given the message. You played the part of messengers and you gave the message. However, what do you have to become now? In what form are the Shaktis always remembered? All of you are the Shakti Army, are you not? Shaktis are always remembered as mothers, with the thought of receiving sustenance. You have given many messages and many others have now also emerged who will give the message, so those who give sustenance are now needed. The work of those who are special instruments is to stay with the sustenance of the Father at every second, and to give everyone the Father’s sustenance. Little children, who are always being sustained, are so happy! No matter what happens, they remain so happy because of being sustained. In the same way, now give all souls the experience of having God’s sustenance. Let them feel that they are moving along while being sustained by God; that you are giving them the drishti of God’s sustenance. So, there is now a need for sustenance. So, are you those who give sustenance or just messengers? Nowadays, there are many who call themselves messengers. It is a very common thing to become a messenger. However, whoever comes should now experience that they are receiving God’s sustenance. This is known as bringing souls into a relationship. All of you are very specially loved, are you not? The specially loved ones means those who do something practically what no one else can do. It is not a big thing if you do what everyone else does. The meaning of giving sustenance is to make them powerful, to enable their thoughts and powers to emerge, and to give them zeal and enthusiasm, to make them a form of Shakti in every respect. There is now a greater need for this form of sustenance. They are moving along, but there is now a need for them to move along as powerful souls, so that even if new people come here, they definitely experience God’s power here. They experience the power of words, but now give them the experience of your having God’s power here. When you go onto the stage you remember that you have to give a lecture, but now remember more that the lecture is just a means, that you really have to give the feeling of Godly power. Let them feel God’s power even in your words. This is known as being unique. When someone gives a very good speech, you see that person as a speaker. Now let them see you as God’s spiritual souls. You have to give them this feeling. This feeling sows God’s seed. That seed cannot then be removed. When someone has had an experience for even one second, he won’t require any effort from you till the end. The interaction and way of being served for those who experience God’s sparkle as soon as they come is different from those who simply hear everything and are impressed by it. The interaction of those who simply move along with love is also different. There are many different varieties. So, now, first of all, experience yourselves to be constantly under God’s sustenance, for only then will others experience this. You are moving along with service, but service is also a form of sustenance. You are moving along with God’s sustenance. Service makes you powerful; that too is God’s sustenance. However, let this remain in an emerged form. You have to have determination for this. To be a very specially loved child means to be a sample, equal to the Father. Achcha. BapDada giving love and remembrance to the double-foreign children: BapDada is giving mult-imillion-fold special love and remembrance in return to the double-foreign children. In return for all the letters and news that all of you have written to Baba, congratulations to all of you for making your efforts intense. AS well as that, if any side scene comes in front of you whilst you are making effort, there is no need to be afraid of it. Whatever side scene comes, continue to pass by it in remembrance and happiness. Victory and success are your birthright; you pass the side-scene and reach your destination. Therefore, in order to make any big thing small, you yourself become stable in the greatest stage and big things will then automatically become small. When you see things up above while being in a stage down below, they seem big to you. Therefore, remain stable in a high stage and whilst seeing anything big, you will experience it to be small. Whenever any situation or obstacle comes, remain stable in your elevated stage, in your highest-on-high stage. Sit down with the Father and you will easily be coloured by the Father’s company; you will also receive His company. Then, because of your high stage, everything will be experienced to be small and you will therefore not be afraid. Don't be disheartened, but constantly swing in the swing of happiness and success will constantly come in front of you. Nature will garland you with the garland of success. Situations will change and become garlands of victory. This is why you are very courageous, you have zeal and you always remain enthusiastic. When some things happen every now and then, don't think about them. The time passed, the situation changed and so it becomes wasteful to think about them. This is why, just as the time passed, in the same way, let the past be the past in your intellect. Those who let the past become the past remain constantly carefree and have zeal and enthusiasm. This is why BapDada especially remembers those who have courage and enthusiasm at amrit vela and also gives special power. At that time, if you take power while considering yourself to be worthy, you will have very good experiences. (We become lazy at amrit vela.) You don't churn points of happiness as much as you should. If you churn throughout the day, then, at amrit vela, the treasures you have churned will come in front of you, you will feel happy and not be lazy. However, there is very little churning throughout the day. At that time, you try to churn, but you are unable to churn because your intellect is not fresh. Then, neither is there churning nor is there any experience and so there is laziness. In order to make your amrit vela powerful, it is very necessary to conduct yourself according to the shrimat you receive for the whole day. Therefore, continue to churn throughout the day. Continue to play with the jewels of knowledge. By remembering things of happiness, sleepiness will go away and you will experience such happiness as though a mine of attainment has opened up. Where there is attainment, there is no sleep. Where there is no attainment, you fall asleep or there is tiredness or laziness. Stay in the influence of attainment which is connected to churning throughout the day. Achcha. To all those who have sent messages of love and remembrance, Baba will definitely meet them in person anyway, but even now, BapDada is speaking whilst seeing in front of Him those who are sitting far away. You are even now in front of Him and will remain in front of Him always. Love and remembrance to everyone by name and in response to the news you have sent to Baba. Constantly maintain intense enthusiasm and make intense effort and whilst giving others vibrations for making intense effort, make the atmosphere one of intense effort - not just effort, but intense effort. You are not those who are walking, but those who are flying. The time for walking has now ended. So now fly and make others fly. Achcha.


May your mind be healthy and may you experience entertainment in your effort with new memories of fortune.

In the last birth of Brahmin life, no matter how weak or ill someone may be physically, let everyone’s mind always be healthy; let it fly with zeal and enthusiasm. The sign of a powerful mind is that it is able to reach wherever it wants in a second. For this, constantly continue to sing songs of your fortune and continue to fly. At amrit vela, bring into your awareness all the new things connected with your fortune. Sometimes, keep the attainment of one thing in front of you, sometimes the attainment of something else, and there will be entertainment in your efforts; you will not get bored but will experience newness.


Perform every act considering its past and its future and you will continue to achieve success.


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