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10 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 10/12/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Essence: Sweet children, invent new methods for making service expand. Go and serve in every village. In order to do service, you need the enlightenment of knowledge.


What is an easy way to continue to remove the old world from your intellect?


Repeatedly remember the home. Let it remain in your intellect that you have to settle your accounts with the land of death and go to the land of immortality. Become a beggar in relation to your body; even that body doesn’t belong to you. When you have such practice, you will forget the old world. While living in this old world, you have to make your stage very firm. Make effort to have a constant and stable stage.

Song: Mother o mother! You are the bestower of fortune for all.

Om shanti. There is a lot of praise of Jagadamba in Bharat. No one, except the people of Bharat, knows Jagadamba. They have heard the name of someone called Eve or Bibi. It is now in the intellects of you children that creation cannot be created without Bibi or the Master. Jagadamba definitely has to appear. She definitely did exist, for this is why she is remembered. There is a lot of praise of Bharat. They speak of heaven and they also know that Bharat is ancient. This is why there surely has to be heaven. No one, apart from you Godly children, can understand this. Only those who understood this in the previous cycle will continue to come. The exhibition is taking place. You understand that you also did this in the previous cycle. The words are very good for explaining to everyone! Pure souls receive the crown of light through their purity. Secondly, a charitable soul is one who makes donations and performs charity. In English, such a soul is called a philanthropist. Those who are pure are said to be viceless. There are different words. There are a lot of donations made and charity done in Bharat, but donations are generally made to gurus. They may be called pure souls, but they cannot be called charitable souls. They don’t make donations or perform charity; they accept donations and charity. In order for your intellects’ yoga to break away from all of them and be connected to the Father, the Father has to explain: That is not good. I come to uplift all of them. You are the Ganges of knowledge who have emerged from the Ocean of Knowledge. In fact, ‘Ganges’ is not the right word, but the memorial has continued and this is why the comparison has been made. The Father comes and makes the old things of the old world new. Heaven is something new. Only the Father knows the news of the new things. The world doesn’t know it. There are the versions of God, but, because Krishna’s name was inserted, the intellect’s yoga of everyone has broken away. This is why they have said that God is omnipresent. The intellect’s yoga of many is with Krishna. Wherever there is regard for the Gita, it is as though they also have regard for Krishna. In fact, they have put the hat of the Father’s praise on the child. This too is fixed in the drama. The Father comes and explains this. Baba has repeatedly explained to you why you should ask any people who come what their occupation is and what their relationship is with him (Krishna). Baba has had a good questionnaire made. Very good service can take place. Very good service can take place in the Jagadamba Temple. Go and explain to the people there: This is Jagadamba, the mother who creates the world. Which world does she create? She would surely create a new creation. Achcha, who is the Father of this mother? Who gave her birth? People don’t even understand the meaning of ‘mouth-born creation’. You know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has given birth to her. You children have to explain that Jagadamba is a mouth-born creation, but how is she that? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is incorporeal and He explains through the body of Brahma. It is as though the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has come and adopted Brahma and that He has adopted the daughter in the same way. These things don’t stay permanently in everyone’s intellect; you repeatedly forget. You children can do a lot of service. You should give the introduction in the Jagadamba Temple so that their intellects’ yoga can be connected to the Father. Jagadamba has yoga with Him and so we too should have yoga with Him. Jagadamba is sitting down below doing tapasya and her temple is up above. Down below, she is doing the tapasya of Raja Yoga and then she becomes a princess, a master of heaven, in the golden age. It is now the iron age. It is only when she sits in tapasya again that she can become a master of heaven again. All of this knowledge should remain in your intellects. People are given this true advice. You give each one’s introduction. However, this cannot sit in the intellect of everyone that quickly. It can only sit in their intellects when they engage themselves in service. Very good pictures have been created. You can also go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temples and explain there. Baba says: Go and relate this to My devotees. You will definitely find devotees in the temples. Explain this picture of Lakshmi and Narayan to them with love. Everyone would say that they were the masters of heaven. Achcha, what is it now? It would surely be said to be the iron age now. In the iron age, there is nothing but sorrow, and so how did they receive the sovereignty? You know this and so you can tell everyone. When you explain to one, a whole gathering will gather there. Everyone will then ask you to go to them. Very big melas take place in the temples. You can also go the Rama Temple and tell them his occupation. You should explain to them tactfully, gradually. Some children also write: Baba, we have explained in this way. When you explain to one person, others will also then invite you and say: It would be good if these lectures continued in my home for seven days. Then others would emerge from there too. When anyone invites you, you should explain in such a way that they don’t leave you. When you give lectures, friends and relatives close by will also gather there. Growth takes place in this way. Not so many can come to the centres. This is a good method. You should make effort in this way. Hardly anyone knows the art of making effort for this. The enlightenment of knowledge is needed. Baba has come from so far away to teach us. If you don’t do service, how would you claim a high status? Children in schools are very clever and they have a lot of enthusiasm. This too is a study. This is a wonderful study. The young, the mature and old people all study here. The poor have an even better chance. In fact, even sannyasis are poor. So many wealthy people invite them to go to them. Sannyasis renounce their homes and become beggars. They don’t have anything with them. You too are now beggars and you then become princes. They are also beggars. There is the question of purity in this. You don’t have anything with you. You even forget your bodies. You renounce everything including your bodies and belong to the one Father. The more you remember the one Father, the more dharna there will be. You need to make effort to have constant dharna. We have to go to Baba and so why should we have thoughts of this old world? Until your stage becomes firm, you have to stay in this old world and in your old bodies. You now have to live at home with your families and remain pure. Your accounts with this land of death are now being settled and you have to go to the land of immortality. When you repeatedly remember the home, the old world will continue to be forgotten. Ask them: What did Baba say in the Gita? Explain that God is called Baba. Incorporeal Baba says: Constantly remember Me alone. Your sins will be absolved with the fire of yoga. Krishna cannot say this. The elevated versions of God are: Renounce this old world and your old body. Become soul conscious and constantly remember Baba. God is incorporeal. That soul takes a body and comes into ‘talkie ’. Baba doesn’t take a body by taking birth. He only has the one name, Shiva. There are the souls of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar; they have their own subtle bodies. That One is always the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul and His name is Shiva. He alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are not called the Creator. Only the one incorporeal One is called the Creator. So, how does He then create the corporeal creation? He comes and speaks through Brahma. It cannot be Krishna who does this. They show the Vedas and scriptures in the hands of Brahma alone. It is remembered: Establishment takes place through Brahma. He tells us the essence of all the scriptures through Brahma. The Incorporeal speaks this through the corporeal. These things have to be imbibed very well. God speaks: I teach Raja Yoga. Establishment is needed before destruction. First of all, there is establishment. Continue to write this very clearly: Establishment of the sun-dynasty kingdom through Brahma. When it is written, the significance of it becomes very clear, but you have to make this effort and become busy in service. When you become busy in service, you will enjoy yourself. Mama and Baba also enjoy doing service. Children also have to do service. Mama would not be taken to the temples. There is great praise of Mama, but you children have to go there. Baba says: Go to those in their stage of retirement and ask them questions and then explain to them: Have you ever studied the Gita? Who is the God of the Gita? There is only one incorporeal God. A corporeal being cannot be called God. God is only One. You should churn the ocean of knowledge a lot to do service. If you want to practi s e this, you have to go and try it out. People go to have a glimpse of Jagadamba every day. People also go to the triveni of the rivers. If you go there and give lectures and do service, many will gather together. They will continue to give you invitations: Come to us and have these spiritual gatherings. Baba and Mama cannot go anywhere; children can go. You can also do a lot of service in the Kali Temple in Bengal. Who is Kali? Give a lecture on this topic. However, courage is needed. Baba knows who can explain this. What service would those who have body consciousness be able to do? They don’t give the proof of service. If you don’t do full service you defame Baba’s name. A yogi has very good power. Baba continues to give you many points for explaining to them. However, even very good maharathis forget them. There is a lot of service to do. This is called unlimited service. They then also receive a lot of respect. The main thing is purity. Some break while moving along. No one ever loses faith in his physical father. Here, you take birth to Baba. You then repeatedly forget such a Father because He is without an image. There is no image of such a Father. The Father says: Remember Me and become pure and you will come to Me. The soul understands that he has played a part for 84 births. Each one’s part is fixed in the soul. The part is not in the body. There is such a huge part recorded in such a tiny soul. There should be so much intoxication in your intellects. While fulfilling your responsibility of interaction with your worldly families, you can also do this service. The mother and father will not go anywhere. You children can go anywhere to do service. Only you children are called lucky stars. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved long-lost and now-found lucky stars of knowledge, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Renounce body consciousness and do service. Churn the ocean of knowledge and give the proof of doing unlimited service.

2. All the old accounts with this land of death have to be settled. Continue to remove your old body and the old world from your intellect.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who gives the experience of a spiritual personality by remaining stable in a powerful stage while performing actions.

You children are not just workers, but are karma yogis who perform every act while being yogyukt. Let everyone experience from you that you work with your hands but while working, you are stable in a powerful stage. While you move along in an ordinary way or just stand somewhere, let your spiritual personality be experienced from a distance. Just as worldly personalities attract, similarly, your spiritual personality, your personality of purity and personality of a gyani and yogi soul will automatically attract others.

Slogan: Those who walk along the right path and show everyone the right path are true lighthouses.


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