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7 May Essence of murli today in English

7 May 2018 Essence of BK murli today in English BapDada Madhuban -

Sweet children, while walking and moving around, churn the ocean of knowledge. This churning of knowledge is food for the intellect. Churn and invent new methods for doing service.

Q- Which children develop the power to imbibe and inspire others to imbibe the nectar of knowledge?

A- Those who make a firm promise for purity as soon as they belong to the Father. Baba says: Children, remember, if you don't become pure, even after hearing so much, your intellects will become locked. You will hear with one ear and it will flow out of the other. You belong to the Father and so you must remove the rubbish. If you perform wrong actions, your throat will choke and you won't be able to relate knowledge. Therefore, remain cautious.

D- 1. Remain a karma yogi. While performing actions, remember the Father and make effort to become satopradhan._______2. Show (Reveal) the Father, Teacher and Guru through your every activity. Remain constantly cheerful with the awareness that you are now going home.

V- May you be free from worry and perform every task efficiently and successfully as a karma yogi._________Some children have the worries of earning money to sustain their family, but those who worry can never be successful in earning. Put your worries aside and perform every action as a karma yogi, for where there is yoga, any task will be accomplished efficiently and successfully. If you receive money earned with worry, it will create more worry whereas if you earn happily by being yogyukt, it will bring happiness because as is the seed, so is the fruit that emerges.

S- Become holy swans who constantly pick up pearls of virtues, not those who pick up pebbles and stones.


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