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Today's Murli essence May 9 2019

Essence from today's gyan murli of Shiv baba, on behalf of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Date: 9 May 2019.

Sweet children, Shiv Baba is the wonderful Father, Teacher and Satguru. He doesn't have a father of His own. He never learns anything from anyone. He doesn't need to have a guru.


What newness should there be in remembrance so that the soul can easily become pure?


When you sit in remembrance, continue to draw a current from the Father. You look at the Father and the Father looks at you. It is such remembrance that purifies the soul. This remembrance is very easy, but children repeatedly forget that they are souls and not bodies.Only soul-conscious children can stay in remembrance.


1. Even if Ravan becomes jealous of you actors, if he creates obstacles or brings storms, do not see those, but remain engrossed in your efforts because each actor has his own individual part in this drama. This eternal drama is predestined.

2. Do not become dishonest by following the directions of Ravan while looking after the valuables entrusted to you. Remove your attachment from everyone and live as complete trustees.


May you experience goodness in anything bad and by your intellect having faith, become a carefree emperor.

Always remember the slogan: Whatever happened, it was good, it is good and it will be the best. Do not look at anything bad with the vision of it being bad, but experience goodness even in something bad; learn a lesson from that which is bad. When any situation arises, do not think, “What happened?”, but instantly think, “It will be good.” Whatever has passed, it will be good. Where there is goodness, you will always be a carefree emperor. For your intellect to have faith means to be a carefree emperor.


The record of those who have regard for the self and who give regard to others is always fine.

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