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Today's Murli Essence 3 May 2019

Sweet children, the basis of remembrance is love. If your love is lacking, your remembrance cannot be constant and if your remembrance is not constant, you cannot receive love.

Today's Murli Essence 3 May 2019


What is it that souls love the most and what is the sign of that?


Souls love their bodies the most. They have so much love for their bodies that they do not want to leave them. They continue to try and find many different ways to save them. The Father says: Those are dirty, tamopradhan bodies. You now have to take new bodies and you must therefore remove your attachment from those old bodies. For you, not to have any awareness of your body is your destination.


1. We are Shiv Baba's heirs and He is our Heir. Surrender yourself totally to the Father with this faith. However much you accumulate with Baba, it will remain safe. It is said: Some people's wealth will be buried...

2. You now have to become flowers from thorns. Claim a right to the Father's love with constant love and service. Day by day, continue to move forward in remembrance.


May you be a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of matter in this benevolent age and benefit everyone.

The confluence age is called the benevolent age. In this age, you constantly have to remember your self-respect: I am a benefactor soul. My duty is first to benefit myself and then benefit everyone. Let alone human souls, we are those who benefit even matter, and so we are called conquerors of matter and conquerors of Maya. When souls, the beings, become conquerors of matter, then matter also becomes a bestower of happiness. You cannot then be caught up in any upheaval of matter or Maya. There cannot be any harmful influence by the atmosphere.


Give respect to one another’s ideas and you will become souls who are worthy of respect.

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