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3 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 03/10/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you have found the unique Master. Follow His shrimat and you will become double-crowned deities.


What easy effort do you make so that you do not become tired of the study?


Keep your stage equanimous in praise and defamation, regard and disregard that happens in the study. Consider all of that to be a game and you will never become tired. Krishna has been defamed the most. People have accused him of so many things and yet they also worship such a Krishna. Therefore, taking insults is not a new thing, so never become tired of the study. Continue to study for as long as the Father teaches you.

Song: O Dweller of the Forest, Your name is the support of my life!...

Om ShantiWho said this? Who spoke and to whom? Only you children, who are called gopes and gopis, know this. So, they remembered their Father, Gopi Vallabh. No one, apart from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can be such a Father. So, they remember those who have been here and gone. They are later praised. For example, Christ came but, having established the Christian religion, he didn't go away anywhere. He definitely had to sustain it; he had to take rebirth. However, every year, people celebrate the birthdays of those who leave after establishing their religion. They are remembered on the path of devotion. In the same way, people celebrate the festival of Dashera nowadays. It is celebrated, so it must definitely be something auspicious. When someone leaves having done something good, his festival is celebrated. Even the festival of Deepmala is celebrated. Krishna’s birthday is also celebrated. They celebrate the festivals of those who have been and gone. The people of Bharat don't know why the festivals of Rakhi, etc. are celebrated. What happened? They know that Christ and Buddha came to establish their religions. At this time, all are the devilish community whereas you are the Godly community. The Father, Rama, has now come and is making you divine and elevated. Or, it can be said that the Supreme Father has come and is having heaven inaugurated, that is, He is laying the foundation for it. It can also be called the opening ceremony. The elevated emperors and empresses in Bharat have been and gone. The golden-aged deities were double crowned. They had crowns of purity and also crowns studded with jewels. Vicious kings only have crowns studded with jewels. Those with single crowns worship those with double crowns. However, no one knows when they came and went or how they received their kingdom. Lakshmi and Narayan were such elevated, double-crowned deities. The Father sits here and explains who made them so elevated. People celebrate Dashera. You know that something must have happened that caused people to celebrate Dashera and burn an effigy of Ravan. However, he is not something that will get burnt. His kingdom is now coming to an end. Until the kingdom of Rama is established, the corrupt kingdom has to continue. People continue to celebrate the ceremony of when the kingdom of Ravan ended and the kingdom of Rama was established. They burn an effigy of Ravan which proves that this truly is the corrupt devilish kingdom. There are also grades of corruption. Corruption begins in the copper age. At first, there are two degrees of corruption, then four degrees, then eight degrees, then ten degrees and, having gradually increased, it has now become 16 degrees of corruption. Now, to change those who are 16 degrees corrupt to 16 degrees elevated is the task of the one Father alone. The Father explains: At this time, it is the kingdom of Ravan. The kingdom of Rama was the elevated kingdom. That has now become corrupt. The elevated Bharat is called heaven. That same kingdom has now become corrupt. The Father says: I have now come to make the corrupt kingdom into the elevated kingdom. There are the Yadava and the Kaurava clans. There are innumerable religions in the Yadava clan. Those who belonged to the elevated deity religion have become corrupt in their religion and their actions. The Father now teaches them how to perform elevated actions. They have been celebrating festivals on the path of devotion. God definitely came; it is a matter of 5000 years. The Father came and made the corrupt beings elevated. It is the Father's task alone to make the whole world elevated. Then, He sends you down from above to sustain it: Go and sustain the deity religion that you established. It isn't that anyone says this; it happens automatically according to the drama. When you become elevated, even the world will become satopradhan and elevated. Now, even the five elements are tamopradhan. There is so much upheaval and people are so unhappy. Damage costing millions is caused. In the golden age, there won't be any of these calamities. Calamities take place in hell. Even the calamities are at first only two degrees whereas they have now become 16 degrees. All of these things have to be explained in detail. They are very easy, but people are unable to understand them or explain to others. So, this burning of Ravan began in the copper age. You cannot say that it started 5000 years ago. When the path of devotion begins, all of these calamities also begin. You now know how the kingdom of Ravan is destroyed and how the kingdom of Rama is established. People don't know what Ravan is. The Father says: There wasn't anything such as Lanka. There is no Lanka in the golden age. There are very few people there. They live by the banks of the River Jamuna. In Ajmer, they show a model of Paradise, but they don't understand it. It doesn't take long to build golden palaces there. They use machinery to melt gold quickly and make tiles etc. You children know that this science through which destruction takes place will be useful to you later on. They make aeroplanes etc. now for great happiness, but they will also carry out destruction through them. So, these aeroplanes are for sorrow as well as happiness. That is temporary happiness. All of these things have been invented in the last hundred years. So, so much has happened in the last hundred years. So, just think: when destruction takes place, all of these things will be created in such a short time in the new world. There, the golden palaces are built very quickly. In Bharat, so many palaces are studded with gold and silver. They have big royal courts there. Royal people would meet there. That would not be called the Pandava gathering. That would be called the gathering of the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. All the princes and princesses also go and sit there. When it was the British Government, there used to be great royal court gatherings of princes, princesses and Maharajas. All the kings would be sitting there wearing their crowns. When Baba used to go to Nepal, they would hold the gathering of the Rana (king) family. Kings with big crowns would sit there. They were called emperors and empresses and they were all numberwise. The queens wouldn’t sit there. They remained behind the curtains. They sat with a lot of grandeur. We used to say that that was the Pandava Government. They called themselves the sun dynasty. They used to exist here too. However, they had single crowns, because it was before them that there were those with double crowns. They have written so many things about Krishna: He abducted so-and-so and did such-and-such. However, there was nothing like that. People continue to celebrate the festivals of things that took place in the past. They also celebrate the festival of when the kingdom of Ravan ended and the kingdom of Rama was established. They celebrate it every year. So, this proves that the devilish kingdom of Ravan also existed 5000 years ago. The Father came and inspired the destruction of the kingdom of Ravan. That same Mahabharat War is just ahead. However, there is no such thing as Ravan. They show Madodri as the wife of Ravan, but they don't show her with ten heads. They show Ravan with ten heads. They show Vishnu with four arms: two arms of Lakshmi and two arms of Narayan. They show Ravan with ten heads: five vices of his and five vices of Madodri. They have also shown the significance of the four-armed image of Vishnu. They also worship Mahalakshmi. They never show Mahalakshmi with two arms. At Deepmala, they invoke Lakshmi. Why? Did Narayan commit a crime? After all, Lakshmi gets her wealth from Narayan anyway; she is a half-partner. So, what crime did Narayan commit? In fact, wealth is not received from Lakshmi. Wealth is received from Jagadamba. You know that Jagadamba then becomes Lakshmi. So, they have separated the two of them. They ask Jagadamba for everything. If they have any sorrow, if their son dies, they pray to Jagadamba: “Protect us.” “Give me a child!” “Remove this illness of mine!” They have many such desires. They go to Lakshmi and only place one desire in front of her and that is for wealth; that’s all! Jagadamba is the one who fulfils all your desires. She is the one who makes you wealthy. At this time, all your desires are being fulfilled. They don't give wealth; they simply teach you through which, from nothing, you become great. Then, when you become Lakshmi, you become wealthy. At this time, you have the power to fulfil all desires. Jagadamba gives donations. Lakshmi does not give donations. Donations are not given there. There is no starvation there. No one is poverty-stricken there. Ravan doesn't exist in the golden age. Here, they burn Ravan. After Dashera, they celebrate Deepmala. They celebrate in happiness. The kingdom of Ravan has been destroyed and the kingdom of Rama established and so there would be happiness; there is light in every home. You souls receive enlightenment. The things that exist at the confluence age do not exist in the golden age. You are trikaldarshi and you experience the reward there. There, you will have forgotten all of this knowledge. At the confluence age, there is establishment and destruction. Once establishment has taken place, that’s it. Only you know about all of those festivals. Ignorant people don't understand anything. They make much out of nothing. You can see in a practical way that those things do not exist in the golden age. The story of Narad is also mentioned in the scriptures. When you are asked, you reply: Baba, I will marry either Lakshmi or Narayan. So, the Father says: Check yourself to see that you don't have any vices. If you have anger etc., how would you be able to marry them? Yes, no one has yet become perfect, but you do have to become that. You have to chase away those evil spirits, because only then will you be able to claim a status. You have found the unique Master. The Father is full of all virtues. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Bliss and so He also makes those who come and become His children full of all virtues and double-crowned deities. You are truly becoming that. Deities have both crowns. You have come here to claim your inheritance from the Father. You have to claim your inheritance; you have to study. Many points continue to emerge. If you don't study, how would you be able to explain to others? The drama is repeating identically. You understand this knowledge at this time and it will then disappear. The Lanka etc. that they show doesn't really exist. When was Ravan born? It is written that the deities go on to the path of sin in the copper age and that they begin to become vicious. Devotion was at first unadulterated and it then became adulterated. People have now begun to have themselves worshipped. The Father says: I come to carry out establishment of the elevated world and destruction of the corrupt world. Surely, establishment would be carried out first and then destruction. This is My part every cycle. It takes time to make it elevated from corrupt. You have to study for as long as the Father teaches. However much those who studied in the previous cycle studied, they will study the same now. While moving along, many children say: That's it. I am not able to continue any more. Ah! There will be praise and defamation, regard and disregard. Why do you stop studying because of that? It was Krishna who was defamed the most; he was accused of so many things. So, why do people then worship such a Krishna? In fact, it is this one (Brahma) who takes all the insults at this time. He was defamed throughout the whole of Sindh. However, those people were unable to do anything. All of this is a game. It is nothing new. He took insults in the previous cycle too. He crossed the river. You came away from the shore of Sindh to this side. It wasn't Krishna, but this Dada, who used to come and go. You know that you are now claiming the kingdom and that you will then lose it. This too is a game. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. You have to become Kamdhenu (Jagadamba), one who fulfils everyone's desires. Continue to donate.

2. Keep your stage in equanimity in praise and defamation. While all of that happens, you mustn't stop studying. Consider all of it to be a game and get over it.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who travels to the sweet home in a second with the aeroplane of a clean mind and a divine intellect.

Scientists are trying to invent vehicles that have a fast speed and they spend so much money, time and energy on that. However, you have an instrument with such a fast speed that, without spending anything, you just have a thought and you arrive there. You have found the tool of a pure mind and a divine intellect. With the aeroplane of a clean mind and a divine intellect you can fly whenever you want and return whenever you want. No one can stop a master almighty authority.

Slogan: When your heart is always true, you continue to receive blessings from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.


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