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21 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris Murli today in English 21/09/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, by having love and regard for the Father, you will continue to receive the Father's blessings and the rust of Maya will continue to be removed. Question: Why is it that some buds in this living garden do not bloom at all, but remain buds all the time? Answer: Because there is laziness in their efforts. They remain sleeping at the time of remembrance. Those who remain sleeping waste their time like that. Those who remain sleeping lose everything. They remain closed buds. Constantly blooming roses are those who have all-round parts in the deity religion. Song: This time is passing by. Om Shanti Who explained this? The unlimited Father explained to you children. Only a short time, that is, only a few more minutes of the unlimited time remains. The hours have gone by; now only a few minutes remain. The good sensible children know this; it is numberwise. Roses are also numberwise. There are roses here, too, but some are closed buds and some have opened a little. Your deity religion is like roses in bloom; they are the ones who always play all-round parts. You are the roses in bloom of the highest of all religions. Those of other religions are numberwise. Some are like magnolias, some like jasmine flowers, some like tangars (other fragrant flowers) and others are like ucks (those with a bitter smell). There is the garden. This is the garden of all religions. You daughters know that the highest-on-high religion is that of the deities. When it is not the season, there aren't even tightly closed buds or any buds or flowers. (Baba had brought various flowers from the garden – a big rose, a small rose, another small flower, one half opened bud, one bud, a closed bud and a newly-born bud – and placed these on the gaddi.) Look, among the closed buds, some are still weak, some have only half opened. Some are flowers and others are closed buds. Some wilt and they don't bloom at all. It is truly like that, is it not? So, the Father says: Don't be lazy in your efforts. Make sure you don't just remain a bud. Some only reach half-way; it is numberwise. It is understood what status someone would claim in that situation. There is very little time. A clock has been made, but the hands of the clock cannot be changed. You should create it cleverly so that that sign remains. The hands began here and have now reached here. The hands start at zero and will finish at 12. So, in this cycle too, the deity religion emerged first and it is now the end. You would begin to count from the time the Father came. Therefore, the Father says: Children, don’t waste your time. Continue to remember the Father. To the extent that you remember Him, accordingly your sins will be absolved. Everyone continues to commit sin. None of you should think that you don’t commit sin; no one should have that much arrogance. There are also many incognito sins committed. You have to be very cautious about them. From this clock, you become aware of the time. People think that the iron age is still a child. They are in extreme darkness. You now have to awaken the corpses. You should wake up early in the morning and remember the Father. Those who remain sleeping lose out, that is, you mustn’t waste the time that is for remembrance. Otherwise, you will remain like corpses. Some remain buds. In storms, even good buds fall. Flowers as well as buds fall. They then remain as they were, like thorns. They will become part of the deity dynasty, but as subjects. You belong to the rose tree, but you mustn’t become happy with just that. Although people say that so-and-so went to heaven, what did he become? There must be a reason for that. You children can understand that you would become most beloved to the extent you are a most serviceable child of Baba’s. This is something common. Worthy, obedient and honest children are loved by their parents. Maya makes you completely dishonest. You are not even able to realise when you are making a great mistake. The Father says: Those who do something definitely have to receive the reward of that. You mustn’t commit any sin for which you would have to experience punishment. Some experience the punishment of their sins here. There is the suffering of karma. There is the suffering of karma in the jail of a womb. You have to be liberated from that with great caution. Maya is very devilish and this is why you should continue to remember the most beloved Father at every moment. Just as a physical father knows his children, in the same way, the spiritual Father also knows each and every child. The Father Himself sits here and tells you: I only come into this one body. There are so many children, and many more will come. The tree continues to grow. There will be a crowd of devotees in front of God. There wouldn’t be as great a crowd in the Shiva Temple. Here, you understand how many crowds there will be. The sun and moon dynasty kingdoms are to be established. You need a very broad and unlimited intellect for these things. When God truly comes in front of the devotees who perform so much devotion, there will be such a great crowd. You know that Baba is teaching us Raja Yoga, but you still forget Him while living at home. This is something so unique that, even though you live together, you forget. There isn’t that much love and regard. If a needle is rusty, a magnet wouldn’t be able to pull it. Only when there is knowledge and yoga can the rust be removed. You also need God’s blessings. Souls are covered with the rust of Maya. Anything that is rusty is immersed in kerosene. Your rust is removed by yoga and the soul also becomes pure. Therefore, the Father explains: Children, make yourself into flowers. The time will also come soon when whoever you sit in front of will immediately begin to have visions. So many have visions of Brahma or Vishnu. They give them a direction to go to the BKs. Brahma is sitting there and there are also the Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. As you progress further, many will have visions. Baba gives a vision: Go there. I am teaching Raja Yoga there and, through that, you can claim such-and-such a status. This is a matter of a second. Manmanbhav, remember Me and you will become part of the sun dynasty. There, it is the deity clan whereas here, it is the devilish clan. This is explained to you so clearly. In order to make something fine, it is ground. They make so much effort to make the foundation of a building strong. The Father also says: Remember Me as much as possible. Remember the land of Shiva and the land of Vishnu. Continue to talk to yourself internally in this way. First think about these things , then talk to yourself about them in order to understand and explain to others. Some children make so much effort for the exhibitions. It is all a matter of explaining. No one would be able to understand with just slogans. The Father sits here and explains how the deities received their kingdom. Who taught them Raja Yoga? God speaks: I teach Raja Yoga. I tell you to remember Me. Remember the land of Shiva and the land of Vishnu. You children now have to explain very clearly at the exhibitions. You also have to explain about meditation. We also practise meditation. While walking and moving around, we remember the Father and continue to talk to Him. When you have to go to a programme, your intellect is aware: Today, I have to go to so-and-so. As soon as you receive a programme, your intellect runs in that direction. When the time comes close, you will understand that you now have to go there. You should also feel inside: That’s it! We now have to go to Baba. We have to shed these old skins. We have to leave this land of Ravan and go to the land of Shiva. This world is very dirty. We are now sitting at the confluence age. These are iron-aged bodies. Baba says: Remember Me and I will take you souls to the land of Shiva. Krishna will not take you there. These matters have to be explained. Now the Father says: Remember Me, Shiv Baba. You are now studying Raja Yoga. You have to go to the land of Shiva and you will then automatically go to the land of Vishnu. It is easy to explain this. You will go from the land of Shiva, the land of liberation, to the land of Vishnu, the land of liberation-in-life. The Father of all is the One. You have to explain this main thing. No matter how many slogans etc. you make, that is unnecessary expense. You have all the pictures etc. In Karachi, so many used to come to you. You used to keep a table and chair outside on the big area of ground. You would sit and explain to whoever came there. Previously, there wasn’t that much knowledge. You have now received easy knowledge. You also know the Father. The Father is the Creator of heaven. His order is: Remember Me and the inheritance. Show the picture and explain that. Previously, when you used to explain the pictures, while they were listening to you they would go into trance. At that time, you were small buds. All of that was Baba’s magic. He used to pull the string. There is now a great need to explain everything. Nowadays, people are very bad. You cannot tell what someone’s occupation is unless you ask him to fill in a form. Just as there are those teachers etc. who teach you how to become a barrister, so too, this unlimited Father is such a great Teacher. Those teachers would perhaps make you into a barrister. However, if you shed your body while studying, everything you had studied to become a barrister would be finished. It isn’t that that study will continue in the next birth. Whatever you do here, you take that with you. A soul has the sanskars within him. Yes, little children have small organs and are therefore unable to speak. They are unable to do anything with their physical organs, but they do carry those sanskars with them. This knowledge is imperishable, so they will come and take knowledge when they grow older. That soul will definitely come here again. He will bring benefit to someone, somewhere or other. He will pull his parents in this direction. Although he will be a small child, as soon as he sees Mama and Baba, there will be a pull of that love. Because the physical organs are small, he wouldn’t be able to speak, but there would be that love for his equals. So, this knowledge is very unique, entertaining and simple. Some are such that they remain as they are, like thorns. The golden age is a rose tree. You are now thorns. Then, some closed buds emerge from that. There are those who are constant roses, but they are still numberwise. They will become part of the subjects. To become a bud and then wilt and die is as though you have not studied. If a bud remains closed, that one will end up among the subjects. Those who become flowers will become part of the kingdom. When Baba goes into the garden, He brings flowers from there in order to explain to you children. If you don’t make effort and become a flower now, there will be a lot of repentance later on. Firstly, there is already the burden on your heads of the sins committed. So then, of what use is it to experience punishment and then claim a status among the subjects? You understand that your deity kingdom is being established. Baba can understand what each one of you will become. It will remain in His heart to what extent you study and what you will become. If someone studies well, He will continue to have that love inside. He would understand that you will become part of the kingdom. As you progress further, you will have many visions. Those who don’t study will repent a lot at that time. There is very little time left. So, how will you be able to gallop sufficiently? The Father says: If you perform sinful actions after becoming a child, there will have to be one hundred-fold punishment. It becomes the business of many thieves who go to jail: to experience punishment and go to jail. You are now making effort to become the highest-on-high sun-dynasty emperors and empresses. It is numberwise. What will be the condition of those who run away? The Father explains to you so well, but if it is not in your fortune and you don’t understand, what can the One who inspires you to make effort do? The Father says: Become a flower. Don’t forget the Father. Never let go of the hand of such a Father. Maya, the snake, will swallow you raw. Don’t make any mistakes so that you lose your fortune of the kingdom. Your activity of every cycle would then be seen to be the same as your activity of this time. Some have satopradhan behaviour, some have rajo and others have tamo behaviour. Some very good children have very severe omens over them. Internally, they are ugly whereas externally they look good. If you make any mistakes, the soul will become ugly. There is then a dark shadow. This is why Baba says: Hear it through one ear and let it out through the other: close your ears to anything evil. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for Dharna: 1. Always have the deep desire to have your sins absolved. Take care that you don’t commit any sins now. 2. In order to remain safe from the eclipse of the omens of Maya, close your ears to evil things. Let your behaviour be satopradhan. Remain clean inside and out. Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker and keep your daily timetable accurate with the foundation of amrit vela. Just as a train automatically moves along fine when it is on the rails, similarly, remain concentrated each day, on the line of remembrance at amrit vela. If amrit vela is fine, then the rest of the day will be fine. If the foundation of amrit vela is firm, you will then continue to receive co-operation for the whole day and your efforts will become easy. Those who are true Sitas and constantly stay within the line of remembrance and shrimat of the Father remains aware of the one Rama in their every vein. Slogan: In order to catch Baba’s help, keep your intellect concentrated.


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