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New uploads on this website (PDF, articles, songs, videos, books, episodes) and organisation news will be displayed here. This is a notice page also for important notices from Madhuban. 


New and old Services done by the Shiv Baba Service team will be displayed here (under given section)

New Uploads

Website Notice from Admin  View this

New magazines are uploaded. Go to Publications

New pdf books added on our PDF books

New Hindi Audiobooks are added  Listen them

Surrender Letter to Shiv Baba  View this

GOD of Gods Full movie - Download

60 selected songs to listen or download  View this

Message from Madhuban as Dadi Janki passes  View this

Avyakt Murli Hindi eBook (from 1969 to 2009) View this

New eBook - शिवबाबा की अंतिम शिक्षाएँ  View this

New eBook - Hindi Poems (कविताएँ)  View this

Maha Shivratri Message (Hindi)  View this

Maha Shivratri Message (English)  View this

January 2020 Purusharth - हिन्दी  ​ View this

January 2020 Purusharth - English   View this

स्व-पुरुषार्थ लिए अव्यक्त महावाक्य  View this

108 Shrimat of Shiv Baba (Hindi PDF)  View this

ईश्वरीय निमंत्रण  (Godly invitation)  View this


Godly invitation (Special Shivratri Message)  View this


Maha Shivratri Message - Hindi Book PDF  View this

Shivratri Special Message PDF  View this

'God's Murli is magic'- Dadi Janki  View this


Special Hindi Poems written for Purusharth  View this


Daily Murli poems (Hindi)  View this


➤(new) Centre Locator (International)


Official Daily Murli blog website is created - BabaMurli.NET

Store house of BK files (PDFs)-

➤Visit New Posts on Blog​ (Latest News & Notices)

➤New website for BK songs ➙


Dadi Gulzar's death - official post

New service released - Write daily letter to Shiv Baba  Write Letter

New Website - Brahma Kumaris Sustenance

New articles (Hindi & Eng)  View this

Watch Peace news today - Godlywood Studio

Question-Answers newly posted  View this

New Q and A on our Blog  Visit this

BK Shivani's news  View this

New Videos

Hindi Daily Murli channel  Visit this

Daily Murli, Purusharth etc.  Visit this

New videos of BK Shivani​  View this

First Talk - प्रथम वाणी  Listen this

Maha Shivratri special message  Watch this

BK Anil - Articles and Baba's projects  View this

BK Anil's Articles


32 Roles of the Supreme soul (Shiv baba)  View this

परमात्मा के ३२ किरदार (32 roles)  View this

5 Forms of Soul FULL article  View this


5 स्वरुप अभ्यास की 10 विधि (5 forms of soul)  View this

Soul, God and Nature Contrast (Eng)  View this

21 years in the sustenance of God - BK Anil  View this

Murli related Question-Answers (Hindi & Eng)  View this

General Question Answers about Life (Eng & Hindi)  View this

८४ स्वमान की सीडी (84 swaman ladder)  View this


RajYoga written commentaries (English)  View this

Shiv Baba Service team

Email letters responded by us.  View this

New 'Soul Talk' audio episodes  Listen this

General and special BK articles   View this


BK Anil - Articles and Baba's projects  View this

All websites of Brahma Kumaris  Visit this

'Shiv Baba Service' YT channel  View this

About Shiv Baba Service initiative  Learn more

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