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Creating Permanent Happiness

Happiness is one of the most important and defining qualities of life. Everyone wants to be very happy all the time and no one wants to lose their happiness at any moment in their life. There is nothing more important than being happy in human life. It’s the top most priority of all humans. But at the same time everyone feels that happiness is not permanent and it comes and goes away very easily.

➤This is because the source of happiness of most people in the world today is external and external sources in our present lives keep changing and going through ups and downs. Some people in the world also feel that this is how happiness has been eternally – unstable and temporary in nature and there has never been any time in the world when happiness was permanent. But that is not true because God is the Ocean of Bliss and Joy and the original world that is created with His vibrations, words and actions is full of happiness, in which there is no sorrow of any type.

➤So ultimately, we need to realize that our original sanskars of the world of happiness in which we lived originally were of permanent happiness and not a temporary one. Another thing we need to realize is that although everything external, in the world of happiness was pure and perfect, our happiness was dependent on our internal soul fulfillment and not on anything outside. We loved and enjoyed everything outside like our physical beauty, our relationships, our roles, our perfect health, our immense wealth and the beautiful gifts of nature that it gave us.

➤But at the same time our happiness was not dependent on them. And these are the same sanskars that we need to fill ourselves with at the present moment – learning to be unconditionally happy, irrespective of what happens outside us. This is because the world now, after a few more years of transformation, will enter a phase of permanent happiness, which God is creating at the present moment again and we will be a part of it. We will carry our sanskars of the present, into the future.

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Message for Today

"Being loving & caring to overcome weaknesses"

"Being loving & caring to overcome weaknesses"

Like a mother who accommodates the mistakes of the child, yet has the best wishes for the child to be free from them, we, too, need to deal with ourselves with love in order to finish the weakness that is working within us. We need to recognise and work with the qualities within us, which will help us overcome our weaknesses.

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