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Do You Have A Deep Desire To Change Yourself?

A lot of times, we go back and forth on our self-transformation goals. We begin enthusiastically, making superficial changes whenever something goes wrong. Most of the time our attention is on what to change and how to change.

➤But unless there is a burning desire or a deep want to change, transformation is not possible. A lot of times we say – I need to finish this habit in me… I need to change this behaviour. But deep in our subconscious mind, we would have planted a subtle thought as – I am fine the way I am. So, until there is a deep longing in the mind for transformation, we cannot progress well.

1 ● Ask yourself why you want to change. Is it because somebody else is not comfortable with your habits or behaviour? Or do you want to transform? Unless it is your desire, changes that occur become only temporary.

2 ● Intensify your desire to change. First of all, stop justifying old behaviours or habits. Next, evaluate how they were harming you and other people around you. Thirdly, list out the benefits that the transformation will bring. Internalize them every day until there is a burning desire to change.

3 ● Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge. The mind cultivates right thinking and the intellect deepens in wisdom. You will have the inner power needed to transform. When you really want to change, the why to change and how to change become simple.

4 ● Create an affirmation of the change you want to bring about in yourself. Once your mind creates thoughts in that direction, your intellect evaluates and decides. The thoughts come into action. Repeated action becomes your habit. Thereafter the new habit or behaviour becomes a part of your personality.

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Message for Today

"The right method to Help & Heal others"

"The right method to Help & Heal others"

When there is the one aim of helping--to HEAL other souls, to end their sorrow, there should be nothing negative in your intention while helping. There will also be no expectations from others. Working with the natural desire to bring benefit to as many as possible, enables one to continue to contribute to whatever extent possible.

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