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Taking Care Of What Is Eternal

We are living a life that is full of identities that are temporary and only restricted to one birth. In our very busy lifestyles, which are based more on physical identity, it is very easy to forget who we are spiritually, not only because we do not have the correct wisdom of what our permanent identity or who we are spiritually but also because all our physical identities like name, age, gender, looks, external personality, education, profession, relationship, nationality, language, religion, etc. pull us towards them throughout the day.

➤But, as God has made us realize spiritually all these identities keep changing in every birth, and if we keep getting attached to them in each birth and then keep losing them, the soul becomes tired and its happiness and lightness reduces. This is what is happening today with every soul in the world. This is causing soul fatigue and the soul in its journey of many births, is slowly losing its strength as a result of that.

➤Right now, God is making us soul-conscious and making us realize that if we want to strengthen the soul again, after such a long journey of many births, then we need to first start doing every action in the day in remembrance of our spiritual self, so that we do not lose any more of our spiritual strength and also connect with the Supreme Being or God through His remembrance and the technique of meditation, so that we increase our strength.

➤Along with this, we also need to nurture the soul with beautiful qualities of God, important specialties which benefit the self and others, sanskars and beliefs based on spiritual wisdom, an attitude of self-respect and giving respect to others, determination and will-power for bringing about change in the self, spiritual attainments of different types from God and also give our thoughts and time in creating a new and beautiful world which will fill us with the nature of a world server.

➤All these different attributes we will carry with us in our future births and all these will make the soul full of what it requires in very birth. Also, our physical reality of every birth will benefit from them also and become eternally beautiful.

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Message for Today

"Easy Nature means being Solution-conscious"

"Easy Nature means being Solution-conscious"

The ones with an easy nature constantly think of solutions instead of problems. So such individuals are free from the burden of problems and are constantly contributing to make things easy for themselves and others too.

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