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Spiritual Meaning Of Holi (Part 1)

A bonfire is created on the eve of Holi with an effigy on top of the pyre representing Holika. This spiritually denotes the evil or negativity present within each of us. Every household provides twigs and pieces of wood to prepare the bonfire.

➤This means each of us should offer our unhealthy sanskars, wrong habits, resentment and hurt that we have held on to, and unfulfilled desires of the past. Holika Dahan or burning of the pyre at night and people dancing around the bonfire, symbolizes that we need to set all our negativities on fire. We can rejoice only after burning them into ashes so that they never come back. It also signifies setting on fire the evils of the old world, to begin a new world of purity and virtues.

➤The simplest way to burn our negative sanskars is Meditation. Meditation is a powerful personal connection with The Supreme Power, the Ocean of Purity and Love. When we remember someone, we are in connection with them, that is called Yog. When we are in powerful remembrance of The Supreme, Yog Agni (the fire of remembrance) burns all impurities.

➤Mythologically, it celebrates the destruction of the demon King Hiranyakashipu and Holika, and the protection of devotee Prahlaad. So, it is a reminder of the power of faith and surrender. When we have constant and deep faith, the Supreme Soul protects us from the flames of pain and suffering.

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