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Resolve Issues To Have Perfect Relationships

A perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset, or irritated with each other. It’s how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal.

Often after an argument or if we have been cheated, we feel hurt or let down, we choose to remain hurt or angry for hours, months, even years. We feel our hurt is justified, it was their mistake, they need to make things right or sometimes we even feel things can never be the same again. Irrespective of what had happened it takes only 1 thought to get back to normal. The mind will ask questions, and give it the answers.

1 ● Why should I be doing it, it was their fault. Because my relationship is more important than my ego.

2 ● Why so soon, let them at least realise their mistake. Because every passing moment is causing me and them pain and weakening our relationship.

3 ● Will I be considered weak if I give in? Forgiving, forgetting, and moving on is strength, let me give myself and them that strength.

4 ● If I become normal, will they do the same? They may take their time, but if I get to normal, the process has begun and very soon they will get back to normal.

5 ● Will I be taken for granted? If people can take my love and care for granted, it’s my fortune. I have given them a reason to believe that I always love them.

There can be many questions, but we have the answer to every question if we have decided that our relationship is our priority, their happiness and our own happiness matter to us more than what is right or wrong.

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Message for Today

"Obstacles are Stepping Stones to Success"

"Obstacles are Stepping Stones to Success"

The ones who aim to become victorious never think of not being faced with obstacles. Instead they look at each obstacle as a chance to use and express their own inner powers. So there is constant progress visible in them.

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