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Pause Choose Respond

There are things coming to us from outside, and those that we are sending out. Situations and people come from outside, so what we get from them is not in our control. But what goes out from us – our thoughts, words, and behaviour in response is always our choice. We think someone else caused our happiness, anger, pain, or fear as we are in a habit of blaming.

➤Also, we are not aware that our response is our internal creation. Let’s consciously choose to respond with peace, calmness, and happiness today. Nobody else can create our emotions or make us feel a certain way. We create them but wrongly believe others are responsible for how we feel. No emotion is obvious and no response is natural. Let’s take personal responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. He wronged me so I was upset, Her behavior angered me and should not be part of our vocabulary.

➤Our situations do not determine our happiness; our response to the situation determines it. The response begins with the thoughts our mind creates. Feeding the mind with good thoughts to begin the day is like planting healthy seeds in a fertile space. The outer environment is often a reflection of our thoughts. We reap the fruits of happy thoughts that attract happy experiences.

➤Sit back and program your mind for a perfect day. Set the foundation of emotional stability to build your responses. Situations and people can be imperfect but your state of mind should remain perfect – calm, happy and peaceful. Your thoughts, words, and actions should radiate positive vibrations, influence people and situations, and attract more peace and happiness.

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Message for Today

"State of Mind in All Situations"

"State of Mind in All Situations"

To make a mountain-like situation into a stone-like or to make stone-like minor situation into a mountain-like major issue... entirely depends on one’s state of mind. When one’s state of mind is good, to deal with situations becomes easy. So even difficult situations are crossed over with great ease. Then there will be no dependency on the external situations to change the internal state of mind.

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