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Experiencing & Radiating Happiness To All (Part 2)

Whenever you begin your day, fill your mind with some happiness-filled thoughts. Those thoughts could be – Today, in the entire day, I will gift a smile to each one I meet, or Today, throughout the day, I will keep each one’s specialty in my mind and experience joy. They could also be – During the entire day, today, I will touch each one I meet with my positive good feelings for them. We could also think something like – All through the day, today, I will bring different qualities into action and experience lightness and give the same to others.

➤It’s these types of thoughts that will make everyone around me happy and they will give me happiness in return. This in turn will make the atmosphere around me full of happiness. Happiness begins with the self and happiness given to others is happiness experienced by myself first.

➤When you meet someone the whole day, ask yourself and check yourself – Did I just meet the other person and interact with the person in a common manner? On the other hand, did I share happiness with the other person and make the person free from worries and burdens? After all, it’s my duty towards each and everyone I meet – to give unlimited happiness to others.

➤This is the common emotion that binds all of us together – happiness. Giving and sharing happiness will make life beautiful and our existence meaningful. Very often, whether it’s in our work or any other activity, we tend to become busy. We may not perform any negative actions during that time. But because we lose touch with our inner virtuous self, our happiness reduces.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The Right Way Of Giving Help"

"The Right Way Of Giving Help"

When I am providing help to someone, I need to check the kind of help that I am providing. True help is to provide assistance in such a way that slowly the person learns to rely on his own resources and becomes independent.

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