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Bless People and Situations

When we see certain wrong habits and behaviors of family, friends, or colleagues, we get disturbed. Likewise, when we see unpleasant situations happening in the world around us, we feel uncomfortable. Instead of getting disturbed about what happens with people and situations, our role is to radiate an energy of blessings to them. Our vibrations make a difference in transforming them.

➤When you face challenges in life, or when you see unhealthy behaviors in people, do you get disturbed? In a state of anxiety or anger, do you keep thinking and talking about it to others? Or do you use your power to influence them to change, with your blessings? Blessings are pure and powerful thoughts and words we create. We need to visualise the reality we want, create a thought that it already exists, and start radiating that thought to people or the situation.

➤We can bless every task, every object, every situation, and even nature. Our blessings empower people to give their best and experience success in what they do. Criticism, worry, fear, and rejection reduce soul power and this affects their performance. So we need to take care not to create thoughts that are opposite of blessings. Unaware we were creating negative thoughts. Now with awareness, make every thought a blessing for your world. Remind yourself – I bless people, situations, objects, tasks, nature, time…I bless everything. My blessings shift the vibrations and manifest the desired reality.

➤From today, be a radiator of blessings. When blessing people and situations, you shift from your lower vibrations to the highest frequency. Your vibrations effectively bring a transformation in yourself and others. Remind yourself – I can influence people or situations to change, with the power of my blessings.

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Message for Today

"Connection with God"

"Connection with God"

The best way to slow down your thoughts in the entire day is to begin your day with a deep connection with God - The Ocean Of Peace and Silence. In the morning our mind is very fresh and if we make it silent with meditation at that time, the whole day is influenced because of that and we hurry less and work more.

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