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Time Management (Part 2)

Whenever we are very busy, we need to take a break for a minute or two talk to ourselves, and give ourselves a few positive thoughts. In this way, the negative thoughts will be replaced and reduced in your mind. We need a concentrated mind and intellect to perform actions positively.

➤E.g. if at a certain point of time, the requirement of your mind is peace, say to yourself – My real nature is peace and I am originally a peaceful being or spiritual energy. Also, look at everyone around you and create simple thoughts – The energy of my peace is spreading to everyone around me and giving peace to them.

➤Similarly, if you are stressed because of a relationship, talk to yourself – I am a sweet-natured soul and I have to give love to everyone, even if I am not receiving the same from others. You could also think – I am radiating love to my home or my office and changing its atmosphere to one filled with good feelings and good wishes.

➤This can be done for one minute every hour. As explained in yesterday’s message, depending on what you need, create the relevant thoughts. Remember, these thoughts will make your workplace and your home as per what you think and feel. Also, before that happens, your mind will become just like what you think. Your thoughts will influence your feelings and attitudes accordingly. Relationships will become successful and people will start co-operating with you much more. Also, you will be able to satisfy people much more with your words and actions.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Live every day with Qualities"

"Live every day with Qualities"

Give a new flavour to each day, of different experiences filled with different types of qualities. Qualities such as purity, honesty, cheerfulness, contentment, and royalty >> are all different colours of our original qualities (virtues) that will make life beautiful.

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