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When We Change Others Change (Part 2)

Handling people with different personalities requires a lot of spiritual strength and can be the most difficult thing to achieve for some. It’s not just about physical skills like a way of speaking or presenting yourself, which are some measures we take in our office or in our personal relationships. But it’s more about qualities and powers as well as wisdom of different types of actions and their results.

➤E.g. if you are preparing for a meeting in your office with many different office colleagues, then you will take different steps on a physical level – like seeing what is on the company’s agenda to discuss, what are the different complaints of the different people in your group, where is the company lacking and things like how best my outer personality should be so that everyone is satisfied with me.

➤But do we ever think of how is my inner personality? Am I good natured, am I able to fulfill everyone’s inner desires with my love and good wishes? Also, have I spiritually empowered myself so much so that I can tolerate each and everyone even if their behavior and way of working is different from mine? Otherwise when we see different personalities of people and different intentions as well as aims and objectives which everyone possesses, it disturbs us.

➤Also, that unfocused state of mind does not let us act in a positive way and our decisions can become incorrect. Of course, we cannot always think that people will be easy to deal with and also our efforts to please them can be unsuccessful at times. But, to bring harmony in relationships, we also need to have spiritual skills like good judgment power, discrimination power, the ability to mould, power to accept and the ability to give respect to each one’s opinion, etc. All these will make it easy to succeed.

(continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today



When I see and appreciate the virtues in myself, and in everyone... I will be free from negative feelings of dislike and guilt. There would be a genuine feeling of LOVE, which in turn provides the right environment for the spiritual growth of my-self and of every soul I come in contact with.

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