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Become God's Trustee (Part 2)

While it’s important to realize that the treasures mentioned in yesterday’s message are my treasures and they possess immense potential since they help me grow spiritually by their right use, it is also important to maintain a relationship of detachment with them, because we live with these treasures all the time and it is very easy to become attached to them. Where there is attachment, there develops ego and the treasures start getting misused.

➤An important concept in this regard is that of trusteeship. God, while sharing the knowledge of these treasures and the method of using them, also shares, that for our benefit, once we realize what these treasures are, we should surrender these treasures to Him. This is an invisible or non-physical surrender, not a physical or visible one.

➤Once these treasures are surrendered to Him, unlike worldly surrenders, the treasures don’t remain with Him, because being an Unlimited Donor and being Incorporeal or bodiless, God doesn’t keep them with Himself and returns them back to us. Anyways, the surrender is deep but is on a mental level and not on a physical one.

➤But, while returning the treasures back, God presents a condition in front of us. He says that since these treasures now no longer belong to us, we need to remove any sense of ownership over them and become His trustee while taking care of them and using these treasures only for the purpose instructed by Him, the purpose of bringing the self and others closer to a state of truth, as explained in yesterday’s message.

➤The word trustee comes from the word trust. In this case, God says that He wishes and hopes that we keep His trust and don’t break it at any cost, at any point of time, in taking care of and using His treasures, because don’t forget, although the treasures are with us, there are no longer ours. They are God’s and we take care of them as a spiritual trustee of God.

Continues tomorrow...

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"My Virtues and Worth"

"My Virtues and Worth"

When I know to recognise and appreciate my own uniqueness and respect myself on this basis, I am able to be free from ego or a feeling of inferiority. I am also able to recognise naturally the uniqueness of the other person and respect him for it.

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