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Choose Your Karma Right (Part 3)

4 ● Good and bad actions are both prevalent in society. It is worth wondering that while performing different actions in life, do we ever stop to think that how many of our actions are positive or good and how many are negative or bad. E.g. You have visited your office today and met lots of people over there in your work sphere. Everyone you meet, you share something different with them at the level of thoughts and feelings as well as at the level of words and actions.

➤With some people, you share more qualities, with some you are just neutral and with some others you can be negative. So, in the middle of this, do you review your actions everyday and then make corrections for the future. First, the knowledge of good and bad is important and then based on that knowledge, your actions begin to get shaped accordingly. This is what should be our homework for everyday, because we are all students and our teacher is we ourselves.

5 ● We are all spiritual travelers also and we are carrying sanskaras of everything we do today into our next births, into the future. Do we want to carry a lot of baggage of incorrect and bad sanskaras due to negative actions or do we want to travel light with lots of blessings received from good and correct actions is our choice. We do not take our relationships, our physical body, our wealth or even our roles into our next birth. All these change when we leave this physical body.

➤What remains is our sanskaras, which we get filled with, based on our actions. Positive actions will fill us with positive sanskaras and negative actions with negative sanskaras. And if our sanskaras are positive and beautiful, we will get a beautiful and healthy body, perfect relationships, lots of wealth and very nice roles to play in our next life or birth.

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Message for Today

"Bringing newness in dealing with life’s situations brings happiness"

"Bringing newness in dealing with life’s situations brings happiness"

ExpressionWhen there is the desire to find new ways of responding to life’s challenges, unhappiness ends which in turn helps to fulfill one’s highest potential. All it needs is the determination to adopt a fresh awareness. Thus burdensome thoughts that drain out positive energy are set aside. The quality of life itself becomes better.

ExperienceI experience a lot of happiness when there is newness brought in responding to situations. The potential and the energy of the mind is channelised in a positive way so there is an experience of fulfilment and satisfaction. The mind is not caught up with negativity or waste but is busy trying for the best solutions in all situations.

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