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Choose Your Karma Right (Part 2)

2 ● Good actions and negative actions are two sides of the same coin of life. The more our life is full of positive and nice actions, the more happier and lighter we will feel. Very often people who are unhappy and discontent with life are ones who have a negative past of bad actions, either in this life or previous lives. Also, the more we perform positive actions now, the more we become important mediums to radiate goodness in the world, which is like our true religion and duty given to us by God.

➤Do we live our life only for ourselves or do we fulfill this task of – Be nice and spread niceness, be positive and spread positivity? It’s worth asking ourselves. So, positivity does not remain hidden and positivity should be shared with others. This is a beautiful benefit of performing good actions. Bad actions on the other hand make us loose respect in society, in our own eyes and in the eyes of God, as we inspire other people towards negativity instead of goodness.

3 ● Good actions are the original actions of the world. As the world has become older, negativity of various types through the mediums of lust, anger, ego, greed, attachment, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and many other negative emotions has become prevalent. The original good men and women of the world were not under the influence of all these negative emotions.

➤That is why there is a saying in the world that God made man in His own image. The original goodness of the world is a reflection of God’s nature and today’s negativity is a reflection of the Devil or Ravana as they say. The Devil or Ravana is nothing but our weaknesses which are inside us.

(Continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To Remain Happy is to Truly Live Life"

"To Remain Happy is to Truly Live Life"

ExpressionLife has meaning when there is the happiness of living. Everything that happens brings something new. The more the mind is tuned to see and appreciate this truth, there is the happiness that lasts - whatever the situation may be. The one who is constantly happy is able to creatively use all the resources in the right way and also makes others happy.

ExperienceWhen I am able to maintain my internal state of happiness under all circumstances, I am able to enjoy the beauty of life. I am only able to see the positive in each person and situation and also only the specialities and goodness in everyone. I am never let down by situations, people, or their reactions, but enjoy everything.

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