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Three Mirrors for Inner Beauty (Part 1)

To check our external appearance or cleanliness, we look into the mirror each day. But on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, what is the mirror that helps you to see if there is anything wrong with your inner face or spiritual self or to realize what is happening inside you and what you have to do to maintain your inner beauty?

There are three types of mirrors, which one can use to see or check the internal self:

➤The first mirror is the mirror of spiritual knowledge – Spiritual knowledge is the knowledge related to spiritual self-development i.e. of the soul, the Supreme Soul and also of the World Drama. Each day, in the morning, you can look into this mirror for 15 minutes at least. Looking into this mirror means listening or reading spiritual knowledge for at least 15 minutes that connects you to your inner self and God, increases your emotional and spiritual power, guides you how to perform good actions as well as reminds you of the true purpose of your life.

✱You will see yourself very clearly in this mirror as this mirror will show you:

1 ● The knowledge of the original virtues of the soul like peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom;

2 ● How these virtues can be imbibed in the self to benefit the self and others;

3 ● The knowledge of the different types of weaknesses that can arise in the soul like lust, anger, greed, ego, hatred, fear, attachment, jealousy, sorrow, etc., the roots of which lie in the incorrect identification with the physical self and forgetting the spiritual self and how these weaknesses can harm the self and others;

4 ● The knowledge of overcoming these weaknesses.

➤All of these things which you see in the mirror will help you to check where you stand in comparison to the right way of creating thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions, speaking words and performing actions, where you are going wrong and how you can make the required corrections in the same. On looking into this mirror you will be reminded of the Law of Karma (the Law of Action and Reaction), which will motivate you to make these corrections.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The power of cooperation enables the most difficult task to be successfully done"

"The power of cooperation enables the most difficult task to be successfully done"

ExpressionTo have the power of cooperation means to have the ability to see and use the specialties of others in any task that is to be done. It is the ability to respect and use the suggestions and ideas of each and everyone that contributes to the success of the task. So the one who is able to use this power is able to be successful in any task that he takes up.

ExperienceWhen I am able to give cooperation and take cooperation from those around me, I never experience fear for any task that has to be done, but am able to be at ease, knowing that everything is possible. I am also able to earn the respect of those around me for having made the best use of their specialities, which further facilitates the success of the task.

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