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Rest, Refresh & Rejuvenate Your Mind

We wish to slow down the constant stream of thoughts arising in our mind. With 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts generated each day, and most of them negative or wasteful, our mind gets tired. That makes it hard to focus, to find right words or to stay positive.

Follow these steps to rest, refresh and rejuvenate your mind ➤

1 ● Every morning, thank your mind for managing everything - your body, relationships, work.

2 ● Nourish it with 15 minutes of meditation, read content that reinforce peace and happiness.

3 ● Create and visualize an affirmation of how you want your day to be.

4 ● At work, focus only on the positives in people and situations.

5 ● Pause for one minute after every hour to relax and clean your mind of any negativity.

6 ● Meditate at bedtime and resolve any issue on the mind, for a good sleep.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to create a relationship with your mind and cleanse it regularly.

➤I am a powerful being … I take care of my mind … I meditate every morning for 15 minutes … I create my affirmation … I visualize my day being and doing what I want … I study for 15 minutes … I respond right to every situation … I avoid negative information from media, social media and people … I pause for a minute every hour … to rest my mind … I meditate before I go to bed… it charges my mind.

➤When you take charge of your thoughts and start regulating them, your mind naturally slows down and thinks right in every situation. Taking care of your mind is the first step in taking caring for people and situations.

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Message for Today

"Freedom means accepting the Rules of Freedom"

"Freedom means accepting the Rules of Freedom"

ExpressionThe one who wants freedom naturally accepts the rules that go untold. He is willing to take responsibility for all his decisions and choices. Such a person will never blame others but try to check his own mistakes.

ExperienceWhen I take decisions with freedom and take responsibility for them, I am able to learn from anything that goes wrong. I will feel light and free yet with a base from where I can work. Thus I find myself experiencing constant progress.

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