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Who Is Responsible For My Destiny?

Many of us believe that God writes our destiny. We need to pause and introspect on this belief. If God wrote our destiny, two things would happen: First, since we are all children of God, all our destinies would have been equal. Second, as our parent, God would have written a perfect destiny for all of us. Today our destinies are neither equal, nor perfect. We also believe the Law of Karma which states - As is my Karma, so will be my destiny. Our karmas are not always perfect and we all do not perform identical karmas. So our destiny is neither perfect nor equal.

➤We need to ask our self which of these two beliefs feels right for us. Karma means action. Law of Karma is about action and reaction, or cause and effect. Karmic law is constantly working in our lives as Karma includes our every thought, every word and every action. As per the Law of Karma, every action - however small or important - has a result. The result is always fair. Right action brings a good result and wrong action brings a difficult one. Certain karmas may result in an immediate result. Other karmas may have a result coming back an hour later, a year later, 20 years later, 50 years later, or in a future birth.

➥We can connect the karma with the result in some cases. However, when we see the effects of karma on a subtle level, we will not be able to connect result with the karma, since the karma might have been performed many years ago or even in a past birth. So, we need not worry about that aspect of identifying the cause. It is enough if we remember that –

1 ● The Law of Karma is always accurate and always fair to everyone.

2 ● Our present situations are only a result of our past karmas. So, we are responsible for everything that happens to us.

3 ● Our present karma decides our future. So, we have the power to create our destiny.

➤We have all experienced the results of both right karmas and the wrong ones. Whether we believe in it or not, the Law Of Karma is continuously working in our lives. We need not fear the law but let us be aware of it. We also need to remember that Karma includes thoughts also, not just words and actions. So let us focus on right thinking, speaking and behaving, so that we create a beautiful destiny.

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Message for Today

"To see only problems is to become the one who only takes service"

"To see only problems is to become the one who only takes service"

ExpressionWhen there is the practice of seeing only problems in all situations there is the inability to find solutions and act effectively. All the resources that could be used for the benefit of the self and others remain hidden. Such a person becomes dependent on others for finding solutions and a source of pity.

ExperienceWhen I am caught up with problems and not able to see anything else, I am unable to experience progress. I find myself moving backward losing a lot of things I have. I would not be able to retain my self-confidence and would become dependent on others.

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