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Viewing Situations Positively (Part 2)

Situations arise in our lives regularly and even suddenly at times. At those times we are not prepared for them and even the best of people who are generally very positive will at times become disturbed when they look at them. There are people who have had heart attacks or have died of shock when someone close to them died or when suddenly their business went down or when their favorite sports team lost a game or when they were told about a serious illness which they were suffering from.

➦ So, life can be demanding at times because we are not prepared for situations and at the same time we are not mentally strong enough to face them. So, this makes it difficult for us to adjust to the sudden changes in our life and also we are generally attached to a perfect life in which no difficult situations exist. There are people who fear situations not so much because of the actual situation itself but more because of the fact that the situation exists in their life. This is called attachment to a particular lifestyle which we are used to, where everything goes smoothly and a little change in that can disturb us mentally.

➦ Bringing spirituality in our lives is an important way of making our lives firstly free from the fear of situations existing. At the same time becoming aware of why situations arise in our lives and accept them easily. Lastly give a thought to what positive steps we can take on a physical and non-physical level i.e. at the level of our words and actions which are physical and at the level of our thoughts which are non-physical to reduce difficult situations in our lives.

➦ Also, the power to face situations fearlessly increases inside us when we have the hand of God to hold on to. Also, it increases when we have a very deep relationship with Him based on a spiritual understanding of who He is actually and how we can connect with Him. The connection becomes easy by experiencing ourselves as a soul or a being of spiritual light which is different from the physical costume we wear, which we commonly call the human body.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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Message for Today

"To remain in Peace is to give Support to those around"

"To remain in Peace is to give Support to those around"

ExpressionIf there is inner peace even when there is negativity all around, there is the ability to give support to those around. The biggest service that one can do is to give this support to those in need during challenging times. The one who remains in peace even in chaotic conditions becomes an example also.

ExperienceWhen I am able to maintain my own inner state of calm under all circumstances, I am able to learn from everything that happens. I am able to bring benefit for those around me because of the vibrations of positivity that I am able to spread. I become a source of inspiration and support for all those in need.

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