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7 days course Pictures

Original Images of RajYog course

Because seeing and observing is a part of learning. Here we present you the 'original' pictures of the 7 days Raja Yoga course that were made with help of visions that were granted by Shiv Baba during 1950s and 1960s. The pictures explain clearly the entire knowledge of Murli - World Drama cycle, Trimurti Shiv, Ladder of 4 ages, tree of humanity, all religions, soul and supreme soul residence, 7 Virtues, and 8 powers of soul. For students of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhalay (Godly Spiritual University). SHARE the online course.

You can download all pictures on your computer.

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4 Ages - World Cycle - Brahma Kumari

World Drama Cycle 4 ages

Trimurti Shiv - Rajyog course -BK

Incorporeal Shiv is the creator of Trimurti.

3 worlds, 3 lok - Brahma Kumaris

Three worlds - 3 lok

5 vices to conquer (5 vikar)

Conquer the 5 vices (vikaar)

God is one for All religions - BK

GOD is one for all religions

8 powers of Soul - Brahma Kumaris

8 powers of Soul

8 Powers of Soul - Brahma Kumaris

8 divine Powers of Soul

GOD is one in the centre - BK

GOD is incorporeal being.

God is one - Brahma Kumaris

God is One

World Drama Cycle Wheel_Brahma Kumar

World Drama Cycle in Detail

Ladder - BK Raja Yoga course

5000 years Ladder of Bharat

Ladder - BK Raja Yoga course

Ladder of Bharat by 4 ages (yug)

Tree of Souls - Rajyoga course - BK

Tree of Soul (Christmas tree)

Shiv Baba - the seed of Soul tree in Paramdham

Shiv Baba - the seed of Soul tree in Paramdham

Rajyoga meditation | Brahma Kumaris

Raja Yog - Shiv Baba's Yaad

GOD is one for all religions - BK

Incorporeal Supreme Soul (light) is father of all.

Sangam Yug Brahman Jeevan - BK

Sangam yugi Brahman Jeevan

Lakshmi Narayan - Brahma Kumaris

Lakshmi Narayan of Satyug (Golden age)

Golden age Lakshmi Narayan

Golden Age gate Lakshmi Narayan

Satyug is Near to come - See a glance

A glance of the coming New world (Satyug)

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